Top Ten Greatest Green Bay Packers Games of All Time

Oh come on, I just had to make this list. Anyway, the Green Bay Packers are celebrating being around for 100 years, and 2018 will be their 100th season. The Packers have had some truly amazing games in the past, some games having future hall of famers playing. So here, we’ll be looking at the top ten greatest Green Bay Packers games of all time.
The Top Ten
1 1967 NFL Championship: Packers vs. Cowboys

My choice for the greatest Packers game of all time, the 1967 NFL Championship game, also known as the Ice Bowl. The coldest NFL game of all time, the winner would move on to Super Bowl II. Green Bay surged in the beginning, but by the second half, Dallas seemed to be catching up. At about 20 seconds left in the fourth quarter, with Dallas up 17-14, Bart Starr snuck into the end zone behind Jerry Kramer, which punched the Packers ticket to Super Bowl II. Nearly every player had frostbite afterwards, but it was worth it.

2 Super Bowl II: Packers vs. Raiders

The follow up game to the Ice Bowl, the Packers won this as well, as defense ruled the game. The final score was 33-14.

3 Super Bowl XXXI: Packers vs. Patriots

This was a time when Patriots fans weren't obnoxious and all bandwagoners. The Packers were loaded heading into the game, and it started in their favor. By halftime, Green Bay led 27-14. But the Patriots weren't done yet. Running back Curtis Martin ran straight up the field for a touchdown, getting New England seven more points. Would they make a comeback? On the oncoming kickoff after that touchdown, Packers kick returner Desmond Howard bolted up the center of the field with a plethora of blockers helping him. After making it past kicker Adam Vinatieri, he was gone, and put the Packers up higher, cementing their win. In the end, Howard won Super Bowl MVP, Brett Favre got his first Super Bowl win, and Reggie White set a Super Bowl record of three sacks in the game.

4 Super Bowl I: Packers vs. Chiefs

Ah yes, the very first of our modern era championship games. It was quite a game, with Green Bay coming on top over Kansas City 35-10 to win the very first Super Bowl.

5 2016 NFC Divisional: Packers at Cowboys

This was one heck of a game. While watching it, I had a strange feeling in my stomach, remembering how Dallas dismantled us earlier in the 2016 season. Green Bay managed to stay ahead most of the game, but the fourth quarter is where things got heated. The Cowboys went on a streak, and scored two touchdowns from Jason Witten and Dez Bryant. The game was tied at 28-28. But Green Bay answered, and put up a drive that led to a 56- yard Mason Crosby field goal. But unfortunately, the Cowboys struck back, and scored a field goal of their own, making the score 31-31. I was honestly petrified. How could we win this? Then Aaron Rodgers came back to the field. After a few setbacks, it was 3rd and 20, and I was losing hope. Dallas put pressure on Rodgers, and he ran out to his left. Then, he threw the ball to tight end Jared Cook, who amazingly caught it. Hope restored, I watched Mason Crosby kick a field goal in the last seconds of the game. We had won. Only to get demolished by Atlanta a week later, but that's besides the point. This was one great game.

6 Super Bowl XLV: Packers vs. Steelers

How could I forget this one? The Packers were #6 seed underdogs going into the playoffs. But then they suddenly found themselves in the Super Bowl, facing the Steelers. In the 31-25 win, we saw safety Nick Collins return a Ben Roethlisberger interception for a touchdown, a Clay Matthews forced fumble, and impressive play between Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings. This was one fun game to watch.

7 Week 16, 2003: Packers at Raiders

This was arguably the best game of Brett Favre's illustrious career. Just days after his father died, he absolutely routed the Oakland Raiders on Monday Night Football, 41-7. He was nearly flawless in this game, his passes looked stunning. It's hard to play after something like Favre went through, but he's proof that it's possible to play an amazing game after tragedy.

Remember watching this game. He could do no wrong during this game. If I remember right he passed for almost 300 yards in the first half. Great game under sad circumstances

8 Week 10, 2000: Packers vs. Vikings

This Monday Night game was a close one, with the Packers and Vikings locked in at 20-20 in overtime. On 3rd and 4, Brett Favre passed downfield to receiver Antonio Freeman. Initially, a Vikings defender thought Freeman didn't catch it, but Freeman got up and ran right into the end zone for a touchdown. After review from the officials, it was confirmed that the ball hadn't touched the ground, meaning Green Bay won the game. The final score was 26-20.

The first and only game I took my oldest son to. I spent $3,500 for the two 19th row 15 yard line tickets to the game. The catch happened almost right in front of us. It was rainy, cold and two Viking fans behind us, rowdy 20 something's, game my son a blanket. It was the perfect setting and game

9 Week 13, 2015: Packers at Lions

Sorry in advance to all the Lions fans who may read this. Green Bay and Detroit were both attempting to make the playoffs, so this game was of enormous magnitude. The game started with the Lions scoring 17 points in the first quarter, and by halftime, still held the lead 17-0. But suddenly after halftime, Green Bay surged, scoring 14 points to the Lions 3. By the end of the 4th quarter, the Lions still held the lead 23-21. Then, the Packers attempted to score one last time on a lateral. As the ball was passed to Aaron Rodgers, one defender supposedly face masked him. Look, I get it, it wasn't really a face mask, and I respect your opinion. However, you have to admit, the next play would be stunning. Since games can't end on a defensive penalty, Green Bay had one last shot. So, attempting a Hail Mary, nearly all of the receivers on the field shot down to the end zone with Rodgers evading pressure. Finding the right opportunity, Rodgers lobbed the ball 61 yards down the field, nearly hitting the rafters. The ball landed in the hands of tight end Richard Rodgers, ending the game with a Packers win, 27-21.

10 2010 NFC Championship: Packers at Bears

I put it here because it was just so fun to watch. Chicago going through three quarterbacks, B.J. Raji's touchdown, and just how close the game was. It was fun playing a rival in the NFC Championship.

The Contenders
11 1966 NFL Championship: Packers vs. Cowboys

The most forgotten great game from a real AMERICA'S TEAM, not the Cowboys. Bart Starr dazzled the nationwide TV audience with his 19 completions for 304 yards with 4 touchdown passes and NO interceptions. The defense also shined here as they shut down for most of the game the so-called Dallas Cowboys deep passing offense and that famed goal line stand in the fading moments of the game in the fading sunlight in Dallas, as Dave Robinson's clutch interception in the end zone spelled doomsday for the Cowboys and for the Packer faithful a trip to Los Angeles for Super Bowl I.
Its Joeysworld

12 1962 NFL Championship: Packers vs. Giants

One year removed from their return to glory, this Titletown USA team returned to the NFL Championship and once again faced The New York Giants, this time at the very cold Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York. With the temperature at 17 degrees, but on this day it feels like minus 8 degrees, and the horrible winds made it difficult to pass. However, this was Packers weather. Their experiences would pay off as future Hall of Fame great Jerry Kramer became a kicker that day, contributing greatly with three field goals and an extra point as the Packers repeated as NFL champions.

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