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21 Emos Worship The Devil

HA! NOPE. Some of us are religious, and some of us are atheists ((because, let's be real, all you need to be a good person is Harry Potter)) but NONE OF US ARE SATANISTS. We look different, we listen to different music, we enjoy different pastimes. But just because we don't fit into society, or we don't look "normal", or most of us wear a lot of black, DOES NOT mean that we are all part of some evil devilish occult. *drops mic*

That's hilarious - ThatEmoLoner

HA HA HA! that's so NOT TRUE!

22 They Cut for Attention

This is not true at all even people that aren’t one of us cut

23 Once They Hear the "G Note", Every Emo Cries

Nope, not at all. The G-Note joke is annoying as hell. It ruined Welcome To The Black Parade for me, it's overrated, and everybody flips out when there isn't a warning about an upcoming G-Note. - Catacorn

This is very true anyone who says otherwise is lying

I cry, don't know about others Emos - ThatEmoLoner

24 They are All White Kids

Not trying to be rude, but if you're African American, it's a little hard to pull of the men style, hard but not impossible.

That's not true at all - ThatEmoLoner


25 They are Bisexual

True for me here, but not all of us are bi

Not all of us are bi. I mean, some might be, but I'm not.

26 Emo is Emocore

Emocore (emotive hardcore) is the first wave of emo (in the 80s) which consists of band like rites of spring, embrace, and arguably cap'n jazz while it lead to emotive post-hardcore (in the 90s) which then became shortened to simply emo. Bands in this genre are, early jimmy eat world, mineral, and sunny day real estate. Later on in the 2000 people in the industry noticed a difference in the new wave of pop punk and 90s pop punk (My Chemical Romance vs offspring) so they called bands with this new pop punk style emo, needless to say this angered the existing emo community, and lead to a lot tension between the two groups.

The false stereotype should be "Emo is scene" or "Emo is pop punk"

Emocore is a music style from the 90s.
Emo is a subculture from the 2000s and 2010s.
I hate when I talk about emo bands and then people say that I should listen to Jimmy Eat World for a good emo band. They are emocore and not emo. - Martin_Canine

27 Emo Started in the 2000s

Finally someone who knows their history. I feel like jack black in school of rock, trying to explain the history of this branch of rock to the ignorant masses.

Emo is a genre dating back to the 80s with rites of spring founding the genre.

28 Emos Always Cry for No Reason
29 They Hate Life

That the point of being Emo

I do - ThatEmoLoner

You only hear they're complaints. They say good things to. Maybe if school bitches and man whores soul leave us alone maybe instead of assuming about you'll actually know us.

30 Don't Care About Education

I don't like school because of the people in it, not because I don't care about my education. I actually care a lot. - ThatEmoLoner

I'm emo and I love school and learning

I'm emo and I certainly care about my education and getting into a good, or decent, college. Stop judging and maybe ask us a few questions first. 😒

31 My Chemical Romance is Emo

My Chemical Romance isn't emo when being compared to bands like Sunny Day Real Estate. - Catacorn

My Chemical Romance is pop punk. Emo is Sunny Day Real Estate, Braid, Empire Empiire, and mineral.
Listen to Sunny Day Real Estate (arguably the most important Emo band) and then listen to My Chemical romance, the two are nothing alike.

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