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1 Yankees

That's easy. 27 World Series wins. 40 appearances. Some of the best players of all time. An international fandom. A snazzy stadium. The fact that we, according to stats, are the true best team in American sports. What other team has 27 playoff wins? (They'll win their 28th this year! )

It's really annoying as a Yankees fan to get hate for no reason, but I put up with it and I deal worth it because the Yankees are worth that much to me! LET'S GO Yankees!

lets see um... 39 world series appearances and 26 world series titles. Along with god knows how many players in the hall of fame and about 5 on their roster today, uh yeah this is the greatest team ever. - aman28

I'm telling you the Yankees are the greatest team of all time. 27 world series wins? Yep that's the Yankees. How much do the red sox have? They have less then the Yankees that for sure.

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2 Red Sox

The Red Sox are an amazing team, or used be back when fracona managed. Now we have lost Youkilis who was one of our best players, our only other good players are Ortiz and Pedroia. Ellsbury gets hurt to much so his career will be short. But the Red Sox used to be great and in a few years they will be great again.
The Yankees have such a big budget and the Red Sox are the underdog, who doesn't like the underdog?

The Yankees have all the money in the world to buy star players, they are also cheaters, and get all the calls meanwhile the Red Sox have played fair and have WAY less money than the Yankees. Also in 2004 the Red Sox made the greatest comeback ever and the Yankees had the biggest choke in history.

Red Sox are easily the best team, as they are one of the best teams every year. Yew York is just popular. Plus, the Red Sox beat New York in the playoffs for this world series (2018) and are in the world series. They beat new york 4-2 in games. Easily better.

If only we still had david ortiz

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3 Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals are an amazing team, not just because I live in St. Louis but because the fans always are kind to each other. There's no really loud yelling, and no throwing stuff. The players are the same. I met some of them and they are all very nice, and play because they love the game and want to make St Louis #1, not for fame and money. The Cardinals are an amazing team and I'm proud to live in St Louis because of them.

The Cards are consistent winners and have the most World Series titles in the NL. Saint Louis lives and breathes baseball and that is reflected in the positive and mature fan-base the Cardinals boast.

Best baseball team. Yankees are first for 2 reasons 1. they were a good team so people bandwagon 2. when you compare New York to Missouri there is a huge difference in population, Missouri has about 6 million, while New York has about 20 million. Sure the Yankees are a good team, they had good players, but the cardinals are what baseball is about.

The cardinals are the best team! Their record of people coming to watch them is over 42,000

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4 Blue Jays

Go Jays beat the Indians

Because a whole country loves them, they won back to back world series (and were cheated out of another)... and their throw back hats look super fresh!

I do like the Blue Jays, heck, their my 3rd favorite team. They did beat the Yankees and that is AWESOME. But my favorite team is the Yankees. But still, I mean, the Jays are very underrated. They have a whole dang COUNTRY rooting for them! What's not to love? Go Yankees, and Go Jays. Plus, they have AWESOME throwback logos. - SonicDrummer231

They are AWESOME :) LOL

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5 Dodgers

Dodgers go way back first team to have black player had best curve ball pitcher fernando and their log is more beautiful than any other team the top 4 are money teams they don't deserve to be their

Excuse me, did your team have the first black player... i didn't think so.

Actually Jackie Robinson was not the first black player. He was actually the first black player in the modern era. Get your facts straight, retard

P.S. If that's the only reason you support the dodgers time to get a new team. LIKE THE GIANTS like me

Jackie Robinson and Clayton Keyshawn! Dodgers rule

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6 Cubs

Been a Cubs fan my whole life. I live closer to Cincinnati than Chicago so most people would probably assume I should be a reds fan. All started when I was around 6. Collected baseball cards and I picked the cubs because I liked there logo and colors the best. 34 years later still my team

I been a Cubs fan my whole life. Every time they get close to a World Series something always happens. Sometimes it's not there fault. I was one of the fans that wanted to kill that fan from the Marlins game back in 2003. - westofohio

Go cubs... And people think they will never win the world series they will!!! I think the Cubs should #1 on that list...Go Cubs Go, Go Cubs Go!!!!!! - Horsegirl

Where always the best

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7 Giants

You people kidding me they should be higher than 23 tis is a joke. I know they have a lot of bandwagon fans because they won in 2010 but a lot are not one of those and we more world series that a lot of teams like our big rival the dodgers I think more than 25 teams but anyways this should be much higher and this is the BEST!

Should be much higher than 9 they had legendary players like Bobby Thompson and a few more. they are easily the best team in California and are best in nl and compared to the red sox and Yankees yeah they have more world series but the giants have great players like tim lincecum and Buster Posey and do not stupidly trade good players like a lot of other baseball team do Giants are best I've been fan since I was 7 years old even though I live in NYC.

Excuse me? Number 12? Okay people be trippin'. This is the best team! Not saying that because of the world series everyone! I'm a hard core Giants fan! - NiallersNandosXOXO

This is the 4th team with the most World Series. Also they won it 2X in 2 years 2010,2012, and 2014. I thought maybe 2016 but no cubs and Indians. Maybe 2017 no dodgers Astros 2018 right now nope Red Sox dodgers I hate the cubs and dodgers.

