Top 10 Disney Animated Movies Not Made by Walt Disney Animation Studios or Pixar Animation Studios

In best Disney animated movie lists, you usually see the domination of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation. And rightly so. Both of these studios are incredible and symbols of pop culture. Both have their share for so well received hits. Pixar with movies like 'Toy Story' and 'Up, and for Walt Disney 'Aladdin' and 'The Lion King'. Pixar and Disney often worked together to also save Disney as an animation studio. Acclaimed hits followed with movies like 'Frozen', 'Wreck-it Ralph' and 'Big Hero 6'.

However there have been several other Disney Animated Movies not made by the two companies. Many made by Movie Toon Studios, another studio of Walt Disney at the time. Unfortunately they were shut down sadly with lots of movies under their name. Including the infamous Disney Sequels. But they did do other stuff in fairness and do deserve more praise then they certainly got. But other studios too have released their fair share with studios like Skellington Productions too producing Disney movies that are not Walt Disney Animation Studios or Pixar Movies.

The Top Ten

1 The Nightmare Before Christmas

I know that this will climb to Number 1. It is certain. It has become a cult classic. I adore this concept. Every holiday has their separate world. I would like a look in every single world. The animation is stunning. This is the very best stop motion animation has to offer.
The scene where Jack and Sally walk down, the scene where Jack emerges is so well animated and absolutely stunning. That took human hands to make - part of the magic of stop motion. The character designs like Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie are iconic. This movie is now an icon. The songs are the songs. Ooogie Boogie song, What's This, Making Christmas are Disney classics. This is some of Disney's best songs. The movie is a Henry Selick film - just Burton produced. The characters have grown in popularity. I love their portrayal of Santa Clause and I love the character of Ooogie Boogie. But Jack is an understandable and an interesting character. He does have to wait a whole year and he does it forever. The ...more - iliekpiez

I just really love the concept and art direction the movie has, showing the best of what stop motion has to offer - kempokid

"I know that this will climb to Number 1. It is certain."

You're right about that. People like me are gonna make sure that happens. - nerffan8000

2 Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Zemeckis was in his prime. Just directed Back To The Future. Now we have Roger Rabbit. A massive success. We got Donald vs Daffy Piano Scene. Oh how I loved it.How they handled the source material of both Donald and Daffy remains timeless. And hilarious. The scene was so funny and hit all the bullseyes. The challenge it was to get the film made just contributes to my love of the film. The way they pay affection to the classic cartoon characters of that generation like Donald Duck for example reminds my of Creepshow. Because both movies had love and respect for some of their source material. The animation and the blending in of the toons is incredible. Timeless. The cutting edge technology had shadows. They looked real. Something future Live Action Hyprids failed to do. ('The Smurfs'). The characters they add in are hilarious. Roger is very funny. Judge Doom remains an awesome villain with an awesome performance and awesome ending to his character. - iliekpiez

Yeah, this is going to get to number one FAST. It was incredibly innovative combining live-action and animation, and the movie was great. No contest, Roger Rabbit wins.

Touchstone pictures. Enough said. - LightningStrike

3 DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp

The movie did not do well. Seeming as I am a DuckTales fanboy, it should be no surprise what topped my list. People called it bad and Ebert and Siskel did not even bother reviewing it. Never got why. This is one of my favourite animated movies I have seen. Many other MovieToon movies were cancelled sadly. A Rescue Rangers or Talespin movie could have been nice. Oh well. The comedy is at it should be. Pointlessly frantic. They do a very subtle blending in of modern references in the movie - something Disney Channel by the way was never able to do. The storyline is as simple as it should be. No need to be complicated for DuckTales. Just adds to the charm. The characters are really good too. Scrooge is extremely funny and charming, LaunchPad is still funny, Huey, Dewey and Louie also remain their charming selves. Webby is slightly improved but I still hate her in this movie. I love her in the reboot series. We do get a side character who can be seen as racially insensitive, which is ...more - iliekpiez

