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1 Emos have fake cut marks

Why? Just...why? This is literally so stupid why would you pretend to hurt yourself if you don't?

I have no idea where this came from but not true.

This is literallly the complete opposite of #1 lmao hahaa

Um, no

2 Emos self harm

We don't do that. Some might because it let's out pain we feel but not all. I don't do that. I may be hiding certain feelings but I don't cut.

For sure not everyone does, there are some that do, like me. But not all of us. Some of us are actually fairly happy!

People who are depressed self harm. Being emo has nothing to do with it.

Be yourself unless you can be a borderline emo rocker girl...

3 Emos have spiky hair

I have never seen this stereotype on emos, but a lot of people do give them the stereotype of having black hair that covers their eyes.

That's more punk. Most emos (the ones I know and seen anyways) have either straight hair or scene hair

I just have my regular hair, not dyed at all. The last time I've had permanent hair dye was the 6th grade.

Nah its usually straight and black and covers one eye.

4 Emos have every My Chemical Romance song on their phone

First of all the music you listen to is pop-punk not emo (not saying My Chemical Romance isn't great). If you actually like the emo genre you would know emo is generally a very slow yet ruff unorthodox style of music often utilizing odd time signatures. Bands you would listen to would be Sunny Day Real Estate, American Football, and Christie Front Drive.

How many of you have every eminem,taylor swift, justin timberlake, metallica, or queen song on your phone? You generally have a lot of songs by people you like guys.

Literally, my Spotify playlist consists of mostly My Chemical Romance this is like 100% true for me

Wow I follow at least 40% of these stereotypes sorry.

5 Emos wear their mom's makeup

Where did this come from? I don't often wear makeup, but when I do, it's black and amazing.

My mom doesn't even HAVE makeup like eyeliner so explain

Lol this is just a bad insult

I thought everyone did this

6 Emos are gay

There are gay guy and girls in every stereotype or subculture. Not just emo. My sister dissed Andy Sixx (Black Veil Brides) because he looked like a girl. Leave Enos alone. We are no different than the everyday human just trying to get by. Sure we have different styles. How come they mostly pick on Enos and goths, but all the stupid preps are left alone?

This is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard! I'm a girl emo and I'm man hungry! It's just totally obscene and ignorant, it's almost laughable!

That's ridiculous. Not every emo is gay. There's also nothing wrong with being gay. At all.

So they're gay even though they have girlfriends

7 Emos become emo for attention

Honestly, as a closeted emo, attention has always been the last thing in the world that I wanted. I spent pretty much all 4 years of high school dodging people and keeping to myself, save my 2-3 friends

Most Emo kids are the ones who don't call themselves emos just so they WON'T attract attention

We don't want attention... Why do you think we're like this in the first place

I'm emo and attention is the opposite of what I want.

8 Emos wear black clothing in 90 degree weather

My closet is full of black, what else am I supposed to wear? Also, plenty of people do this anyways

A lot of em do though, not all.. but not all emos wear all black all the time anyways so what's the point of this item?

So, this ain't a stereotype this is something that everyone does on a weekly basis

Black is a good color and fits me well so I wear it regardless of the weather.

9 Emos' hair covers one of their eyes

...This one is kinda true... I mainly have it that way because I can barely see 9ut of my right eye

My hair covers both my res and I'm not emo cause my hair is dreadlocks.

I guess this is kinda true but eh

Sometimes both lol.

10 Emos worship the Devil

HA! NOPE. Some of us are religious, and some of us are atheists ((because, let's be real, all you need to be a good person is Harry Potter)) but NONE OF US ARE SATANISTS. We look different, we listen to different music, we enjoy different pastimes. But just because we don't fit into society, or we don't look "normal", or most of us wear a lot of black, DOES NOT mean that we are all part of some evil devilish occult. *drops mic*

This is so stupid and untrue! I constantly have to put up with people at school calling me Satan and holding up crosses. It really pisses me off. I understand that some people who are emo may be Devil worshippers and that's completely their choice.

Well some of us could be religious or just atheist... I'm personally pagan sooo yeah

I only sacrifice goats that's it

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11 Emo songs are bad

Pop and rap songs are ten times worse than emo music. Pop/rap songs nowadays are always so dirty and stupid. Also, a lot of emo songs are pretty damn awesome (Welcome To The Black Parade, Wake Me Up When Septemper Ends, Bring Me To LIfe, etc.).

Ever seen Black Veil Bride music? It's SUPER inspirational "In the end as we fade into the night. Who will tell the story of your life and who will remember your last goodbye? 'Cause it's the end and I'm not afraid to die"

Their songs are so whiny and all the singers sound like the same teenage boys who just broke up and are probably recording it on 3 vodkas and whining some more.

My fellow Emos, we have to FBI break into these peoples homes and set their stereos to only play Green Day and My Chemical Romance until they learn their lesson.

12 Emos have Fall Out Boy clothing

Real emos prefer My Chemical Romance. Just saying.