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8 Braves

Go Braves beat the Mets

They are the best team ever

They are growing in 2012 they are getting to be better

Baby Braves are back!

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9 Phillies

Phillies have been in the World Series 1915, 1950, 1980! (first win since joining the NL in 1883), 1983, 1993 (my favorite team ever! ), 2008 (2nd WS win) and 2009. So that's 7 world series and 2 wins.

We may have only been to the world series twice and won once, but the Phillies have got more heart than any other team. Best team ever in my book!

May of had a tough 2016 season but will make the biggest com back in mlb history mark my words

Their an amazing team love em!

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10 Athletics

The A's what can I say! One of the smallest budgets in baseball. Each year they field talented young players, who are just coming up from the minors and love to play baseball. Their pitching is always young new faces no one has heard of, and yet by years end sporting one of the best ERA's in the league. These young guys play with heart and not for money! Oh yea, lets not forget about the managers, who make this happen. Over all a fun team to watch and be part of... They have what baseball has been missing HEART not $$$. GO A's

$ for $ the best organization. Every year they are strong with such a small budget

I love the A's. A young team with a bright future.

A's are beast! Go A's, best team ever! #50thanniversery

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11 Pirates

I love the pirates for two reasons

1. You never know if there gonna win or lose

2. Because me being a Pittsburgh (best city ever) native for 21 years I also love them because they are close.

I love the Pittsburgh Pirates once I went to a game and it was so much fun the Pirates is my favorite MLB team.

I've been going to games since I was in diapers, I'm not one of those fair weather fans the came out of nowhere last year

I think the Pirates should be number 1 in Natinal leage central.

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12 Tigers

True teamsmanship at it's best. And with the improvements of dontrelle willis and miguel cabrera, who can possibably stop this team?

What could you possibly hate about the Tigers other than them being better than your team for years on end?

They'll win a World Series eventually

We love our Tigers

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13 Indians

Way better than any other team in the league. This is shown by the strength of attendance at their games (when it's dollar dog night, student ID night, and fireworks all at once).

Young talent and we are coming back with a vengence in 2012! Watch your back central division, because it won't be easy.

Best team in baseball

Not the best team in baseball but they show that they have fight. I say that because they never been in the world series for 50 something years.They show that they never give up

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14 Angels

Have the best player, along with Pujols and gold glove winner Calhoun. Give it a couple years and we will see them in the playoffs

I love this team. They have the best pitcher ever which is K-rod. Vote 4 Angels. - shack88fan

If I had to describe the Angels in a word, it would be Underrated. - SonicDrummer231

Shohei Ohtani - "The Japanese Babe Ruth"

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15 Orioles

I say O's because we are again a competitive team With Matt Weiters probraly the best catcher in the American league right now. We have Chris Davis home run leader second most RBI's and with a lot of runs so is Adam Jones. And a amazing bullpen with Jim Jhonston with the most saves in the american league. And Chris Tillman in third right now with the most Wins. Just a couple Orioles who are doing great so far and will continue. And also with our 3 World Series wins. So GO ORIOlES

I love baltimore, one of the true success stories of 2012. AND 3 world series won! - dudesterravensfan

young pitching and energized bullpen could be nasty

The os are the best vote for them and there logo is swag

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16 Rangers

The rangers do NOT have obnoxious, selfish fans like the Yankees and the Giants. We were very close to winning the World Series in 2010 and 2011. We're not a bandwagon team, which makes us have the BEST fanbase. We don't cry when we lose the World Series, either.

The Rangers are a team that you just can't hate. They aren't always champions, but the fans stay true to the team even when they are not doing good. Plus they're in the best state ever!

Hey I love Texas I love the rangers to me they should be number 1. They should have won the world series in 2011 they were a strike away from winning it twice come on everyone loves Texas

Rangers are awesome.two really good World Series try’s in a row,I mean,how do you beat that!

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17 Twins

One of the best teams ever! Have a great fan base and are 2-Time World Series Champs! GO TWINS!

Twins are going to be good

The twins are cool and good. Go Twins!

Joe Mauer, the hometown hero!

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18 Rays

One of the two youngest teams baseball, with the second lowest salary cap in baseball, and yet they find a way to compete and beat the yankee's and red sox's. WHATS NOT TO LOVE

They played the most amazing game of baseball in the 2011 game to get into the playoffs against the Yankees, you gotta tip your hat

Dodgers are number one for me. However, Mariners and Rays tie for second because they both have heart and try really hard.

The rays are the best, they have the smallest sallery in the league but you can always count on them to kick the Red Sox/ Yankees butts! This team has very low sallery but they are in first place in the division right now ABOVE the Yankees and they don't buy all the good players, they use what they have and beat the Yankees. Also, with no major rivalries (except a small rivalry with Red Sox ) you can't really dislike them

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19 Brewers

MLB's best fans. They spent $60 million last year, which is less than the Dodgers spent on all their players on the Disabled List, yet still had top half in attendance. The city loves the team, and the rebuild is underway.

