Top Ten Favorite Dork Diaries Characters


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1 Violet Baker Violet Baker

Love my cheerful, spunky wheelchair gal who always lets you know what she's thinking - icebeamsmasher

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2 Nikki Maxwell Nikki Maxwell

She always makes stupid decisions and every time she does she needs her friends and family to bail her out. She always gets a happy ending, even though she doesn't deserve it for all her idiotic actions.

She is a ripoff of Greg from Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. The author of Dork Diaries should be sued for copying Diary of A wimpy kid.

She is ridiculously stupid. She acts worse than her sister Brianna. P.s. the author of Dork Diaries made Mackenzie a blonde with blue eyes and rich because it's a stereotype. I'm not blonde, or have blue eyes but that's just stupid.

I hate this b-tch and I always will - mayamanga

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3 Zoeysha Ebony Franklin Zoeysha Ebony Franklin
4 Sensei Hawkins
5 Brandon Roberts

He dose the even have any personality

He's so boring he has no personality - pjo

No! He sucks!

Meh, he's fine. But he took a picture of Nikki with his camera when Jessica tripped her at lunch, remember?

6 Chloe Christina Garcia

She's not a snobby brat like most of the characters, and she's pretty.

7 Brianna Maxwell

NO! Brianna is a spoiled little brat!

8 Marcus Johnson
9 Theodore L. Swagmire III
10 MacKenzie Hollister

She's so fake and mean! Why put her on there?

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11 She must be first!!!


12 Jessica Hunter

SHE <3s MACKENZIE SO SHE IS THE LAST but in the drama queen she broke up with MACKENZIE

13 Max Crumbly
14 Mr. Maxwell
15 Mrs. Maxwell
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