Top 10 Courage the Cowardly Dog Villains That Will Give You Nightmares


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1 The Blue Creature

It's a broken cgi trumpet with a face, even scarier when it's not moving (oddly it's a tad amusing when it's moving, not trying to get people mad though) and the eyes...that's the worse part

I'm thinking that this "thing" is supposed to resemble and unborn fetus. - aarond9010

OH yeah, believe me. - Garythesnail

Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope! All aboard the nope train! I don't want to deal with my biggest fear now! I'm put!

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2 King Ramses

The cgi scares people, I don't mind it.

3 Spirit of the Harvest Moon
4 Benton Tarantella
5 Ostrich Ostrich

Nice try with the trolling, now let's get serious.

6 Errol Van Volkheim
7 Alien Brain Visitor V 1 Comment
8 Alien Brain Boss
9 Perfectionist

Probably one of the most critical and cruel of the villains she's the wicked witch of the west reincarnated, evidence her melting into a puddle at the end of the show.

I like how Courage defeated her. He didn't care anymore about being perfect, leading her to be pointless.

From Courage's mind (or maybe a spirit) too, is very crabby and strict, and gives you nightmares, some from satan's mind apparently

As for the idea that she is the wicked witch of the west, this would explain why Courage dreamed about the wizard of Oz.

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10 Dancing Rats

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11 Violin Girl
12 Fred
13 Mad Dog

It is just the thought of the episode that makes you feel uncomfortable

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14 Kaz
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1. King Ramses
2. The Blue Creature
3. Alien Brain Boss
1. The Blue Creature
2. Spirit of the Harvest Moon
3. King Ramses



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