Top Ten Most Dangerous Cloud Types

This list is about risk and hazard in cloud types. If you care to do any research, be my guest! These clouds were rated a 1 to 5 on my excel. 1 means no harm at all. 2 means that the cloud can possibly lead to rain but do it indirectly rather than itself. 3 means that there is some sort of precipitation (not a drizzle or virga). 4 means that there's very strong precipitation going on. 5 means a storm is upon us.

The Top Ten

1 Cumulonimbus Capitallus

That will surely ruin your day

Wow..what a unique and informative list! - Ananya

This cloud is one of two super strong Cumulonimbus clouds (storm clouds) and Capitallus takes gold due to its shocking lightning, bombarding hail, A torrent of rain (leading to flash floods on occasion) and strong winds which lead to downbursts. - Destroyar4699

Well, this isn't number one anymore. I apparently forgot that Cumulonimbus Incus was a thing. This kind of cloud produces much more intense rain, winds, and strength of tornados than a Capitallus ever could. - Destroyar4699

2 Cumulonimbus Calvus

Almost nearly as fierce as #1, it has many things like the Capitallus. These include lightning, hail and winds that can lead to downbursts. Though it mainly lacks heavy rain which is a big aspect as it could cause flash floods, so it stands at silver. - Destroyar4699

3 Altostratus

Altostratus scored a 4 rather than a 5 due to its non-storm behavior. But it still did have some aspects. For example, quite heavy precipitation that can lead to flash flooding if gone long enough. Surprisingly, it's the only 4 in the entire scale. - Destroyar4699

4 Cumulus Congestus

This cloud stands the toughest of the 3's and is the middle stage between a Cumulus Mediocris and Cumulonimbus cloud itself. This cloud usually causes rainfall but not heavy. - Destroyar4699

5 Stratocumulus

These clouds usually don't cause precipitation in the first place and when they do, it's often light rain or snow. The reason why this is above the other 3's is because that even though these cause almost no rain, they are indicators of later thunderstorms so that boosts it ranks a little to be #5. - Destroyar4699

6 Lenticular Clouds

These clouds are just about the same rank as #5. The only reason why it's behind #5 is because it causes light precipitation but usually doesn't lead to later storms. Also, yay! Finally a picture! - Destroyar4699

These clouds look very beautiful - remind me of Chinese style roofs - Metal_Treasure

They look pretty sick! - EliHbk

7 Cumulonimbus Incus

To make a point here, this cloud type should have been number one. I don't know how I forgot it. It's much more capable of tornados, extreme winds, and heavy rain (which could lead to flash floods) than any other cloud. This means Capitallus just got knocked off the top spot! - Destroyar4699

8 Altocumulus Castellanus

These clouds are on the bottom border of the 3's. This is because it doesn't produce precipitation but it does signify later thunderstorms so I have to give it a 3 as this is one of those few exceptions:). - Destroyar4699

9 Cumulus Mediocris

Cumulus Mediocris clouds don't usually produce precipitation but it can signify into Cumulus Congestus and eventually into Cumulonimbus clouds. Scores a 2.0 in my scale. - Destroyar4699

10 Supercell Storm

A supercell, while a storm, isn't a type of cloud. It's mainly composed of either Capitallus or Incus clouds (but most likely incus for the stronger ones). Therefore, this shouldn't be a candidate. Still like the idea though. - Destroyar4699

The Contenders

11 Nimbostratus

These clouds score a 2.5 in my scale due to it causing precipitation but in the form of virga. Read scale description if you don't know what I mean. - Destroyar4699

12 Mammatus Clouds

They will appear before a storm, and after a storm

Yeah, rank 5 seems about right for these kind of clouds. - Destroyar4699

13 Cirrostratus Nebulosus

These clouds don't have any chance at producing precipitation but can signify stronger storms are on the way. This also scores a 2.0 in my scale. - Destroyar4699

14 Cirrus

We need it

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