Kinda want this some... who doesn't like Fall Out Boy?

I don't have a FOB shirt nor do I listen to Fall Out Boy.

Well, Fall Out Boy is the best.

13 Emos draw on themselves

It's fun. I just go to the dollar store and buy washables because it can be easy to wash off if you just want to doodle. (I'm not emo by the way)

Is it really a bad thing to do that?
I do this act as of reminding myself things.
Good thing to do if there's no paper around..

I've tattooed myself and sort of regret it.

Everyone does that in my class.

14 Emos don't care about education

I care about it. I do my homework and stuff. I just don't have a socail life. Those bratty cheerlearders (gag) probably care less about there grades that I do.

I don't like school because of the people in it, not because I don't care about my education. I actually care a lot.

I care about education, I may not like history, but I love most of my classes.

I'm emo and I love school and learning

15 Emos whine about their sad life

You don't know what they've been through. I saw my mother beaten over the head with a hammer, by my stepfather, who actually came after me with it. There's a kid at school who thinks his the funniest thing in the world. They mock me for being scared of hammers and for being fascinated with death. what?

Some of us personally don't like sharing our feelings unless it's with our close friends

You don't know what happens at their house

True, there are so many idiotic blog posts about emos whining.

16 Emos shop at Hot Topic

Hot topic is the best and better than your name brands preps

Hot Topic doesn't exist in every country.

This isn’t a stereotype. This is a fact.

I’d rather shop at Gucci or Luis Vuitton fam, oh wait I’m not emo GaH o_O

17 Emos are depressed

You don't know what they live to at home..
Although sometimes it's a cry for help, it just could be attention seeking. Everybody wants to be heard, to be seen.
So just think before you say certain things..

Not entirely true. The emos I know are some of the most bubbly, fun loving people I know.

Everyone gets depressed at some point in their lives, not just emo's.

Because most of them(Not all but a overwhelming majority) often FAKE depression or Anxiety.

18 Emos hate pop music

Pop after 2014 sucks. I don't know if 2020s pop will be better.

I am emo and I like some not all but some pop.

I listen to only some pop then the rest emo.

I don't hate pop. I hate rap

19 Emos get in trouble on purpose

*Face palm* Really? We don't like attention on us. I get a panic attack when I get in trouble

I get in trouble, but not on purpose.

We hate attention! Why would we?


20 Emo is an imitation of goth

Goths and Emos are totally different and Emos aren't imitating Goths whatsoever. Look, I'm a Goth and let me explain the differences really quick:

Goth is a Subculture with a mindset, history, music, fashion, literature, art, and movies. They started out in the year of 1979/1980. The music we Goths listen to are Post-Punk, Goth Rock, Deathrock, Batcave music, Gothic Metal, Symphonic Gothic Metal, Dark Cabaret, Dark wave, EBM, Classical Music, Ethereal Wave, New Wave (depending on what band), Synth-Pop (depending on what band), and Dream Pop (depending on what band).

Emo is a stereotype with music, fashion, and art.
They started out in the year of 1985. The music Emos listen to are Emo, Screamo, Post-Hardcore, Emotional Hardcore, Emocore, Hardcore Punk, Indie Rock, Pop Punk, Emo Pop, Melodic Hardcore, Emoviolence, and Melodic Emocore. (I have a friend that's Emo, so...)

Goth is actually a culture with its own alphabet. Easier than the Latin ABC too, hence both the original one and the one we follow nowadays. P.S when it comes to the subculture of being Goth is it NOT about stuff like how much of dark clothing you wear that matters. One person may look Goth, or even Emo or whatever but what if it has a persona pretty much like quite the opposite?

Goth is like hardcore emo
And emo is like hardcore sean

Goth I'm guessing came from gothic art.

21 Emos watch Dan and Phil

I mean, Ok do, but not all emo people do watch Dan and Phil. I didn't even know about DnP until my friend told me

I didn't know about DnP until a couple of years ago to be honest

Who's Dan and Phil? Genuinely curious

I don't watch Dan and Phil.

22 Emos cry once they hear the "G note"

I just start to sing along and sometimes jump because the volume is up so loud

I'm physically unable to cry (i'm not joking) so its like a stabbing feeling.

This is very true anyone who says otherwise is lying

To be honest, I don't really like the G note for some reason.

23 Emos hate pink

I don't hate pink I just don't wear it

I like pink.

I hate pink just because I don’t like it

I hate pink soooo

24 Emos whine a lot

Is this where #2 came from? Because niether are true. I either bottle it up or ignore it because I feel like no one wants to listen about my dumb problems

We just want someone to listen to us. And then when yall want us to talk we don't because yall never wanted to hear it so then you call us mute...

I keep my feelings hidden most of the time and hate to talk about them

Well a lot of them do.

25 Emo poetry is bad

Poetry is overrated. The only good poetry is in rap music. Emo poetry is the worst.

People say my poems are good by I think everything I do is trash.

Clearly people never once read emo poetry

Whoa awesome poem. I write poems.

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