Top 10 Changes the NFL May Have for the 2020 Season

The NFL season may not happen, and that doesn't happen often. Many NFL fans like myself still want the season to happen despite the Coronavirus pandemic, but it faces an uphill battle. The NFL currently plans to have a season, but with some changes to try and help keep players safe. We can all hope it's enough, but who knows at this point. Here, we are looking at the top ten changes the NFL may have for the 2020 season.
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1 Face Shields Could be Required

Like masks, face shields help protect people from germs when other people talk, spit, and breathe. Naturally, the NFL may make players wear them. However, some players don't like wearing them, especially if they play outdoors in the heat. Recently, J.J. Watt said he may not play the season if he has to wear one. This could be one key change the NFL makes for the 2020 season.

2 Players Could Opt Out of the Season

Now this is a big one. The NFL may possibly let players opt out of the season if they don't want to risk contracting the Coronavirus and passing it on to their families. If they do let players do this, we could see some star players not playing the season.

3 Lockers May be Six Feet Apart

This will probably happen, though I don't know how it will work. Six feet is the distance needed to be kept between people for social distancing, and in a crowded and enclosed space like an NFL locker room, keeping apart is important.

4 Masks May be Required

Like face shields, masks help protect people and prevent the spread of Coronavirus. The similar issue with face shields is that players would not like wearing them for a full game, and I can see why.

Yeah, probably inevitable that they are required at some point.

5 Players and Coaches May Get Tested for COVID-19 Every Day

This also seems likely to happen. To attempt to keep Coronavirus under control, both players and coaches would need to be tested every day so they can be quarantined and prevent other teammates from contracting it.

6 No Fans Allowed in Stadiums

Some teams are letting fans in at reduced capacity, while some are not letting them in at all. It will be interesting to see what games are like with reduced or no fans.

7 No Jersey Swaps

This has already been confirmed by the NFL, but it just seems ridiculous. Players are tackling and hitting each other the whole game, yet they can't give each other their jerseys after the game. You're more likely to get Coronavirus from playing the game than from someone else's jersey.

8 No Training Camp or Preseason

This could actually happen. Preseason has already been cut in half, and it wouldn't surprise me if they got rid of all the games. Training camp could be cancelled too, but it's less likely to happen. Currently, the NFL plans to go through with it soon.

Well, training camp will probably happen, but no preseason is confirmed.

9 Some Games May Get Cancelled

In a worst-case scenario, COVID-19 is peaking by early September, and the NFL cancels Week 1 and Week 2. That would complicate a lot of things with fewer games, though NFL games have been cancelled before.

Again, the MLB cancelled games because of the Marlins outbreak. Take notes, NFL.

10 Players and Coaches May be Isolated the Entire Season

Now, this does not seem likely to happen, as many players and coaches alike would not want to be separated from their friends and family.

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11 Media will be banned from the locker rooms
12 Both teams must travel to the stadium via bus only