Top Ten Best Luxury Car Brands


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1 Ferrari

Honestly Lamborghini better than Ferrari though they are both great car brand. I find Lamborghini made to fit anyone's liking in aesthetics and speed, each car is outstanding. My friends got together and took me to a race track where I could drive the sports cars there, I was assigned the Aventador and it blew me away! The experience was outstanding. Once you ride in a Lamborghini, you will love the brand more than any other. Lamborghini is simply amazing.

Why in hell is Lamborghini second it should be last! Anyway Ferrari has been one of the fastest cars on the planet the LaFerrari beats any Lamborghini. They look amazing the 250 gto is the rarest car ever. Porsche should be second! I am happy that Ferrari is first woo hoo!

Ferrari is number one because they are fast sporty cheap and great quality. Beats any brand

Best car ever!

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2 Lamborghini

Perhaps The best car brand in the world because of It's amazing cars...

Are you mad Lamborghini should be the on 1

This is my car

So cool

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3 Jaguar

My family friends have a Jaguar xkr8 and there are only 2 in Australia. Jaguars are great

I love Jaguar car's.

Best car ever

Looks style quality comfort and speed
What more can you want.

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4 Porsche Porsche

Porsche is nice, but these days it's starting to be seen on streets more often.

Reliable,luxury,performance is outstanding you combine all of them,and the result will be porsche­čśÄ

5 Aston Martin Aston Martin

James Bond owns several Aston Martin vehicles so it's good

This is my top choose in my life


I adore Porsche, Range Rover, Tesla, BMW, Aston Martin and Ferrari, but can't choose which one is the best!

Its amazing compared to price

It has the look,drive and very comfortable.

BMW series 5 and m performance car are the luxury cars in the BMW car company.

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7 Mercedes Benz

The best car brand in the world because they are very luxurious and very fast and very cool. THE BEST OR NOTHING!

The cars look good, have a lot of features (like a ton), and are very luxurious. I LOVE THEM

Never been in recall, driving Mercedes since 1962, never give me a single problem old or a new cars

Very much better than BMW and AUDI

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8 Bugatti

It is the best

The fastest car in the world

Yups it is the best because of it's high speed veyron and much costly but Lamborghini is Better''

You are so stupid you can't just say that it's the best because of the veyron it's not the fastest car in the world konigseegg one to one is the fastest Bugatti sucks!

9 Pagani

Only real car freaksknow the value of this car brand, although it is not first or second in the line but is a competition and I'm amazrd to see no name of SSC, Konigseegg or nono flowecel, lykan etc. and the are the top notch brands of the century. Anyhow I'm dissatsfied with the list.

10 Cadillac

There should not be a single import on this list

Dis car is lit bro

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11 Bentley Bentley

If you want a crafted car, and a company that still cares about the actual car, and not just the money, then Bentley is the optimal choice (if you have deep pockets)

Fast, looks nice, great to drive and just is amazing. Sure it isn't cheat but you gotta spend some money to have a great car

12 Maserati

Most alive car ever made! They have a soul. Love the sound of the engine

13 Audi

Audi Cars Are Most Beautiful And Fast.. Its Signature Logo And Grills Are Awesome I Love It

Audi is best powerful cars I love it

It is very handy

Best car ever

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14 Rolls Royce

Way better than Bentley! True luxury!

A true symbol of class

Best car in world

15 Lexus

Should be higher than Cadillac. Caddy doesn't even have a flagship car.

I agree this should be higher

How is this 16? IT MUST BE WAY HIGHER

16 Koenigsegg Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg are the best

The best cars in the world.
Is one of the most rarely cars in the world

17 Volvo Volvo

They care for their customers

Volvo is the best.

18 Tesla
19 Acura

Should be higher up, Acura has some of the best cars available for every class.

The most Practical Luxury Car Brand! Fun, Fast, Reliable, great looking!

Wonderful cars

20 Infiniti

Most reliable and long lasting vehicles on planet. They keep going and going and going. And they never fall short on luxury features in their cars compared to more expensive brands. There is just about everything right there...cost, reliability, performance, comfort, luxury, and long life which adds to loyalty!

I have had two old Infiniti cars a 1994 and a 2002 which I still drive, They are with a doubt reliable and fast. It still looks good. Friends of mine have to the Toyota Lexus and their engines are noisy and they are not as powerful. I would buy a newer model, but I am 81 and my driving days are just about over.

21 Range Rover

Range Rover is even better than Land Rover!

22 McLaren
23 Lincoln
24 Maybach
25 Toyota Toyota Toyota is a Japanese car manufacturer, located in Toyota, Japan. Some of their most notable cars include the Prius, Corolla, and Highlander.

Toyota land crusier is the best luxury suv - qwhx

26 Hennessey

Better than buggatti - bobcards

27 W Motors

W Motors are the first car manufactures in the Middle East. Their current products include the Lykan HyperSport (someone has mistakenly put Lykan as a brand on this list) and the Fenyr SuperSport. The Lykan was featured in the film Furious 7.

28 Ford Ford The Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.

The Ford GT is the best American car out there!

29 Land Rover
30 Tata

Best quality in the world
greatest car lol
especially the nano luxury car

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