Most Dangerous Places In Vienna, Austria

The Places to Avoid in Vienna (Ca. 2 Million People) A Rather Calm City, but there definitely are dangerous Areas too.

The Top Ten

1 Rennbahnweg

Whoever wrote "Avoid the Place, especially near the Underground Station, they kill for a phone." was obviously never in Vienna. There are very few murders in Vienna as a whole. There is no place in Vienna where it isn't much more likely that you will die from a heart attack or stroke than a murder.

Vienna is the city with the highest quality of living in the world for the 6th or 7th year in a row now, and that is for a good reason.

Rennbahnweg is located in the North East in the 22nd District. Loads of Brutal Robbers and Burglars, Avoid the Place, especially near the Underground Station, they kill for a phone.

2 Favoriten

The 10th District in the very South. It is the Districts Center, ok at Day Time but Really bad at night Time. Many Stabbings and lots of Drug Trafficking here

3 Fünfhaus

A Part of the 15th District in the West. more or less a Dump. Drugs and Gangs here.

4 Simmering

Super dangerous, tons of crime, and BANKRUPT. Don't go there at night. Avoid having cash or any valuables on you. Corrupt police force. Sometimes it's better not to stop when they ask you to. But anyways, Simmering sucks. By the way, if you're moving to the Gasometer, bring a gun... You're gonna need it...

Can confirm the Chechen gang thing. Stabbings and violent muggings every week. The media has stopped reporting it because it has become so frequent. Gasometer area is the worst. You better bring some sort of weapon.

I remember when we were rreturning from Wien to Bratislava. A Chechen gang was there. Nearly they attacked members of our group

5 Brigittenau

The 20th District. The entire District is a chaos, with the highest rate of Murder in the City, but then again there are nice places as well.

6 Meidling

Along the Gaudenzdorfer Gürtel, I heard no gunshot for 4 years living there. It's quite boring...

Along the Gaudenzdorfer Gürtel, at the border to the 5th District, this Place is terrible with loads of gunshots to be heard and police sirens constantly on. Beware.

7 Leopoldstadt

Used to be the most dangerous place in the Country but it's calmed down now, still a fatal area though, near Praterstern Station ther is lots of Poverty and Many Homeless People.

8 Hernalser Gürtel

A Road along the 16&17 District, the Gürtel seperates the Inner and the Outer Districts. Poor Part of the City with lots of Crime.

9 Ottakringer Straße

Dangerous at night

10 Praterstern

Very dangerous filled with drunken scum bags. No wonder there is a police station right near there.

Lots of gangs

Praterstern was not that bad a few years ago, but recently, it definitely has moved up this list as it would, in my opinion, belong to the top 3 with Favoriten and Fünfhaus

The Contenders

11 Großfeldsiedlung

It's actually the 21st district. It's a very nice part of Floridsdorf, just like a little town within a big city.

A large area where people live in the North of the 22nd District near Rennbahnweg. Burglars Muggers and Robbers roam around here

12 Wienerberg

Similar to Stockwell in London. Nice Parts and Run Down areas. Not the best place for a walk at night.

13 Heiligenstadt

A Dull Area of the possibly richest District in Vienna, the 19th. Heiligenstadt is in the South of the District, and borders to the 20th. Lots of Muggers here.

14 Breitensee
15 Karl Seitz Hof

21st district. Dangerous place to be

16 Roßauer Lände

Many men hanging out there harassing women especially of their own culture.

17 Karlsplatz
18 Brunner Straße
19 Schottentor
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