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41 Frank Grimes

Frank Grimes was so perfect, neat and hardworking, and looking at Homer sloppy work, it drove him so mad he electrocuted himself while imitating Homer, come on you gotta remember him!

Best simpsons character in the best episode

People might be voting for Frank Grimes Jr., when they really mean to vote for Frank Grimes.

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42 Hugh Jass


*snickering in the phone background*

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43 Edna Krabappel

Shes such a sad character. Real life me which is why I like her

Did you guys know she's dead? - Goatworlds

How is Edna so low on the list? I really love her, she is so fun and always makes me laugh! Rest in peace, you will always be one of my favourites!

Best Krab apple joke ever from this woman and towards the newer episodes she likes Bart! she is awesome

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44 Yes Guy

He Says a funny line, Marge says to him why do you speak like that then he says I had a Stroooooooooke

this guy is just sooo funny!!
"I had a strooooooke..."

Needs more screen time he's hilarious!

Yesss I had a stroke lolol I love him he's homers second identity

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45 Gil

I love Gil! The day they killed him off was the day Simpsons started going down hill.

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46 Nibbles
47 Drederick Tatum

I respect Homer Simpson. He's a good man. It's just that I'm gonna make orphans of his children. "and his wife? " she'll die of grief. L O L drederick always has something to say. - Mushroom99

I have been paid millions of dollars to endorse these butt ugly shoes

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48 Snake Jailbird

"I've been robbed! I'll take my revenge on society...by which I mean convenience stores!"

I real cool dude with a real cool style. Doesn't have a real cool attitude to society, though

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49 Bumblebee Man

Aye Aye Aye! Should be much Lower!

50 King Winter
51 Jasper Beardley
52 Greta Wolfcastle

Bart would NEVER do better but he treated her like garbage over mocking skinner. - Ilyas678

Rainier Wolfcastle daughter and Barts old girlfriend and also Millhouses old girlfriend. Funny when they faught over her!

53 Kirk Van Houten
54 Rainier Wolfcastle

"You insulted me in public! Now you must DIE! " - hhutc9

"Up and AT THEM!!" = Pure Gold.

You Have The Remain DEAD! 5 out of 5

55 Mr. Teeny
56 Maude Flanders
57 Carl Carlson Carl Carlson V 2 Comments
58 Dr. Julius Hibbert

A-Ha Ha Ha best laugh ever

I think its creepy that sometimes he laughs at pretty disturbing things

I like him he's a funny character - NFLPenguin

Best one alive

59 Lionel Hutz

You know your going to win when your lawyers in jail!

if he doesn't win your case the pizza is free

! He is probably one of the funniest characters in the Simpsons because of his IRRESPONSIBILITY!

I Can't Believe it's a Law Firm!

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60 Dolph Starbeam

Nobody loves Dolph :( Dolph is one of the bullies in Springfield elementary, with the sideswept brown hair, with out the hat. I don't know why, he's just always been one of my favorite characters on the Simpsons. He's boss!

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