Top 10 Fights Between Cartoon Characters from Different Series


The Top Ten

1 Pinky vs Ed
2 Every Pokemon vs Every Rugrats Character

A fight between Bulbasaur VS Carlitos

3 Droppy Dog vs Dexter

One is clever and the other is intelligent

4 Ben 10 vs Mordecai
5 Oggy (Oggy and the Cockroaches) vs. Tom (Tom and Jerry)
6 Batman vs Arthur

That trap, put Batman against Arthur, unhappy

7 Squidward (Spongebob Squarepants) vs. Noodman (Sanjay and Craig)

Squidward. - DynastiNoble

8 The Red Guy (Cow and Chicken) vs. Rancid Rabbit (CatDog)
9 Jimmy Neutron vs Skipper

They are leaders, one is very smart and the other a strong captain

A human boy vs a penguin...

10 Eustace Bagge (Courage the Cowardly Dog) vs. Farmer Larry (Sanjay and Craig)

The Contenders

11 Samurai Jack vs Danny Phantom

I'm going to stay long for Danny Phantom

12 Boog (Fanboy and Chum Chum) vs. Nelson Muntz (The Simpsons)
13 Mike (Mike the Knight) vs. Wally (Wallykazam)
14 Phineas vs The Thundercats

How good the Thundercats who are on the list, while people do not talk about them

15 Bob (Bob the Builder) vs. Manny (Handy Manny)
16 Viper (Kung Fu Panda) vs. Craig (Sanjay and Craig)
17 Batman vs Pinky
18 Steven Universe vs Johnny Test

Steven would win. Johnny would be dead before his sisters could come to his assistance - Haumea

I bet Steven would win this fight. - Finn-Mordecai-Gumball

19 Po (Teletubbies) vs. Po (Kung Fu Panda)

Isn't it obvious that the panda is the winner?

20 SpongeBob vs Aang
21 Homer vs Peter

That happened already in The Simpsons Guy (the crossover between The Simpsons and Family Guy).

22 Homer Simpson vs. Spongebob

Then homer Simpson would win

23 Elmo vs. Barney the Dinosaur

Elmo would win.

24 Dora vs Tinky Winky
25 Goku vs Superman
26 SpongeBob vs Shin Chan
27 Swiper vs Wobbuffet
28 Mickey Mouse vs Garfield
29 Batman vs Aang
30 Homer Simpson vs Ed
31 Rigby vs Darwin

Rigby will use Rigby's Power punch to attack, while Darwin will use Darwin's Twin Ego Ball.

32 Muscle Man vs Gumball
33 Ben 10 vs Tinky Winky
34 Muscle Man vs. Larry the Lobster
35 Clarence vs Uncle Grandpa
36 Homer Simpson vs Johnny Test
37 Villager #12 (Villager News) vs. Snake Jailbird (The Simpsons)
38 Flame Princess vs. CJ
39 Lapis Lazuli vs. Flame Princess

It's a basic logic of water putting out fire. Of course Lapis wins.

40 Jerry (Tom and Jerry) vs Speedy Gonzales (Looney Tunes)

I know that Jerry will win, because he'll have tricks up his sleeve and I know he can use then against Speedy.

41 Manny River (El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera) vs. Dora
42 Gumby vs. Smiley (I Spy)

I meant Spyler not Smiley

43 Mouse (12 oz. Mouse) vs. Squeakus (Catscratch)
44 Mr. X (The X's) vs. Dick Daring (The Replacements)
45 Gus (Robotboy) vs. Hector (Sanjay and Craig)
46 Dexter (Dexter's Laboratory) vs. Truman X. (The X's)
47 Ralphie (The Magic School Bus) vs. Kevin (Ed, Edd n' Eddy)
48 Mr X. (The X's) vs. Doctor Doom
49 Riley (The Replacements) vs. Johnny Test
50 Doug Funnie vs. Sanjay (Sanjay and Craig)
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1. Oggy (Oggy and the Cockroaches) vs. Tom (Tom and Jerry)
2. Squidward (Spongebob Squarepants) vs. Noodman (Sanjay and Craig)
3. The Red Guy (Cow and Chicken) vs. Rancid Rabbit (CatDog)
1. Pinky vs Ed
2. Every Pokemon vs Every Rugrats Character
3. Droppy Dog vs Dexter


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