Top 10 NFL Coaches of the 2020-21 Season

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1 Kevin Stefanski

Kevin Stefanski is simply an amazing coach.

2 Sean McDermott

The Bills were right on the cusp of glory. They made it to the AFC Championship but fell short of winning. That still doesn't take away from their successful season Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs both among the best in the league at their respective positions. They won the AFC East again and managed to win 2 playoff games they were as good as the 90s Bills teams and the future is even brighter for the Bills in the coming seasons. They got closer to the ultimate goal if I'm part of Bills Mafia I'm excited about this team Sean McDermott has done an excellent job rebuilding the team into a contender

3 Matt LaFleur
4 Bruce Arians

After years of coming up short Bruce Arians finally won a ring. People will say he was carried by Tom Brady but he definitely played a part with bringing the team together when it mattered most. Tom deserves credit but this team was incredibly mediocre before their bye week and then after that they looked completely different they started gaining momentum at the right time and that defense/pass rush cannot be underestimated either

5 Ron Rivera Ronald Eugene "Ron" Rivera is an American football coach and former player who is the head coach of the Washington Commanders of the National Football League.

Now sure Washington had a losing record but you look at all the chaos that he had to deal with in the off-season. In a way he was thrown under the bus having to speak on behalf of the organization while those at the top including Dan Snyder hid in fear with the whole scandal within the organization coming to light and the name change saga not to mention that he had to get cancer treatments on top of all that. The fact that he was able to coach through all those things thrown at him and winning the division is quite impressive. But most impressive is he BEAT CANCER! Washington had a good defense and the return of Alex Smith was a nice story. I think if they had a winning record he would be closer to the top of the list but as it stands now what he accomplished in Washington can't be undermined

6 Brian Flores

I feel most people will forget about Miami. They had an outstanding season seemingly answering every lingering question about them and then some. They have a clear identity and direction unfortunately they got the short end of the stick and missed the playoffs. A bitter disappointing end to what was a good season overall I mean they were able to hang with the Chiefs that tells you a lot about where the team is headed. What he's been able to do with this team once rebuilding now built a solid unit that is formidable and built for the future. If you are a Miami fan you should be excited about where this team is headed.

7 Andy Reid Andrew Walter Reid is an American football coach who is the current head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League. Reid was previously the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, a position he held from 1999 to 2012.

Now sure they fell apart at the worst possible time in the Super Bowl this was still a dominant team throughout the season they were winning very ugly down the stretch but they were able to find a way to win. People like to drag them but they forget that as the defending champions you get everyone's best shot. Making back to back Super Bowls is still quite impressive let's not undermine them. They lost the big game but they will still be around next year I mean he found a way to win a playoff game with Chad Henne yes CHAD HENNE of all quarterbacks when Mahomes went down and all momentum was seemingly lost he found a way to win the game that alone is impressive

8 Frank Reich
9 Sean McVay
10 John Harbaugh John W. Harbaugh is an American football coach who has been the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League since 2008.

Some may argue that the Ravens were a disappointment this season and in all fairness I see where you're coming from. Lamar Jackson wasn't playing at the same MVP level everyone was expecting out of him this season. But I will make the counter argument that they turned it around to an extent at one point they had a major outbreak within the organization they were struggling and looking like they would miss the playoffs but somehow they managed to turn the ship back on track. Once they played at Cleveland it's like a switch was turned on Lamar Jackson suddenly played at an MVP level and they made the playoffs when they could have easily fell off

John Harbaugh will always be a good coach.

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11 Mike Vrabel

The Titans weren't quite as good as they were last year in terms of playoff success but that doesn't mean they had a bad season in fact they went 11-5 breaking the whole "9-7" meme. And won the division. Derrick Henry was a dominant force this season those of us who were lucky enough to have him in Fantasy would agree for the most part. The offense was legitimately dangerous with Ryan Tannehill and AJ Brown but what did them in was the defense strangely enough. It was still a good season but not quite the same magic they had last year when they made a deep playoff run.

Let me tell you, people in Tennessee absolutely adore Mike Vrabel. He isn't going anywhere anytime soon with the fan support he is getting.

12 Kyle Shanahan
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