Cutest Paw Patrol Characters

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Wow, Skye is number 5. She should be number 1. She is small and sweet. If I could take any pup home, I would definitely choose Skye.

Skye is such a cute cockapoo pup. If I got Skye, I would love it. I could see her back flip and cuddle her.

If skye your favorite Keep voting her all the way at 1 she more cute than rocky

Skye is the best cockapoo pup of all time. She's very cute.


Marshall is the cutest pup of all. He is so cute and clumsy and he is always so funny and Just adorable. But he is also brave and caring!

He is best pup ever I love marshall he is cuttest of all I want marshall should always in first please vote to marshall my request to you all please don't vote to sky make him first

Marshall is the cuttest ever he is coolly cute when he sticks his tung out he is always ready to help he is ready for fire rescues I would like him to be more cute and I would like him to be top

My cutest pup ever what hell with people how tell Marshall is worst no he is best pup


I would want to take Rocky home because he is so sweet and he could easily repair a broken thing so I could stay out of trouble.

I think he is the cutest pup beside skye

Rocky is suuupeeer cute please do not say bad things about him.

Second place for me he is so cute


Chase is pretty cute some people say that he is bossy when their is more bossy main characters

What the hell is wrong with all the people that hate chase he isn’t the cutest but c’mon have respect he is the smartest and must mature pup always knows what to do and is a great leader! All the pups are awesome but chase is just amazing.

Chase is the worst he sucks and is bossy and horrible and sucks up to a TEN YEAR OLD

Chase is cute and stricked he is cutter with out his rescue things on he is as cute as a born puppy


Everest is cuttest ever huskey puppy Everest should be number 4

Everst is the cuttest huskey puppy ever please agree she is so cute

Everest is the best I love her so much in would do anything to
Live with her she 8s the absolute best for some many reasons
She can help with hurts and is easy to please she is great
Company and is adorable with white and lavender fur she
Is just great idea love her

Everest is the cuttest ever huskey puppy she is cutter with out the blue on and is cute when she wants a scrach


His voice impediment is so adorable and he says epic

His name is actually spelled "Zuma" just so you know.

Zumma is so cute that I would do anything for that pup also he has the voice of romeo from PJ MASK

Cute little speech impediment


Sweetie is a West Highland White Terrier. I used to have one.

I love Wes Higland White Terriers and I used to have one.

She reminds me of Wendy O. Koopa from super Mario bros

Sweetie is so cute


He has the cutest little bull dog face and he can also help repair your house

The 2 cutest pup is zuma

In my opinion

He is adoraaable


First,why is everyone calling him ugly? He is a cute chihuahua and helpful. He looks better than you haters trying on 7 layers of lipstick with a pinl flower dress waiting for your ugly boyfriend who wears rags that a ugly like he is a homeless person when he isn't. I hope they make an igly paw patrol list. Yall haters will all be number one. Tracker is adorble and I know your jealous. He is way more helpful then you helpless haters. by the way I know its your opinion but still. I don't like when people call dogs ugly even cartoon characters. The ugly one is chase and that's it bye

Easily the cutest pup for sure I don't know why some people don't like him so what about him don't you like he is the youngest and it's fitting

Yeah thanks for 2 likes he's helpful

My least favorite pup

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She is such a cute kitty


Come on, he's actually really cute! Cuter than Ryder at least!


Athothe rider is boy and a stricked one he can also be cute he is the cuttest boy that has ever liced


He is the cutest robo- dog in the world and he can drive any vehicle which comes in very handy

Mayor Goodway
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