Even though they have never won a World Series. At least there not the worst team in World series history. No offense, but the Mariners have never came to a World Series. - funnysoccerdude11

Love the Brewers forever! They actually have to work for things and don't just buy their way into titles!

The players are so Amazing and so kind!

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20 Reds

The Big Red Machine of course, Nasty Boys, what else can you say? First Professional Baseball Team,


My hometown why else would I cheer for them they are very bad


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21 Mets

World Series appearance this year! The Yankees haven't been in a World Series since 2009 and haven't been in the playoffs for 3 years. Also, even when the Mets are bad, they're still the "Lovable Losers". Plus, the only reason the Yankees are good is because they have lots of money. Lastly, the Mets have loyal fans. 90% of Yankees fans are only fans because the Yankees win a lot. When the Yankees lose, their fans pretend to be fans of another team.

Everyone thinks the Yankees are better. They WERE better. But then Derek Jeter left. Also, the Mets are very family friendly. Their mascot even has a FAMILY. Yep.

The field, the colours, the badge and the gritty history make the Mets the best ball team ever - rather follow a team with character than a dull team with titles

Let's go Mets! 2015 Word Series Appearance

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22 Diamondbacks

Fastest team to win world series. May I need to say more?


The best team ever!

They beat the Yankees in the world series. Now, the yanks are my favorite team, but the D-Backs? They won the World Series in their 3rd season and beat the YANKS. What's not to like? They should be in the top 10. - SonicDrummer231

23 Royals

Royals should be in top 5. The only team in their division that's better than them is Detroit.

Oh. I wrote my long thoughts in a new post. Can someone paste that here where it belongs? Go Royals! Thank you, Royals! - 5ToolPlayers

I gotta go local. Even though they are 3hrs away they are still my favorite - Randomator

Great world champion. Let's do it again in 2016! - briggs8216

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24 White Sox

Who cares about what's going on on the East Coast. If Manny hits a homer or A-Rod stikes out it becomes a federal case around the country becaue of bias ESPN and Yankees and Red Sox fans. No one cares what they do. We've never gotten any respect! When we took it all home in 05 no one even talked about us then. When we go all the way again in 08 we're gonna rub it in everyone's face, and get the respect we dsereve! We're the only SOX. Share the Passion. Show the Swagger. White Sox #1 all the way! - crazyeyes56

most underated and I hate the cubs. us sox fans kept it real and didn't gripe about some curse. cubs need to get off the band wagon. and I too am annoyed by espn being so bias. yankees, red sox, cowboys, manny, poppi, and tiger woods. get off their nutz espn! white sox will win 5 in a row and they will still talk about all the other teams losses. what do we have to do! I guess win another one which is gonna happen regardless but at least the rest of the mlb and espn can suck it! - Pag1

"We have not been on top lately but at lest we as Sox Fans can say that our team knows how to win a WORLD SERIES at faster rate than the SCRUBBIES who will still have to wait another 100 and gazillion years to win a pennant". "This is 2005 for the WHITE SOX'S when it's 1908 as in the last century for THE... Srubbies... next year or never gonnna hap...

Manage to play decent baseball (not the last couple years, but...) despite playing second fiddle to the cool, "in", trendy, hipster d-bag team in the north side. Cub fans are a microcosm of what's wrong in the world.

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25 Nationals

Not this year, but the nationals will be a major threat in upcoming years as
Bryce Harper and Strasburg mature since this team is generally still young and ready to roll.

This team is young but they have great potential and they have lots of good players.

They are beast

A good team

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26 Mariners

GOO MARINERS! Why do they need to be down here when they have Felix Hernandez, Ichiro, and many other guys? Well... I guess others just cannot see which team is truly the team that should be a favorite...

GO Mariners! They just haven't gone to the World Series yet, because their young team just isn't super good yet! They need to be number 1!

The Mariners don't deserve to be down here. Those poor guys. They deserve to win, but they just have to get their young team "up to par" with the rest of the MLB world.

Okay, so the Dodgers might be my top team. But Mariners are easily second best. They've got Cano, Seager, Hernandez, and Suzuki. All they have to do is figure everything out and they're easily at the top.

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27 Rockies

The Rockies are awesome

No better place to watch mlb than in Denver

National league champs baby

28 Marlins

Marlins shouldn't be this low. They have lots of young talent and are third in their division this year. STANTON!

This team is my team that I like because they are talented.

29 Padres

The Padres may suck, but they have awesome players. Plus, they live in my city and they will not betray us like those stupid Los Angeles Chargers of NFL with their stupid new logo.

They are pretty good why are they bellow the twins?

Go Friars!
Sure we're not that great but I love my team!

PADRES! Let’s go I love them best team fo love

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30 Cleveland Spiders

They suck


31 Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Orioles

They are the best team in MLB.I whish they where the Danbury Orioles.

32 Astros

There getting better

The astros won 2017 world series

Were not even on here? Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell, Roy Oswalt, Lance Berkman, Hunter Pence, all from just the last five years! - Chickenlegs

Jose Altuve Carlos Correa George Springer Jose Altuve Alex Bregman Evan Gattis Jose Altuve Justin Verlander and... Oh yeah.. JOSE ALTUVE

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