Top 10 Darkest Three Days Grace Songs

These are the most depressing songs from Three Days Grace.

The Top Ten

1 World So Cold

This, of all 3 Days Grace songs, (in my opinion) is not the darkest. I think the song bully is the darkest. But hey, it's just my opinion.

2 Get Out Alive

LOVE THIS SONG. It's a really dark song, but I still love it

3 No More
4 Drown
5 Chalk Outline
6 Bully

I love this Three Days Grace song Sooo much. My bestfriend hates rock and I made her listen to this song. Now she is in love with Three Days Grace

7 Scared
8 Last to Know

In my opinion, it should be a little higher on the list. Just my opinion.

This song has helped me through so much. The way he makes the start go with a piano and then picks it up with guitars really sets the mood of the song. I reall think that this song and Never Too Late are really great and helpul songs!

9 Pain

Great song. three days grace rocks!

10 Take Me Under

The Contenders

11 Move Your Body
12 Sick and Twisted Affair
13 Every Lie

These My Darkest Day songs don't belong this is a Three Days Grace list.

14 Undone
15 Born Like This
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