4 A Goofy Movie

This has kind of like Nightmare, but not quite on the same scale has become a cult classic. Granted the movie is called A Goofy Movie. But yet has a lot of quiet scenes like the one on the river which is so well done. The movie a story of a fishing trip but Max wants to go to the Powerline concert to impress his girlfriend Roxanne. And granted there is one moment which probably you would think would be a movie called 'A Goofy Movie'. Both of the characters are understandable. Goofy just wants to go on a fishing trip and Max wants to go the concert to impress his girlfriend. Two clashing sides - but they do get they want going for them. There is a great scene with Pete in this picture as well when he does talk about the harsh reality. He's not the villain - Max isn't the villain - just a series of real life problems really. Both characters are not the villain - making the movie clever. This is getting more attention. And rightly so. - iliekpiez

Criminally underrated. I've always loved this as a kid. - Misfire

This movie is so relatable and it’s severely underrated. Glad that it’s slowly getting more attention - Randomator

5 The Brave Little Toaster

This is the stupidest title for a movie I have ever seen. Lasseter pitched this movie - and 7 years later directed Pixar's so well acclaimed 'Toy Story'. The animation for the Brave Little Toaster much like 'Toy Story' had some very bold CGI. In fact some bold scenes would be terrifying to little kids. For a movie called the Brave Little Toaster. In fact the movie could have inspired Toy Story a little as well. The movie has great animation. Great character designs. The songs in this movie are really impressive. The dump song. The characters are good, they are all separate characters and have their own special touches to each character. The imagery they have in this movie is really creative like the fork sequence. They did really try with this movie. The movie can be really abstract. It can have lots of scary sequences for the movie - a movie called The Brave Little Toaster. They did take risks. For a movie that looked like a movie for two year olds ended up being more suitable for a ...more - iliekpiez

6 Frankenweenie

This is not as well acclaimed as it should be. Burton is a face of stop motion animation along with Wes Anderson and Nick Park, etc. This movie is no oddity to his great animated movie work. He launched this career based on the short - and thankfully was great. The movie was also great. The movie paid pretty great homage to horror movies. The animation is brilliant - the feeling that everything was made with human hands remains in this movie and is just as brilliant. Vincent Price will sadly go over people's heads - but still puts in a remarkable performance in this picture. The movie does a very important key theme in it. The theme of grief and dealing with it and this movie is an example how not to deal with. The characters themselves like Sparky are pretty funny. You can see why he hides it from his parents - does not want them to tell him to face the reality of the situation. This movie deserves more attention and should be a fixture at Halloween. - iliekpiez

This was honestly my favorite Tim Burton film. - IceFoxPlayz

7 The Tigger Movie

Comment three now. There was a lot of Pooh movies not released by Walt Disney Animation. This was the best out of them. Tigger does receive very good character development in this picture. He wants someone to share his interests. Just one person. Therefore he wants to find his family. However he cannot find them. This moment is kind of heartbreaking. The adult theme of the harshness of being 'A loner' is really well represented here. The movie has a pretty good score as like most of the Pooh films. The characters are all their charming selves as always. The animation is pretty good here as like most of the Pooh films. This also was the most fiancially successful. This is relatively acclaimed. Probably deserves more than that. It does take a risk here - not your typical Pooh movie at all. The humour remains pretty funny as Tigger remains his funny self here. This is a good Pooh movie and deserving to be more acclaimed than it is for sure. - iliekpiez

There was a lot of Pooh movies. A lot of Straight to Video ones especially. Piglet's Big Movie and many others. My favourite of the Straight to DVD Pooh movies is The Tigger Movie. Tigger is at his best here. He might be my favourite Pooh character other than Pooh. He is pretty funny. The characters are all their classic characters. They all still charming. The score is pretty good, especially for a Straight to Video Disney Movie. The movie has been forgotten. However like 101 Dalmatians II, the movie has charm. Charm. The character of Tigger is complex. No one in the world relates to him and he wants someone that he can. The more I think about this movie, the better it gets. Cummings is still Jim Cummings as Tigger. And equals brilliant. Tigger does receive character development in this picture. However, in this movie there are flaws. Some are pretty bad which stop it from getting to the next level. Tigger feels sadness and anger. And the movie pulls it off in amazing fashion. The ...more - iliekpiez

