Top 10 Disney Songs that Aren't from Musicals

Disney is very well-known for its show tunes from its musical films. Some of them are so famous that they are forever etched into our minds and kids around the world continue to sing them so much to drive their parents crazy. But the studio has released a fair share of quality songs that are not performed by any character in their movies. These are the best songs from Disney movies that are not qualified as "musical numbers".

(I'm not counting instrumental/score tracks in this. Only songs with singing.)

The Top Ten Disney Songs that Aren't from Musicals

You've Got a Friend in Me - Toy Story

If you were to play the opening second of this song, 100 out of 100 people will instantly recognize it and will be transported back to a much simpler time in their life as a child. Randy Newman's theme song for the Toy Story franchise is about as iconic as any movie-related song in history. The song's simple structure and rhyme scheme is so sweet and endearing, and you can't help but imagine Woody, Buzz, and the gang every time you hear it. "You Got a Friend in Me" is essentially the theme song for the childhoods of anyone born after 1990. - phillysports

Very memorable and great song! - Phillip873

They better include this in Toy Story 4 - Gangem

Ahh, the nostalgia. - TheFourthWorld

When She Loved Me - Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 introduced us to the first "we're Pixar and we're gonna make you cry so hard that you'll just give up on happiness in your life altogether" moment in Jessie's tragic backstory with how she was abandoned by her former owner Emily. The soundtrack to this heartbreaking scene is none other than Sarah McLaughlin's "When She Loved Me", and her nostalgic, pain-filled vocals match the mood of the moment so perfectly. Pixar always has had the uncanny knack to make us weep for renderings of pixels on our screens, and songs like this one certainly assist them in their goal. - phillysports

If I Didn't Have You - Monsters Inc

This song notched Randy Newman's first Oscar for Original Song, and it was obviously well-deserved. John Goodman and Billy Crystal's vocal chemistry carries over into music as they sing a catchy and heartfelt song that serves as a tribute to the friendship between the their characters. Sure, we always seem to focus more on the hilarious "bloopers" of Monsters, Inc. during the credits, but this is still a really good song regardless. - phillysports

Life is a Highway - Cars

I am by no means a fan of country music. In fact, it's my least favorite music genre by a wide margin. However, Rascal Flatts' cover of "Life is a Highway" is one of the very few country songs that I enjoy. The band's cover of Tom Cochrane's hit single from 1991 manages to breathe so much authenticity and energy, and in my opinion, is a rare cover that is better than the original. You can't help but smile every time you hear it. Anybody my age immediately associates this song with Lightning McQueen and Mack travelling across the country in the beginning of Cars. It would take a lot of charm and nostalgia for me to unironically enjoy a country song, and this cover is just too good to resist. - phillysports

We Belong Together - Toy Story 3

Okay. You just got finished watching the ending of Toy Story 3. You need to wipe the tears out of your eyes and find a way to escape the pain of remembering that this movie isn't the end of the Toy Story series after all. All of a sudden, you hear a catchy piano and lively drumbeat and immediately feel a lot better. This song probably robbed Tangled's "I See the Light" from a rightful Academy Award victory, but it still is a joyful listen. - phillysports

Immortals - Big Hero 6

Fall Out Boy is a good band...when they try. You can have the band at their endearingly cheesy pop punk/emo best or can get them at their contrived, watered-down electro-poppy worst. Their entire Mania album from earlier this year was definitely in the latter category. Then you have songs like "Immortals" from Big Hero 6 that combines both sides of the band, and it actually works kind of. The song matches the movie perfectly with a blast of energy from the band's "Sugar, We're Going' Days" combined with a layered electronic beat. And it gets a pass from me. - phillysports

Try Everything - Zootopia

I really like that song too. Shakira is great and so is the movie it's featured in. - PhoenixAura81

When Will I See You Again - Wreck-It Ralph

8s my favorite number. Wreck it Ralph is my favorite movie. Wreck it Ralph is number 8 lol

DEFINITELY the best song that's not from a musical. I love the lyrics and pure style. Great job Owl City and Wreck-It Ralph was a great movie even if I only seen it fully once or twice. - PhoenixAura81

Strange Things - Toy Story

Another famous Toy Story song, this tune plays during the scene where Buzz is gradually becoming more popular than Woody with the toys and Andy, while Woody is completely mystified of what direction the world around him is not taking. Not much else to say here. It's a good song that matches what the character is going through with a fun groove. Seems par for the course for good ol' Randy. - phillysports

When I See an Elephant Fly - Dumbo

The Contenders

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride - Lilo & Stitch

This song is as relaxing as a calming island song. That's because it is a calming island song. Damn. I need to work on my analogies. - phillysports

I'm Still Here - Treasure Planet
I Will Go Sailing No More - Toy Story

This song is played when Buzz attempts to fly out the window in Sid's house only to crash down to Earth and be forced to realize that he is in fact a toy and not a real space ranger. Newman's somber vocals and instrumentation fit the scene well, and the mood of the song both builds and descends at just the right time. - phillysports

Collision of Worlds - Cars 2

Now under protest, I give you the end credits song for Cars 2. Yeah, it's a mediocre country song from an impressively mediocre movie, but what did you want me to pick over it? OWL CITY? No. - phillysports

Will the Sun Ever Shine Again? - Home on the Range
Ride - Cars 3
The Egg Travels - Dinosaur (2000)

Beautiful symphony.I highly recommend this if you are into other certain soundtrack similar to Danny Elfman and John Williams.

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