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1 January

Chapped lips: the bane of the winter season for me. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

My favourite month, it's the hottest month of the year where I come from. - ParasN2000

Man, makes me wish I could live in Australia if it's like that in January... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'm very lucky that I live in Australia because it's summer, and NOT winter in January.

In my country it doesn't snow on january,actually everything is pretty normal and it's my birthday. - cassiabez

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2 February

It's always freezing, and winter can be a bit of a drag without Christmas or my birthday in January to look forward to. At least it's the shortest month and the warmth of springtime isn't too far off. - Entranced98

It's cold, with no sight of warmth. Oh well. Valentine's Day can give you warmth in the HEART...until they dump you. Screw February! - Spicygarlic

Screw this month - 445956

The month of where my school starts... - cassiabez

3 September

I... I was born that month...what the hell was mom thinking? - Spicygarlic

Because of 9/11

4 March

I hate March. SO much. It is the worst month to be born BY FAR. Lots of terrible things, like the Japanese Tsunami, happened in March. The month itself is very bad. I'm very upset to say I was born in this month.

It's not depressing, it's just still cold and plus there's no holidays. (And St. Patrick's Day's nothing) - Spicygarlic

5 August

12 weeks of summer, 9 down, only 3 to go. Goodbye summer. But we can still enjoy it. Unlike the NEXT month. - Spicygarlic

That is the month school usally starts - BreakFastBeast2005

6 November

This is the month where school starts to become depressing because I've been there for two months already, and it's not going to stop for a long time, and Christmas Break seems so far away, even though it's only a month. - MaxAurelius

There seems to be a pattern of something terrible or depressing happening to me every november - SpectralOwl

It's not depressing. It's really cloudy and chilly though. - Spicygarlic

7 December

I think this month gets most people incredibly excited for Christmas and the new year. Not really depressing. - CloudInvasion

Don't rage at me. I'm talking specifically AFTER the 25th (Christmas) - Spicygarlic

Worst. Just the worst.

8 April

It's got cold and warm days. And the warm days feel great after the coldness mother nature threw at your face. - Spicygarlic

This is the month where standardized testing are very frequent - railfan99

9 October
10 May

Don't shout at me for putting May on here. It's simply a "worst-to-best" list. - Spicygarlic

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11 June

Best month!

12 July