Top 10 Costly Individual Mistakes That Caused Their Team to Miss the Super Bowl

When it comes to the NFL, every play has to be good in order to work, but sometimes, they don't work at all. And even worse, it can happen at anytime, with the worst moment being in the playoffs. These plays were the reason a team couldn't make it to the Super Bowl do to these costly mistakes. Hi, I'm Pnut, and today, I'll be telling you the Top 10 Costly Individual Mistakes That Caused Their Team to Miss the Super Bowl.
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1 "The Fumble" - 1987 AFC Championship

Gee, this must've been very gut wrenching for the Browns. If there was a tracker for the most famous fumbles, this is one of them. The 1987 AFC Championship was actually a repeat of the Denver Broncos and the Cleveland Browns. They actually had a shot at revenge, but could they pull it off? During the late 4th quarter, the Browns were down 38-31 and the time was ticking. But there was good news. They had the ball right at the 8 yard line on Denver's side of the field. Last year, they lost because of "The Drive". They were trying their hardest to beat them. Then disaster struck. Bernie Kosar handed the ball of to their running back Earnest Byner, and he was running to the endzone. Right at the goaline, the ball popped right out of his hands. The Broncos recovered it, which would allow them to have possession of the ball and run the clock out. It does suck to see them lose, but then again, it is the Browns. At least Byner would go on to win a Super Bowl with the Washington Redskins- oop, can't say that anymore.

2 Perfect No More - 1998 NFC Championship

The Minnesota Vikings have gone through quite a number of heartbreaking losses over the years. But this is probably one of the most saddest to them. Heading into the game against Atlanta, they had star players such as Randall Cunningham, Cris Carter, and Randy Moss. They were standing at a whopping 15-1 record and after destroying the 49ers, all they had to do was beat the Falcons and they would head to the Super Bowl. It was a little over two minutes remaining and the Vikings led 27-20. They decided to go for a field goal on that drive led by their kicker Gary Anderson. Heading into the game, he had not miss a single field goal or extra point the entire season, but when they needed a good lead, he misses. This would give Atlanta a chance to score and they did and in the end, the score was tied up at 27 and they were going to head into overtime. With about 3 minutes left in overtime, the Falcons scored a game winning field goal from Morten Andersen. This would allow the Falcons to go on to the Super Bowl (Which they lost to the Broncos) and end the Vikings super season in a bittersweet way.

3 Brandon Bostick Botches - 2014 NFC Championship

It was the chance to go against Tom Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl and it came down to the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers. It could be described in what I call a messy affair. The quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers both combined to a total of 6 interceptions. It was 19-7 Packers in the late 4th quarter and the Seahawks scored on a 1 yard rushing touchdown to cut the lead by 5. All they needed was a miracle. A outside kick! They would go for it, but what happened was quite crazy. The Packers Tight End Brandon Bostick was set to recover it and was in position, but the worst thing possible happened for him. He fumbled it. This would cause Seattle to score and go for 2 and make it, but the Packers kicker mason Crosby made it to head to overtime. But Wilson threw a pass into the endzone in the extra quarter and would go on to win against the Packers. To all the Packers fans on this website (Even though I don't like the Packers), I feel bad for you.

4 The Ill-Advised Interception - 2009 NFC Championship

NFL legend Brett Farve was playing surprisingly well for a new team, as he guided the Vikings (Yes they are on here again) to a 12-4 record and would go on to play the Saints (Yes them again) in the NFC Championship in 2009. It was a tight battle, but with 19 seconds left in the game, it was tied 23-23. The Vikings were already in field goal range, but Farve decided to get a little closer so they had a better chance of making it. But he made a big mistake, by throwing a huge game changing pick to Tracy Porter. This would eventually cause the Saints to run out the clock and head into overtime. The Saints won the coin toss and would drive up the field to kick a field goal, which it went in. New Orleans would go on to win the Super Bowl while Brett Farve came to realize that his one last chance to win the big game was shattered all thanks to one interception.

