Top 10 Dog Breeds that Make the Cutest Puppies


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1 Golden Retriever Golden Retriever The Golden Retriever is a large-sized breed of dog bred as gun dogs to retrieve shot waterfowl such as ducks and upland game birds during hunting and shooting parties, and were named 'retriever' because of their ability to retrieve shot game undamaged.
2 German Shepherd German Shepherd The German Shepherd is a breed of medium to large-sized working dog that originated in Germany. The breed's officially recognized name is German Shepherd Dog in the English language. The breed is known as the Alsatian in Britain and Ireland.

They have a good atitude

3 Corgi Corgi
4 Sheba Inu Sheba Inu

It’s Shiba with an I

They look like a baby foxy when a baby

I love them faces

5 Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire Terrier The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog breed of terrier type, developed during the 19th century in Yorkshire, England, to catch rats in clothing mills.
6 Pomeranian Pomeranian The Pomeranian is a breed of dog of the Spitz type, named for the Pomerania region in Central Europe. Pomeranian Dogs tend to get sick very often, however.
7 Shih Tzu Shih Tzu A shih tzu also known as the Chrysanthemum Dog, is a toy dog breed, weighing 10 - 12 pounds when full grown, with long silky hair.
8 Chihuahua Chihuahua The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog and is named for the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. Chihuahuas come in a wide variety of sizes, head shapes, colors, and coat lengths.

These Rats aren't even dogs

9 Havanese Havanese The Havanese, a breed of Bichon type, is the national dog of Cuba, developed from the now extinct Blanquito de la Habana.

so true

10 Labrador Retriever Labrador Retriever The Labrador Retriever, also Labrador, is a sporting dog bred for aquatic game. The Labrador is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The Contenders

11 Beagle Beagle The Beagle is a breed of small-sized hound, similar in appearance to the much larger foxhound. The Beagle is a scent hound, developed primarily for hunting hare.

I love them the most by farrr the cutest ever

Beagles r the best

12 French Bulldog French Bulldog The French Bulldog is a small breed of domestic dog. "Frenchies" were the result in the 1800s of a cross between bulldog ancestors imported from England and local ratters in Paris.

My dog is that breed

13 Tibetan Terrier Tibetan Terrier The Tibetan Terrier is a medium-size breed of dog that originated in Tibet. Despite its name, it is not a member of the terrier group.
14 Dachshund Dachshund The Dachshund is a short-legged, long-bodied, hound-type dog breed with floppy ears, and short fur. Although, this Dog, which comes in a variety of colours, is not hypoallergenic.
15 American Pit Bull Terrier American Pit Bull Terrier The American Pit Bull Terrier is a dog breed. It is a medium-sized, solidly-built, short-haired dog whose early ancestors came from the British Isles.
16 Russian Black Terrier Russian Black Terrier

I've had one since she was eight weeks old, and she was full of her vibrant personality since day one. They do grow very fast though; ours doubled in weight every fortnight for a few months! - PositronWildhawk

17 Maltese Maltese The Maltese is a hypoallergenic, small breed of dog in the Toy Group. It descends from dogs originating in the Central Mediterranean Area.

I voted for German Shepherd but if I could vote for two I would also vote for Maltese! I have a Maltese/Yorkie mix named Mochi and she is the CUTEST thing! She is so playful, the SWEETEST dog ever, and loves kids! 🐶
-Madison - PastelTheGamer

I have a Maltese Shih zu is SO Adorable and Maltese look the same so

18 West Highland White Terrier West Highland White Terrier The West Highland White Terrier, commonly known as the Westie or Westy, is a Scottish breed of dog with a distinctive white coat.
19 Chow Chow Chow Chow The Chow Chow is a dog breed originally from northern China, where it is referred to as Songshi Quan, which means "puffy-lion dog".
20 Basset Hound Basset Hound The Basset Hound is a short-legged breed of dog of the hound family, as well as one of six recognized Basset breeds in France.
21 Boxer Boxer The Boxer is a medium-sized, short-haired breed of dog, developed in Germany. The coat is smooth and tight-fitting; colours are fawn, mahogany, black or brindled, with or without white markings, and white.

My dads friend has loads and one of them can hold three balls in his mouth they are so cute

You should see these guys when they are puppies they have wrinkly foreheads and lovable faces they are curious and cute Vote for Boxers!

- A proud Boxer mom!

My grandma has one.shes so cute.they
can be agrssive. Her name is mama. she’s a couple months old

22 Pug Pug The Pug is a breed of dog with a wrinkly, short-muzzled face and curled tail. The breed has a fine, glossy coat that comes in a variety of colours, most often fawn or black, and a compact square body with well-developed muscles. However, Pugs have difficulty breathing, due to their extreme head shape. more.
23 Miniature Schnauzer Miniature Schnauzer The Miniature Schnauzer is a breed of small dog of the Schnauzer type that originated in Germany in the mid-to-late 19th century.

I love these cute fluffballs! I have one called Jessica, A shih Tzu called Beth and a maltese called harry

24 Doberman Doberman The Doberman Pinscher, or Dobermann, or Doberman, is a medium-large breed of domestic dog originally developed around 1890 by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, a tax collector from Germany.
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