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1 They Self Harm

We don't do that. Some might because it let's out pain we feel but not all. I don't do that. I may be hiding certain feelings but I don't cut.

People who are depressed self harm. Being emo has nothing to do with it. - Catlover2004

Posers do, real emos don't - mmarce445

I do that. - ThatEmoLoner

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2 Emos Have Fake Cut Marks

I have no idea where this came from but not true.


Um, no - ThatEmoLoner


3 They Become Emo for Attention

I'm emo and attention is the opposite of what I want.

Most emos don't want much attention

Most Emo kids are the ones who don't call themselves emos just so they WON'T attract attention

Nope - ThatEmoLoner

4 They Whine a Lot

We just want someone to listen to us. And then when yall want us to talk we don't because yall never wanted to hear it so then you call us mute...

I wouldn't say we whine… - ThatEmoLoner

5 Emos Wear Their Mom's Makeup

Where did this come from? I don't often wear makeup, but when I do, it's black and amazing.

Never wear makeup


...riiggghhht. Some would live to get bullied by selfish bully's so they make fake wro g if u didn't get my sarcasm...(not hate in just agreeing that its not true.)

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6 There Wear Black Clothing In 90 Degree Weather

If they do, like me, they will at least wear short sleeves.

Hasn't everyone at some point? - HappyMouse111

I do that - ThatEmoLoner

True - mmarce445

7 The Poetry Is Bad

People say my poems are good by I think everything I do is trash. - ThatEmoLoner

Whoa awesome poem. I write poems.

8 They Are Depressed

You don't know what they live to at home..
Although sometimes it's a cry for help, it just could be attention seeking. Everybody wants to be heard, to be seen.
So just think before you say certain things..

This is true, I am very depressed - ThatEmoLoner

This isn't true

9 Have Spiky Hair

I have straight blue hair

Nah its usually straight and black and covers one eye. - AlphaQ

I have pink, blue, and black hair. Straight

Um, no - ThatEmoLoner

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10 They Have Every My Chemical Romance Song On Their Phone

First of all the music you listen to is pop-punk not emo (not saying My Chemical Romance isn't great). If you actually like the emo genre you would know emo is generally a very slow yet ruff unorthodox style of music often utilizing odd time signatures. Bands you would listen to would be Sunny Day Real Estate, American Football, and Christie Front Drive.

Wow I follow at least 40% of these stereotypes sorry.

Actually its kinda true

My Chemical Romance Sucks To Be Honest. - AlphaQ

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11 Their Hair Covers One Of Their Eyes

My hair covers both my res and I'm not emo cause my hair is dreadlocks. - AlphaQ

Sometimes both lol. - AlphaQ

True 4 me here

Mine does that… - ThatEmoLoner

12 Emo Songs Are Bad

Ever seen Black Veil Bride music? It's SUPER inspirational "In the end as we fade into the night. Who will tell the story of your life and who will remember your last goodbye? 'Cause it's the end and I'm not afraid to die"

Listen to Black Veil Brides, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, etc

Yes it's awful. It's feels that they try to hard to sound depressing and just end up failing. - AlphaQ


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13 All Emos Are Gay

That's ridiculous. Not every emo is gay. There's also nothing wrong with being gay. At all. - ThatEmoLoner

I'm pretty sure there are straight emos - AlphaQ

I'm not even going to say how stupid it is YES some people are gay but no all olmost none are and are you saying being gay is bad

There are gay guy and girls in every stereotype or subculture. Not just emo. My sister dissed Andy Sixx (Black Veil Brides) because he looked like a girl. Leave Enos alone. We are no different than the everyday human just trying to get by. Sure we have different styles. How come they mostly pick on Enos and goths, but all the stupid preps are left alone?

14 Have Fall Out Boy Clothing

Kinda want this some... who doesn't like Fall Out Boy?

Real emos prefer My Chemical Romance. Just saying.

I do... - ThatEmoLoner

15 They Only Listen to Emo

I listen to a little bit of emo. - Croy987

I listen to death metal,different kinds of rock, punk, and black metal. - ThatEmoLoner

Yea... no... that's just dumb

16 Draw On Themselves

It's fun. I just go to the dollar store and buy washables because it can be easy to wash off if you just want to doodle. (I'm not emo by the way) - SansTheComic

I do that when I'm pissed and I'm not an emo. - PrincessKiana

Its fun to draw on your self

I've tattooed myself and sort of regret it. - AlphaQ

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17 It's Self Pitying

How is it self pitying

18 Whine About Their Sad Life

You don't know what they've been through. I saw my mother beaten over the head with a hammer, by my stepfather, who actually came after me with it. There's a kid at school who thinks his the funniest thing in the world. They mock me for being scared of hammers and for being fascinated with death. what?

You don't know what happens at their house

Most Emos don't want to talk about their feelings. - ThatEmoLoner

Screw you!

19 It's an Imitation of Goth

Goth is actually a culture with its own alphabet. Easier than the Latin ABC too, hence both the original one and the one we follow nowadays. P.S when it comes to the subculture of being Goth is it NOT about stuff like how much of dark clothing you wear that matters. One person may look Goth, or even Emo or whatever but what if it has a persona pretty much like quite the opposite?

They seem very similar. - AlphaQ


Goths and Emos are totally different and Emos aren't imitating Goths whatsoever. Look, I'm a Goth and let me explain the differences really quick:

Goth is a Subculture with a mindset, history, music, fashion, literature, art, and movies. They started out in the year of 1979/1980. The music we Goths listen to are Post-Punk, Goth Rock, Deathrock, Batcave music, Gothic Metal, Symphonic Gothic Metal, Dark Cabaret, Dark wave, EBM, Classical Music, Ethereal Wave, New Wave (depending on what band), Synth-Pop (depending on what band), and Dream Pop (depending on what band).

Emo is a stereotype with music, fashion, and art.
They started out in the year of 1985. The music Emos listen to are Emo, Screamo, Post-Hardcore, Emotional Hardcore, Emocore, Hardcore Punk, Indie Rock, Pop Punk, Emo Pop, Melodic Hardcore, Emoviolence, and Melodic Emocore. (I have a friend that's Emo, so...)

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20 Get In Trouble On Purpose

I get in trouble, but not on purpose. - ThatEmoLoner

Not true.

Once again SCREW YOU!

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