5 On the Offside - 2018 AFC Championship

It's 2018, and we have a new team on the rise. The Kansas City Chiefs were led by star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, along with other talents such as Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, and Dee Ford. They advanced to the Super Bowl to try to be in it for the first time since the 1969 season. They were playing against out of all teams, the Patriots. But towards the end during a 3rd and 10, Tom Brady threw a pass to Rob Gronkowski, but it was intercepted and it looked like the Chiefs have won the game for good. But there was a problem. There was a flag and it was on the Chiefs. The penalty was Offside and it was committed by the aforementioned Dee Ford. This would allow the Patriots to score a touchdown, but the Chiefs did tie it up. Only for them to lose in overtime. I was pretty mad that Tom Brady went to another Super Bowl to be honest. You might as well just put Randomator in because at least he has good timing unlike some of them.

6 Marcus Williams Botched Tackle - 2017 Divisional Round

Maybe the Vikings suffered a gut wrenching loss in 1998, but they did end up winning on a Hail Mary in 2017, which goes by it's name as "The Minneapolis Miracle". What happened was that Case Keenum threw a pass to Stefon Diggs on the final play for them to score a touchdown and win the game. But let's rewind. With under two minutes left, the Saints ended up kicking a field goal to take the lead by 1 point. The Vikings would then get the ball back to try and charge down the field. They decided to go for a Hail Mary pass since they were too far to kick a field goal, and then, the miracle happened. Let's take an inside look though. When Diggs caught the pass, Saints cornerback Marcus Williams could've made the tackle to stop him, but he dove a little bit too early, and it would cause Diggs to make it to the endzone. If he just dove at the right moment, they could've won the game.

7 Lee Evans' Drop - 2011 AFC Championship

The Ravens and the Patriots brawled in what appeared to be an exciting match to take a trip to the Super Bowl. Despite New England not doing well on the offense, the defense was doing mighty well to stop Flacco and the Ravens from being ahead too far. It was now the 4th quarter and the Patriots were up by 3, but the Ravens forced a punt in the final 2 minutes and would have a chance to try and take over and possibly win. Thanks to Flacco and his offense, they drove down to the field quickly into the redzone. The Ravens decided to go for a game winning pass in the endzone to Lee Evans. But he ended up dropping the pass in the corner of the endzone. The next play, the kicker would shank a game winning kick and the Patriots won. Even though the kicker missed, Evans could've gave them the chance to score a game winning touchdown.

8 Doug Brien Misses Twice in a Row - 2004 AFC Divisional Round

Aw yes, back to the good old days of the Steelers in the playoffs. When the Steelers went 15-1 and played against the Jets, New York knew they were gonna have a hard time. But they were keeping it close and it was tied 17-17 late in the 4th quarter. Then Doug Brien lined up for a 47 yard field goal to take the lead late right about at the 2 minute warning. He didn't make it since it wasn't long enough to go in. The next play though, Roethlisberger made a pass that would be intercepted by the Jets which would give them another chance to win. But he missed. AGAIN. It was very wide from going through the bars. This would end up going into overtime and the Steelers would end up kicking a game winning field to move on. Fortunately, this does have a happy ending for the Jets since they cut ties with Brien the next season. It all worked out in the end! :D

9 Marlon McCree's Interception Fumble - 2006 Divisional Round

It's 2003 and the most dominating team in the NFL that year were the San Diego Chargers. This was the first season that Philip Rivers was a full time starter, along with some superstars such as running back legend LaDainian Tomlinson and future Hall of Famer Antonio Gates. They had a 14-2 record and easily made it to the playoffs. All they needed to do was beat the Patriots. And they were doing pretty well. They actually might get the win. And they got an answer when late in the game, Marlon McCree picked off Tom Brady... only for him to fumble a few seconds after. And even worse, this was on a 4th down. The Patriots would score thanks to this and would make the two point conversion to tie it up. They would win the game by making a field goal to beat the Chargers by 3. To me, this is not surprising because well, they are the Chargers after all.

10 Roger Craig Loses Control - 1990 NFC Championship

The 49ers were a dominate football franchise at the time and they were looking to become the first ever NFL team to have a three-peat (Win three Super Bowls in a row). All they needed to do was beat the New York Giants in the 1990 NFC Championship. This proved to be a tough battle between the two, as both the defenses kept them from scoring too much. The 49ers were barely holding on 13-12 and had the chance to ice the game. They just needed one more first down and they pretty much had it. But Roger Craig's carry was struck with disaster because Lawrence Taylor stripped the ball from him. This would give the Giants one final chance to possibly win the game. The Giants kicker Matt Barr would kick a field goal that helped the Giants win and go on to even win the Super Bowl that year.

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