Cutest Paw Patrol Characters

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1 Skye

Wow, Skye is number 5. She should be number 1. She is small and sweet. If I could take any pup home, I would definitely choose Skye.

Someone has to put her at #1

If skye your favorite Keep voting her all the way at 1 she more cute than rocky

She is my most favourite pup in the show! hats off!

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2 Rocky

I would want to take Rocky home because he is so sweet and he could easily repair a broken thing so I could stay out of trouble.

I think he is the cutest pup beside skye

So funny when he gets wet he said nooo.

Cute! - ChuckLaunching

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3 Marshall

Marshall is so cute and funny. He males me laugh sometimes

So ugly! Why is he #1? He's so annoying, like how do you not see something in front of you? He asks SOOO many dumb questions...

Is really cutest pup yupyyy

You are dumb for hating marshall

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4 Chase

Chase is the worst he sucks and is bossy and horrible and sucks up to a TEN YEAR OLD

He should be rescued

The oldest animal
doesn't mean the ugliest animal

Chase is adorable when he smiles but he doesn’t have that adorable voice but I think skyes the cutest pup and Marshall’s adorable too

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5 Everest


so cute - JoeyDR

Everest is the best I love her so much in would do anything to
Live with her she 8s the absolute best for some many reasons
She can help with hurts and is easy to please she is great
Company and is adorable with white and lavender fur she
Is just great idea love her

6 Rubble

The 2 cutest pup is zuma

In my opinion

7 Sweetie

Sweetie is a West Highland White Terrier. I used to have one.

Sweetie is so cute - JoeyDR

I love Wes Higland White Terriers and I used to have one.

I hate her

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8 Zooma

His name is actually spelled "Zuma" just so you know.

His voice impediment is so adorable and he says epic

Zuma is veter dan rubble

Zumma is so cute that I would do anything for that pup also he has the voice of romeo from PJ MASK

9 Katie
10 Zuma

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11 Cali
12 Tracker

My least favorite pup - JoeyDR

Eye-gougingly ugly

13 Arrby
14 Francois

Come on, he's actually really cute! Cuter than Ryder at least!

15 Robo-Dog

adorable - JoeyDR

16 Ryder
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