Top Ten Favorite Dork Diaries Characters

The Top Ten

1 Nikki Maxwell

No! She is rude she thinks MacKenzie is mean nikki thinks she is cool and cutesy because her eis a dork. She is mean to Bianna

She treats her crush like crap and always jumps to conclusions and then when he comes to her to say hello she acts like a complete female dog

She always makes stupid decisions and every time she does she needs her friends and family to bail her out. She always gets a happy ending, even though she doesn't deserve it for all her idiotic actions.

She is a ripoff of Greg from Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. The author of Dork Diaries should be sued for copying Diary of A wimpy kid.

2 Violet Baker

Love my cheerful, spunky wheelchair gal who always lets you know what she's thinking - icebeamsmasher

I love her! she could totes be my bff

Scary clown!...

She is in a wheelchair ❤

3 Zoeysha Ebony Franklin


She is Dr. Phil with high heels and hoop earrings!

so smart

She is smart

4 Sensei Hawkins

Um... who keeps food in their gi?

Wait who

Sealy who keeps food in their gi

5 Brandon Roberts

He has very minimal character development, he's just known as the "cute crush" according to Nikki

What! He made fun of Mackenzie with braces in year 6. It's no wonder she's so mean. People must've bullied her when she was little, and now she's out for revenge!

He dose the even have any personality

He's so boring he has no personality - pjo

6 Chloe Christina Garcia

She's not a snobby brat like most of the characters, and she's pretty.

All the funny is from her

i like her

7 Brianna Maxwell

NO! Brianna is a spoiled little brat!

Mommy I want to go see the new princess sugar plum movie

And all the runny is in her too

8 MacKenzie Hollister

She bullies Nikki and wants to ruin her life.

I have a theory:
MacKenzie is the nice girl, while Nikki is the spoiled brat. Nikki just acts like the nice girl because she wants to be seen as lovable by anyone who reads her diary. She's the bully, not MK. And in Drama Queen, Nikki pretended to be MK so she could get MK in trouble. - RoseWeasley

I like her mean girl attitude

She is so funny though!

9 Marcus Johnson

Johnson? Okay, I've read every single book and there is no proof behind his last name... right?

10 Theodore L. Swagmire III

He is the og cosplay of sponge bob

The Contenders

11 She must be first!!!

Tell me the person who wrote this was high on mtn dew

Who must be firsy

Who ever put this on this list is a fruit cake!

How high was the person who added this? - RoseWeasley


12 Daisy

Aww! Daisy is so CUTE! She is like my dog, Ruby!

I love Diasy

13 Max Crumbly

I know that Max Crumbly really only appears in the tenth book, but I’m also reading the Misadventures of Max Crumbly, and he’s a really great character. I love how he’s kinda dorky and shy, but he’s also funny, cute, and, unlike Nikki, he actually cares about other people.

14 Amanda Hollister
15 Marcy

She looks like me...VOTE FOR MARCY...OR ELSE!


16 Oliver (Briana's crush)

he's cute

17 Andre

Well he and Brandon hate each other.he's a weird person in general

18 Jessica Hunter

SHE <3s MACKENZIE SO SHE IS THE LAST but in the drama queen she broke up with MACKENZIE

19 Mr. Maxwell
20 Mrs. Maxwell
21 Mr. Trevor Chase
22 Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward
23 Miss Penelope
24 Mrs. Hollister

MacKenzie Hollister's aunty
Just as mean as MacKenzie
Very rude to Nikki Maxwell

25 Queasy Cheesy


26 Jordyn

From Tales of a NOT-SO Happy HeartBreaker!

27 Bald Winston

Hate me if you want

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