Greatest Pittsburgh Steelers Games

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1 1972 AFC Divisional Playoff Game (The Immaculate Reception)

It's the Ultimate moment for Steeler fans, a play that called on divine intervention. The Game that launched the team of the 1970s. Many stories came from the day, the first is that the disappearance of the ball that Harris used to score on that play. It wasn't found until it was seen at a guardian bank vault in West Miffin, Pennsylvania.
This also starts the famed Raiders-Steelers rivalry in the 1970s. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette wrote "The Play that changed a city".
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2 Super Bowl XLIII

One of if not the greatest Super Bowl of all time. This game saw big plays by both teams. For the Steelers, an end-to-end interception By James Harrison took forever, his 100 yard touchdown took 1 hour to do it, but Steelers fans don't mind it. Jeff Reed became its unsung hero by kicking 2 crucial field goals. Then there was the drive to glory as Big Ben Roethlisberger lead his troops to glory on a 88-yard drive capping off with an super amazing 6-yard touchdown pass from Roethlisberger to Santonio Holmes and with it Pittsburgh's sixth world title.
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3 Super Bowl XIII

This was a star studded game perfectly fit for prime time television. Jackie Smith's dropped pass in the second half paved the way for Pro football history as The Steelers became pro football's first 3 time Super Bowl Champions. Terry Bradshaw overcame some first half turnovers to produce 4 touchdown passes for 318 yards. Among the 4 touchdowns include an amazing end-to-end 75-yard touchdown pass from Bradshaw to John Stallworth, who himself caught another td pass from Bradshaw in the same game. Truly a Super Game from a Super Team.
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4 Super Bowl X

This Super Bowl was a true global event, AND the first true competitive game. This game had the fire Of Jack Lambert, especially in the second half when he wrestled a Cowboy to the ground, it fired up a team. On offense, the breath taking catches of Lynn Swann would later be replayed over and over and now we're in 2020, and those images are still fresh in the minds of Steelers fans worldwide, and yea the Steelers repeat as World Champions, part of an unforgettable era in NFL history.
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5 Super Bowl IX

It was the lowest scoring Super Bowl game until 2019. But that didn't care for Steeler fans who waited 42 years for this day, a chance to play for Pro Football's World Championship. In that game, the Minnesota Vikings offense was bad, and the Steelers' famed Steel Curtain did a number on quarterback Fran Tarkenton and even scored the first safety in Super Bowl history. The Steelers won the game on defense and in the running game where Franco Harris, the game's MVP made the difference. Art Rooney, the proud owner was a lovable loser no more.
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6 1975 AFC Championship Game

This title game was played in Steeler weather, cold and icy and both teams played a tough game and the first three quarters the Steelers only led 3-0 over their arch rivals the Oakland Raiders, even worse George Atkinson lay a brutal hit on Lynn Swann, forcing him out of the game. But the 4th quarter was different as the Steelers and Raiders put on a offensive display and Franco Harris' 25-yard touchdwon put the Steelers ahead to stay. The Raiders fought till the very end, on the game's last play Stbler completing a pass to Cliff Branch for 37 yards to the Pittsbugh 15 but was tackled in bounds and that was it, Pittsburgh wins.
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7 2008 AFC Championship Game

This makes sense, a rivalry that for the first time to decide who would represented the AFC in Super Bowl 43. It was an exciting game as Big Ben Roethlisberger picked apart the Baltimore Ravens defense with his great passing and his passes to Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes set up big time touchdowns and the defense came up big when they needed, with the Ravens threatened to take the lead, Troy Polamalu brings it to a halt with a game breaking 40 yard interception return and sent the Steelers to Super Bowl 43.
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8 2005 AFC Divisional Playoff Game
9 Super Bowl XIV

The dynasty complete and in front of the largest Super Bowl crowd ever, the Steelers forever and ever cemented as the team of the 1970s. RIP Chuck Noll and Art Rooney
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10 Super Bowl XL
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11 1995 AFC Championship Game
12 1989 AFC Wild Card Game
13 1995 AFC Divisional Playoff Game
14 1976 AFC Divisional Playoff Game
15 1974 AFC Championship Game

This game had a great plot. When the Raiders beat the Dolphins in the Division Playoffs, they say they have just won a berth in the Super Bowl. Then Steelers coach Chuck Noll had a team meeting and told his team that the best team in pro football is in that meeting. When the game ended, Noll meant it, Franco Harris carried 29 times for 111 yards and two touchdowns and was named Player of the game, while Roy Gerela had a great day himself kicking a field goal and 3 great extra points as the Steelers not the Raiders won a berth in the Super Bowl.
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16 2002 AFC Wild Card Game
17 Steelers vs New York Giants 11/30/1952
18 1984 AFC Divisional Playoff Game
19 1979 AFC Championship Game
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