Creepiest Adventure Time Episodes

Brrr, does adventure time give you the creeps? ME TOO!

The Top Ten Creepiest Adventure Time Episodes

1 The Creeps

This episode is so creepy. I had nightmares about that girl coming out of the walls. - puglover2008

2 No One Can Hear You

This episode is scary. VERY SCARY! - puglover2008

3 Mortal Folly

The Litch is the creepy - puglover2008

4 Wake Up

This is one of the creepiest episodes I ever seen. - puglover2008

5 The Litch
6 Death in Bloom
7 Ocean of Fear
8 Dads Dungeon
9 Ghost Fly
10 Another Way!

Spongebob pees into sandy's mouth.p

The Contenders

11 The Eyes
12 From Bad to Worse
13 Mystery Train
14 I Am a Sword
15 The Suitor
16 All the Little People
17 Hitman
18 The Witch's Garden
19 Mortal Recoil
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