Top 10 Most Disappointing Pixar and Disney Movies


The Top Ten

1 The Black Cauldron

This movie had tons and tons of potential and yet fell flat and had so many issues. - iliekpiez

2 A Wrinkle in Time

Worst movie of 2018 so far - Heyo_Simba

This movie has struck again and in my onipion, deserves it as it had few qualities. - iliekpiez

3 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

This movie had a good things going for it and yet was no transition for the franchise and failed miserably. - iliekpiez

4 Pocahontas

This movie should have been great. It had great things going for it and is probably the worst disney animated movie thetricallly I have seen (I have not seen Chicken Little or Home on the Range). - iliekpiez

5 Brave

The trailers looked so and yet this movie really messed up as it was nothing like it and the content itselfwas not entraining. - iliekpiez

6 The Sword in the Stone

This movie had bag called potential but yet chucked it and did not care. This could have seen old British culture but was a borefestival. - iliekpiez

7 Frozen

One of the highest grossing movies of all time and yet had no reason to - iliekpiez

8 Monsters University

Again, why just do a sequel? This was lacklusture till the end, and by that point I had lost interest. - iliekpiez

9 Treasure Planet

The concept is great and could have given the viewer a dive, but turned a okay movie. - iliekpiez

10 Hercules (1997)

Oh wow. Again, good things but I know this could have been better than it actually was. - iliekpiez

I love this movie. One of favorites. - SassyEquine

The Contenders

11 Up
12 Zootopia

I had so much hope for this movie before I saw it - darthvadern

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