Top 10 Fighting Game Franchises

Fighting games were very popular in the '90s and that's where most the most acclaimed franchises we know today got their start, but don't forget about the newer ones. And here they are.

The Top Ten

1 Mortal Kombat

Inevitably best of the best... finish all... flawless victory... with fatality... brutality... and TOASTY!

One of the finest Fighting Game Franchises to exist. Since its debut it has influenced other traits now seen in modern games such as combo juggling and finishing moves. Without it, franchises like Street Fighter & Tekken wouldn't have been pushed to the heights they are at now.

I love this series so much, with all the different characters and all the awesome moves, and who doesn't love a good fatality? My love for mileena and Baraka will never die...

I've been a MK fan since the 90's when I was only three years old. My parents didn't fail at trying to keep me away from violence. I went out of my way to see the movies and play the games. In other words, there was nothing stopping me from seeing and playing Mortal Kombat. I would go to the arcades with friends and play MK1. Skorpion has always been my favorite character but I did give Johnny cage kudos for punching Goro's nuts! Haha

2 Super Smash Bros.

Unique and innovative series with an amazing roster, a vivid competitive scene and fun-to-play characters.

This game is better because it doesn't have health. You can beat the crap out of people and they keep coming back for more. And you can't just spam one button on them like in other games.

This is my 2nd favorite fighting game behind street fighter because of it wide variety of characters and modes. It would be #1 if they added Tekken characters.

Ultimate is the greatest video game ever created.

3 Tekken

The story in tekken 7 sucked other than that it's the best fighting game

Only the ultra fluid ground control makes Tekken stand above the rest.

I love how the controls differ from other fighting games a button for each limb is great to pull of combos for me

Ahh the memories made playing this at the arcades

4 Street Fighter

I was terrible at this game and I still enjoyed it.. haha

Street fighter is probably one of the founding fathers of fighting games, street fighter II specifically, and they really stepped their game up with usfiv

Not really family friendly, but yeah.

5 Killer Instinct

Way Better Then That Stupid Super Smash Bros Franchise. 10/10. The best fighters, The best narration, and The best story modes. I hope this fighting video game franchise will continue with a reboot sequel.

Been playing fighting games for over 20 years. Nothing can match the two interaction and meta of Killer Instinct! By far the most enjoyable fighting game and with new content added monthly this game only gets better and better. Great community as well.

You ALREADY KNOW BRO killer instinct is taking over the fighting game community and us players who are loyal to this great will be supporting it helping it every step of the way

This game is the reason I spent $500 for the day-one edition Xbox One. Do I regret it? No. Killer Instinct is my favorite fighting game of all time and ever since it was announced for X1, I knew it would be worth every penny. I play everyday with friends and we never get tired of it. The new seasons keep the game fresh and the soundtrack enhances it even further! Greatly recommend it to anyone who has an Xbox One.

Absolutely great comeback for the franchise! Great for all levels of skill and super hype! The only reason I own a console is to play this game. A must have for any fighting game enthusiast.

6 Soul Calibur

Way more fun than Tekken. Should be 4th in this list.

Darth Vader is the best!

At least in this game you can't possibly win by buttonmashing and spamming, 8-way moving system is a must-have. Smooth gameplay. In the more recent SC games you have a detailed character creation, So you're not obligated to play with the same guy/gal over and over.
The story is absolute crap, but that's not that important in fighting games anyway

What is thid

7 King of Fighters

Without The King of Fighters '94, we wouldn't have KoF series in first place.
KoF is awesome!

It is not just OK, it is Amazing.

8 WWE Smack Down vs Raw

Best wrestling games ever

9 Marvel vs Capcom
10 Virtua Fighter

Been a big fan of virtual fighter for over a decade a underappreciated gem of a franchise in my book virtual fighter 5 has been one of the best technical fighter games of modern gaming it's a serious fighter that does not need the gimmicks and silly humour that some of the other fighters rely too heavily on.

Shame it was ultimately completely overshadowed by Tekken

The Contenders

11 Dead or Alive

In my opinion, Dead or Alive is one of favorite fighting games of all time. Unfortunately the series is only recognized for jiggle physics and sadly people only focus on that instead of the fun, over the top gameplay. Despite the franchise but memorably great and I pretty much love the modes in the game (like tag team, survival, story, etc. ) and have been playing the franchise since Dead Or Alive 2 on DC and PS2 in which I eventually played the rest of the series on Xbox consoles

Ian knows what's up, DoA is a great fighting game, but not my favourite, this game should be top 3 in my opinion

12 Darkstalkers
13 Capcom's "Vs."
14 Guilty Gear

Good franchise that needs recognition.

15 WWE Series
16 Dragon Ball Budokai
17 Rival Schools
18 Fatal Fury
19 Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi
20 Variable Geo
21 Injustice

Best of the best

22 Blazblue
23 Battle Arena Toshinden
24 Psychic Force
25 Bloody Roar
26 PlayStation All-Stars

This game was an insult to PlayStation :(

One of the best fun games

27 Samurai Shodown
28 Godzilla Series

Godzilla: Save the Earth was my first. Still play it to this day

29 Power Stone
30 Art of Fighting
31 Dragon Ball Xenoverse
32 Dragon Ball Raging Blast
33 Skullgirls
35 WWF Series
36 UFC

The only real fighting game involves a real league of fighters excellent graphics

37 Arcana Heart
38 Power Instinct
39 NHL 19
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