Best Funko Five Nights at Freddy's (Fnaf) Action Figures

The Top Ten
1 Baby (Glow in the Dark / Walgreens Exclusive)
2 Baby

She's a really good character and she has a very nice design. She even has a microphone! Funko also remembered the color of Baby's hair bands. Put your hands together for Funko! 👏

3 Ballora
4 Foxy (Glow in the Dark / Hot Topic Exclusive)

LOVE glow in the dark Foxy so cool

5 Foxy
6 Funtime Foxy (Sister Location)

She was made well.

Too bad her ears fall off.

I have this one. #NOREGRETS.
Probably the best FF action figure I’ve ever seen.

7 Lolbit (Walgreens Exclusive)
8 Funtime Foxy
9 Nightmare Foxy
10 Jack-O-Chica (GameStop Exclusive)
The Contenders
11 Freddy

The main guy in the FNAF series

Only one I have.

12 Nightmare Freddy
13 Nightmarionne

This definitely! It's awesome!

14 Spring Trap
15 Chica (With Mr. Cupcake)


16 Nightmare Chica
17 Nightmare Bonnie
18 Ennard
19 Golden Freddy
20 Funtime Freddy (Sister Location)
21 Bonnie
22 Fredbear
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