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1 Misty and Ash

Both Ash and Misty have the strongest chance of making it as a couple they fight all the time which Nurse Joy once said when two people fight they really care about each other plus they've both experienced a bit of jealousy. - egnomac

Misty is really in love with ash and its obvious she always fights him and argues with him ahh true love - pokemonlover1234

It's so obvious that misty cares for ash

I hope one day misty returned to shows again. Then I hope one day ash / Misty get married then I hope one day MIsty get pregnant with ash baby.

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2 Dawn and Ash

I will not say they are best couple but if anyone want to learn friendship then he should see dawn and ash

Hey everybody, who said this was fan-made maybe Ash and Dawn will make porns to show it is happening.

They so cute together

Dawn chose to have a adventure with Ash and ditched Kenny. Plus, Ash PERSONALY asked Dawn to come with them. Everyone else just tagged along for no reason at all (cough,cough,IRIS,cough,cough). So Ash and Dawn are best together. by the way, Ash+Serena fans, Ash NEVER checked out Serena.

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3 Ash and Serena

I like how Serena and Ash know each other from when they were young. - anythingispossible

"duh! It has been confirmed that Ash and Serena are going to be together."

Haha! You feel for that obvious fake advertisement lol!

Ash likes Serena because in the Pokemon adventure they are always together.

Serena kisses Ash in the end of Pokemon XYZ...
And seriously, porn of ash is wrong. Ash is 10. 10!

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4 Jessie and James

Think about it can you really picture an episode without then together? they've said themselves how awful it would be if they were apart to long many times.

Jessie and James are the perfect ship, because have you ever seen them apart? No! Also, Jessie and James are at least old enough to date, unlike Ash who IS 10!

Jessie and James are meant for each other! They are so adorable together!


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5 Ash and May

They just seem so perfect for each other - pokemonlover1234


Best ship

Advanceshipping is a cannon for contest shipping and it's better than pearlshipping. But I really don't understand why people like amourshipping even though its onesided. go advanceshippng

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6 Drew and May

Best couple ever I mean his looks and smarts with may attitude is adorable

Yas they are my favourite couple

They are the cutest couple ever and all of you know it!

They make the cutest couple in pokemon

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7 Max and Bonnie

Those little ones are so cute!

8 Cilen and Iris

Look, so maybe there's a five year difference. But the older you get, the less of a gap it is. If you waited ten years, Iris would be 20 and Cilan would be 25. Besides, there are lots of other couples with an even bigger age gap. (My parents have a seven year gap)

I really don't even know why people just seem to like them together - pokemonlover1234

First of all Iris is 10 and Cilan is 15. So there is a 5 year age gap between them. Secondly, Cilan is too awesome to have a girlfriend. - RiverClanRocks

Yes, there is a five year gap. Iris is ten. I don't like misty and ash together because ash is 10 and Misty is 12. Look how tall she is compared to Ash - Sylveongirl12



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9 Brock and Nurse Joy

I'm surprised Brock hasn't commented on this

I'm shocked this isn't higher up - Mariomaster63

Brock and nurse joy are cute together


10 Dawn and Kenny

Dawn looks way much better with Kenny than Paul. I mean like Paul and dawn fight all the time. So I ship Kenny and dawn

Actually Kenny secretly likes Dawn. - egnomac

I seen so many stories about these two so I don't get why they are not that popular

Personally I don't really know yet if they would make a good coup,e since I haven't seen all of D&P yet

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11 Steve and May

People want to complain about iris and cilan... How old is steven again?

I don't get why people like this shipping... May like ten years old and Steven is like... twenty. Just my opinion though



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12 Iris and Ash

I disagree. There are at least a couple of times iris seemed interested in ash such as that dreamy-ish look iris gave in I believe during ash's first gym battle. Also, like dawn iris did a little cheer for him and FORD cilia to do it as well. And her 'your such a kid' could be her way of teasing him and usually when kids tease others its usually because they're siblings or have some feelings for them (usually it's for little boys who do that but still)

Pass misty he RARELY got along with so what 'connection' are you talking about? And besides, iris and ash getting along so well shows how well they'd work as a couple. And the ones who had the closest to a real date IS NOT ash and serena, but iris and ash as they planned AND ditched cilan and hangout together in a city by themselves, and ash never ran off on her to do his own thing.

Negai is so undderated, while amour and poke is extremely overrated =/

This isn't the best couple made because in he show they seem more like really cool friends not boyfriend and girlfriend they didn't have as big as a connection with ash like misty or dawn did but they seem like the friends who would make fun each other then laugh or who would help each other out I have seen fan fics on them and I did read them but I didn't feel that big of a connection - pokemonlover1234

Hell no!

13 Serena and Clemont

Poor Clemont. He's not really much of a chic magnet. But Serena deserves him. Ash will just dump her right on the spot if she does something he hates.

Best couple ever those two weird nerds deserve each other


14 Dawn and Barry V 2 Comments
15 Misty and Brock
16 Espeon and Umbreon
17 Commander Mars and Saturn

This is too underrated. If you ever watched or read the dp galactic battles series, you would ship them too. Saturn has blue hair and Mars has red hair, so appearances match. I think their personalities match too. If you read the fanfics, they are totally perfect.

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18 Oshawott and Snivy

I'll add this to the list. Even if there's nothing in the anime to support this, same goes for Snivy and Pikachu. Oshawott and Snivy are more likely to happen (although it doesn't mean it will) because Pikachu and Buneary are a couple (sort of? ) In the anime. Plus, in Poképark 2 guess who attempted to [Spoilers] save Oshawott? Snivy. And when Oshawott sacrificed himself Snivy and the others looked pretty sad. I know in the anime there's that episode of Tepig evolving, and some people ship it. But after that episode, nothing went on between them, and unfortunately, nothing went on between Oshawott and Snivy. But before Ash visits the next region, maybe the anime could show hints of them liking each other? People might get annoyed (although I wouldn't) so maybe not a whole episode dedicated to it. And again, in PokéPark 2, the way they interact almost seems like they have a thing for each other. You know, their little arguments. It's cute. I would love to see this in the anime in the ...more

Doesn't anyone ship this anymore? Even if there's nothing in the anime to support this, their little arguments in Poképark 2 almost made it seem like they have a thing for each other. [Spoilers] When Oshawott was about to be sucked into the Dark Vortex, guess who the first Pokémon was to attempt to save him? You guessed it, Snivy. Everyone else waited until Snivy decided to help out. I would love to see this in the anime. Maybe before Ash goes to the next region the anime could show a few hints of Oshawott x Snivy, but not so much people get annoyed (although I wouldn't be annoyed). I know there's that one episode that Tepig evolves, but after that, nothing else goes on between Pignite and Snivy. So why not make Oshawott and Snivy a couple? This couple is more likely than Pikachu and Snivy because Pikachu and Buneary is a thing already and it would make Pikachu seem like a player, not a reputation Pokémon would want Pikachu to have.

This will happen on Pokemon XXX

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19 Green and Blue
20 Oshawott and Meloetta V 1 Comment
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