Top Ten Emojis That Don't Exist That Should Be Created


The Top Ten

1 Bacon Emoji

Because who doesn't like bacon? - Martinglez

I love bacon this is a well good emoji hmm!


I'd eat it. - PianoQueen

2 Annoyed Emoji

It's there I think? - Ananya

I need this

3 Goth Emoji
4 Porcupine Emoji
5 Party Emoji
6 Glowstick Emoji

That would be nice.

7 Marijuana Leaf Emoji

420 blaze it

8 Bed Emoji

Oh wow ;)... - Ananya

9 Cotton Candy Emoji

Oh, should be - Ananya

10 Doritos Bag Emoji

The Contenders

11 Cupcake Emoji
12 Troll Emoji

Make it happen Apple - Randomator


13 Walrus Emoji
14 Fez Hat Emoji
15 Homework Emoji

You could use this. �"� - 3DG20

No, just no. - Officialpen

16 Middle Finger Emoji

This should exist. - DarkBoi-X

It already exists..I don't use it, so I tried it with my mom's phone for a minute for my sister - Ananya

�� already exists - Randomator

No, just nom - Officialpen

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17 Buck-Teethed Emoji
18 Swearing Emoji

Swearing are just words, so why not the emoji? It doesn't have to be offensive. - Userguy44

No, just no. - Officialpen

19 Pinkie Pie Emoji

No! - Pokemonfan10

No. - 3DG20

Stop with the cringey mlp

20 Lazy Emoji

Will be used a lot then... - Ananya

21 Punk Emoji
22 Facepalm Emoji

I have this emoji because I am on ios 10.2

23 CD Emoji
24 Madonna Emoji

No. - 3DG20

25 Butt Emoji

Um... no - Randomator

Please no - ElSherlock

No. - 3DG20 - Ananya

26 Sad Poop Emoji
27 Mario Emoji

Yes - Randomator

I love Mario, and other than picking a galaxy face in super Mario galaxy, that does not exist. Make it EXIST!

28 Four-Leaf Clover Emoji

How cute would that be? That could resemble luck, like to say, "I'm lucky."

29 Rose Emoji
30 Justin Bieber emoji

Why does Justin Bieber have to be on EVERY SINGLE LIST? - Pokemonfan10

No. - 3DG20

31 Shrugging Emoji

I've wanted to use this so bad!

I want to use it... - Ananya

32 Iron Man Emoji
33 Captain America Emoji
34 Ant-Man Emoji
35 Hulk Emoji
36 Crops Eyes Emoji
37 Clash Royale Emoji
38 Pinky Finger Emoji

The middle school middle finger

39 Weed Emoji
40 Sonic the Hedgehog Emoji
41 Person with Dunce Cap Emoji

So you can call people dumb

42 Blushing Surprised Emoji
43 Twilight Sparkle Emoji
44 Rainbow Dash Emoji
45 Rarity Emoji
46 Fluttershy Emoji
47 Applejack Emoji
48 KMS Emoji
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