Cutest Paw Patrol Characters

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1 Marshall

So ugly! Why is he #1? He's so annoying, like how do you not see something in front of you? He asks SOOO many dumb questions...

Is really cutest pup yupyyy


2 Rocky

I would want to take Rocky home because he is so sweet and he could easily repair a broken thing so I could stay out of trouble.

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3 Chase

He should be rescued


Uh, NO.
Well my dog Chase is kawaii. This Chase is garbage

1 Chase
2 Rubble
3 Marshall
4 Everest
5 Zuma
6 Rocky
7 Syke

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4 Skye

Wow, Skye is number 5. She should be number 1. She is small and sweet. If I could take any pup home, I would definitely choose Skye.

Someone has to put her at #1

Sooo cute! number 1 please!

5 Rubble V 2 Comments
6 Zooma

His name is actually spelled "Zuma" just so you know.

His voice impediment is so adorable and he says epic

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7 Everest


Everest is the best I love her so much in would do anything to
Live with her she 8s the absolute best for some many reasons
She can help with hurts and is easy to please she is great
Company and is adorable with white and lavender fur she
Is just great idea love her

8 Tracker

Eye-gougingly ugly

9 Sweetie

Should b #1

10 Francois

Come on, he's actually really cute! Cuter than Ryder at least!

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