Second comment on this. Will find out what happened my original comment. The Tigger Movie was actually the highest grossing Pooh movie. Yet has been forgotten. Certainly less than it deserves. It does deserve to be remembered more fondly. This is a spinoff movie. And with Disney at the time they were going down the toilet in their money making, this movie was pretty good. It had a good score. Jim Cummings, one of my favourite voice actors was really strong as Tigger and Pooh in this picture. Tigger did receive development in the fact that no one shares his interest. And spoiler he actually does not find his family. Which is an extremely adult theme to do. The animation was decent. Tigger is a relatable character. The movie is very adult and honest about tragedy of being 'a loner'. I am not one myself - I have some friends. The movie is certainly underrated and deserves much more attention than it certainly gets. - iliekpiez

8 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure

Disney Direct to Video Sequels suck. They suck. The Live Action Remakes they are currently dong are no better. The animation unlike some of the sequels like the Aladdin and Third Beauty and the Beast movie - is actually pretty good. They updated the animation style and it really worked. This had a ton of effort for about 2 seconds of time to complete it - which is so impressive. The movie has something that is a rarity in Direct To Video Disney sequels - charm. The movie did have a lot of effort - people cared. It was not like they were resigned to it by punishment - but rather they enjoyed it. The movie updates one of the animated movie's acclaimed elements - the villain. The villain has a new plan involving paintings which is delightfully insane and shows her obsession with getting those 101 Dalmatians. The puppy Patch feels out of place and wants to be a sidekick on a T.V. show - the character is actually likeable and is a good character despite what I thought I was going to get - ...more - iliekpiez

9 The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
10 Bambi II

The Contenders

11 Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

Yes this movie is great. To be fair I consider it to be the third best of the Toy Story franchise if it counts (even though that isn't saying much). I just really liked the overall atmosphere as it was quite intense and, well, creepy. Buzz Lightyear's character was quite good, however, I think my favourite character in the movie has got to be Warp Darkmatter, while he was a suprise villian I found him to be a good one, he is very intimidating and has an overall cool design, Zurg was also great although I found him to be better in Toy Story 2 due to cooler voice, quotes and overall design. One of the flaws of the movie may be that the animation isn't the absolute best, and some of the aliens were a bit cringe. Overall I think this is an excellent movie overall worth seeing - darthvadern

Many people wanted a Buzz Lightyear cartoon show. This movie was the pilot of said show. The movie had a really nice opening. The toys put the movie in their T.V.. I thought that was a really nice scene that I really liked - keep in mind people thought the franchise would end with 2 - and now there is a 3 and a 4. One a lot more necessary than the other. This movie knows what it is. A Saturday Morning. The animation is fine. Not really outstanding but not bad by any means. The movie has one of the most cliché you can get. The movie is aware however and chooses to make the decision to. The movie is being homage to these 1980s trope - and that the comedy has this edge to it. Zurg especially is pretty funny. The characters all work off each other. The movie knows exactly what it is and makes the most it can out of it. The story is not a big thing. The atmosphere gives you would be looking for - shooting aliens. This is the show that the toy was based on. - iliekpiez

12 Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure
13 Brother Bear 2
14 The Lion King 1½
15 Tarzan II
16 Return To Never Land

This somehow made its way to Theatres. And in my opinion, was hated but really shouldn't have been. The movie has some really good stuff. Jane is a good character. She is not a buzzkill because she is a buzzkill but because she almost taught herself to be. WWII is current in this movie. And you cannot escape from it. In fact you can feel the severity of the war - they cover up a little but you can feel the terrible things that are happening around the main characters. The movie's issue is that it steals from Hook - which is better. But considering is a Disney Sequel it was pretty good. They have several inventive ideas in this movie. The character of Hook is still pretty funny and lots of the spirit of the original finds its way here. The voice actors they get recreate the roles like Peter and Hook really well. It has some good jokes and some bad ones - like almost any other comedy. - iliekpiez

17 Hello Neighbor
18 Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch
19 The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea
20 The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning
21 The Fox and the Hound 2
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