The Top Ten Most Difficult Elemental Abilities to Control

Hello everyone! And welcome to this list! For this list, we will discuss on which elements would be the toughest and most challenging to control. Good luck! I look forward to seeing how this plays out.

The Top Ten

1 Darkness

So hard but really powerful

Nothing is harder to control than the darkness inside you. - LordOfNature

2 Light

Always controlling the ability to have hope is incredibly hard, but powerful. - LordOfNature

3 Magic

Magical abilities come from willpower and sheer skill, something almost impossible to master. - LordOfNature

4 Earth

It would take years of patience just to master this!

Controlling the earth sounds like a feat that would require a lot of effort! - LordOfNature

5 Life

Having manipulation abilities over growth and vitality can tax your body to the extreme. - LordOfNature

6 Air

The power over air is considered to be very rare. Only the strong can use it's power properly. - LordOfNature

7 Water

Water abilities. Easy to learn. Hard to master. - LordOfNature

8 Fire

You can rage out of control and cause tragic accidents. - LordOfNature

9 Lightning

Controlling something as hot as this must be near impossible. - LordOfNature

10 Ice

Freeze! Literally. But how hard is it to keep someone like that? - LordOfNature

The Contenders

11 Poison

Need I say more?

12 Energy Energy
13 Metal
14 Space


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