Top 10 Most Disturbing Facts

It's Hallowen Time!
And how could we scare everyone better than with disturbing REAL FACTS!


The Top Ten

1 Your webcam/camera could be spying on you right now

Oh... that's, uh, lovely - Scr3aM

2 There is a disorder, which prevents people from having emotion.

But can you feel physical touch?

3 In the 1920's a school teacher once murdered one of her class students for her work on a puppet.

That's just messed up. Burn in the Distortion World, schoolteacher. - RiverClanRocks

4 Gamma Ray Lightning could wipe-out the entire human race in the next moment.

I would have been better off not knowing that - Scr3aM

5 When you look long enough into a mirror, it seems the mirror doesn't do the same as you.
6 There is a disorder, which lets people see dream figures, presumably from another dimension, in every moment. This disorder can appear randomly to everyone.

Why do I think this would be cool? - RiverClanRocks

I though Ao Oni was watching me on my room.-Vestalis

7 It sometimes happens that people find their phone on another place, then where they left it after sleeping, with a photo of themselves sleeping.

Thanks CastelevaniaFanboy128 you just made me go 5 days without sleep with this list

8 On 4chan there was a post about making cool looking crystals. But what the instruction created was a gas, that can kill people.

A dedly acid that melts tishue celss used in WW2 by Japan but some good educeted users worned the others on 4chan

9 Justin Bieber has fans

O my god this can't be true!

10 We are in the middle of a mass extinction.

Not only that, the first of six in the entire 4,000,000,000 year history of the planet.

The Contenders

11 There is a murderer, who randomly kills people, but always calls them on their phone. He was never found.

Does he call them before he kills them or after?

This is why you should NEVER answer to unknown callers on your phones

12 You could die at any moment.
13 Hitler killed the equivalent of everyone living in Ohio.
14 Almost everyone who lived before 1900 was a racist.
15 More people are committing suicide each year
16 The entire universe will end eventually
17 You are insignificant in the grand scheme of things.
18 More people have died in all wars in recorded history than the population of the United States.
19 Global democracy is in decline for the first time since WWII.
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