Top Ten Fictional Characters from Different Universes Who We'd Like to See Fight Each Other


The Top Ten

1 Voldemort versus Sauron

Most likely Victor, in my opinion, is Sauron. - Cyri

Ring in the sounds of spellcasting. Harry Potter big bad versus LOTR big bad. - Cyri

2 Darth Vader versus Sandman

That would be cool, as sandman is made out of sand, so the force wouldn't be that effective - darthvadern

I just had to. Star Wars baddie versus Marvel villain. - Cyri

I call Sandman. - Cyri

3 Toothless versus Smaug

Toothless with one of those huge lightning blasts. - Cyri

Don't mess with dragons. We have a lot of natural weapons. HTTYD versus LOTR. - Cyri

That would be cool, I don't know much about TLOR but I have seen HTTYD - darthvadern

4 Master Chief versus Doomguy

Two armored guys with too many guns battle. Halo versus Doom. - Cyri

5 Master Chief versus Iron Man

This could go so many ways depending on suits and weapons. Halo versus Marvel. - Cyri

6 Batman versus Spiderman

Two of the three most prominent superheroes (Superman is the third one) - darthvadern

Bats eat spiders, but the spider bites as well. DC versus Marvel. - Cyri

7 Michael Myers versus Jason Voorhees

Knives are fun. Halloween vs. Friday The Thirteenth. - Cyri

8 Aquaman versus Percy Jackson

Winner: Aquaman - Cyri

Aquaman is one of my favourite DC superheroes - darthvadern

Aquaman is a copy of Marvel's Namor the Sub-Mariner. DC versus Percy Jackson and the Olympians. - Cyri

9 The Genie versus Doctor Strange

Magic is fun. Aladdin (The Disney movie) versus Marvel. - Cyri

Doctor Strange would most likely win - darthvadern

Dr. Strange might win. Might. - Cyri

10 Percy Jackson versus Tsunami

This needs to happen now! Percy Jackson And The Olympians versus Wings Of Fire. - Cyri

Depends. On land or in the sea? - Cyri

The Newcomers

? Batman versus Darth Vader

That'd be really cool - BorisRule

The Contenders

11 Darth Vader versus Thanos

Do you get the idea behind this one? - darthvadern

No, because if Thanos had any infinity stones, our sand-hating cyborg father of the year wouldn't stand a chance. - Cyri

12 Iron Man versus Darth Vader
13 Dark Helmet versus Darth Vader

May the Schwartz be with you. - Cyri

14 Deadpool versus Yumi Yoshimura

Maybe someone would pay deadpool to kill yumi, but then they become friends because they have so much in common.

15 Deadpool versus Deathstroke
16 Mario versus Sonic
17 Jack Skellington versus Grim


18 Deadpool versus Dark Helmet
19 Kirby versus Nathan Drake
20 Captain Kirk versus Han Solo

This would be awesome!

21 Mettaton vs Jenny wakeman/XJ9
22 JC Denton versus Broly

Deus Ex vs Dragon Ball!

23 Nanoha Takamachi versus Thanos
24 Nanoha Takamachi versus Hibiki Tachibana
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