Top 10 Most Hyped Up NFL Rookies for the 2020-2021 NFL Season

Ok, my first TheTopTens list. How exciting! So, in this list, I looked through all the players picked in the 2020 NFL Draft, and I picked 10 rookies that are hyped up all around the league the most. Hi, my name is Pnut, and today, I'll be telling you the Top 10 Most Hyped Up NFL Rookies For The 2020-2021 NFL Season.
The Top Ten
1 Tua Tagovailoa

From the night he took over in the 2018 National Championship against Georgia, this Alabama Quarterback can do nearly anything. From his speedy scrambling to his sharp deep passes, he was at one point in the considerations for the number one pick. However, due to the arrival of Joe Burrow and injuries throughout his final season, it bumped him down a few picks. But that doesn't mean he will fail in 2020. He's shaping up to be a good quarterback for a nearly helpless Miami team.

2 Joe Burrow

Burrow is easily number one on this list. When he was in his final year with the LSU Tigers, he broke the record for most touchdowns in a College Football season, won the Heisman Trophy Award, and won a National Championship. He was the obvious choice to be the first overall pick in the NFL Draft. I say this guy has quite the future ahead of him.

3 Chase Young

Dominant edge rusher out of Ohio State. The Redskins honestly got an awesome pick out of this guy. Young is someone you wish you had if your defensive line is poor.

He can run you over just like that. And he is a sack machine! Definitely worthy of the second overall pick.

4 Isaiah Simmons

Super underrated. He is a beast from Clemson. Despite being only the eighth overall pick in the draft, he will be a great addition for the Cardinals.

Like Chase Young, this guy will hammer you if you aren't strong enough. Definitely someone you should look out for next season.

5 Justin Herbert

A talented quarterback out of Oregon is the perfect fit for a Chargers team without Philip Rivers. I really think if Herbert can succeed, he might be a future franchise player for LA.

6 Jeff Okudah

He will be a scary addition for the Lions this upcoming season. Hopefully, he can fill the hole when Darius Slay left. He is kind of a sleeper, even if he was the third pick in the NFL Draft.

This Ohio State cornerback will hopefully help Detroit improve at least a little in the next few years.

7 Derrick Brown

Since the Panthers have been having a rough time since last season, they needed a defensive tackle with a lot of talent up his sleeves. And this is the right guy.

Coming out of Auburn, this guy might become a great player since he is kind of a hidden gem in the first round.

8 CJ Henderson

Such a well-hidden gem out of Florida. He can make quick tackles and strong interceptions when he's on the field. He'll be a great addition for a currently crumbling Jacksonville.

9 Andrew Thomas

I was surprised that he was chosen all the way up at the fourth overall pick for the Giants. Despite this, he was considered a top 10 draft choice in this year's draft. He has quite strong arms when it comes to his blocking.

This blocking bulldog from Georgia can hopefully save the Giants this year.

10 Thaddeus Moss

Randy Moss' son could be an underdog Offensive Rookie of the Year, even with Joe Burrow.

The Contenders
11 Jedrick Wills Jr.

Really underrated. This will be a great addition for the Browns. Even though they have other good players on their team, he will be an awesome extra for their Offensive Line.

Coming out of Alabama, he has the power and strength to possibly become a pro bowler or even one of the best linemen in the NFL.

12 CeeDee Lamb
13 Michael Pittman Jr.
14 Zack Moss
15 Antoine Winfield Jr.
16 Jerry Jeudy
17 Jonathan Taylor
18 Clyde Edwards-Helaire
19 Patrick Queen
20 Tristan Wirfs
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