Top 10 Reasons Why the XFL Will Fail

This Is The XFL!! (Again) The XFL was briefly in existence almost 2 decades. Now in 2020 it’s back again. Obviously the first time around it didn’t work Out. The AAF tried but also failed. With the NFL being dominant in comparison here’s 10 Reasons Why the XFL is doomed to fail
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1 Growing concern for CTE and other post football career health issues

One of the bigger issues in the NFL recently is the concern for players health after they leave the gridiron. With the continued study the NFL is trying to make the game safer. Meanwhile the XFL is going the opposite direction. The idea of an "extreme" football league doesn't exactly correlate with players health after their careers. How do you make sure the rules change up the formula and not cause severe health consequences?

2 Competition with NFL offseason coverage and basketball

The XFL is set to kick off right after the Super Bowl here's the thing. You're competing with College Basketball and NFL draft coverage. A lot of people are focused on March Madness and the NFL combine you're gonna need to have some good games to draw people's attention to the league. That's easier said than done

3 The NFL is too big to lose

The NFL is the king of professional sports in America. Even with recent controversies and the rise of the NBA there's one thing that is still true. The almighty shield is too big for the XFL to even compete With. At most the XFL players are set to earn about 55,000 which pales in comparison to an NFL salary. In the end money always wins. Think about it that's ultimately why the AAF fell apart. The XFL may be more stable but for how long?

4 Trouble with winning over talented prospects

A big problem here as most of their talent pool will come from the NFL rejects essentially. Most college football players will still head the NFL route and there's the CFL as well. Simply put there's so many options available and assuming the XFL won't be a stepping stone to the NFL it's looking like they will have to feed off the Players who couldn't make it or the ones who are looking for a second chance.

5 Lack of teams

A major difference between the NFL and XFL is the number of franchises. The NFL has 32 teams across the country so there's NFL fans everywhere. However this isn't the case for the XFL. With only 8 teams across the country it's hard for a lot of people to find a team. For example if you're in Boston Philly or Pittsburgh your closest XFL teams are the New York Guardians or DC Defenders. Last I recall Boston Philadelphia and Pittsburgh aren't really fans of DC or New York Sports teams. Same situation applies in KC. The nearest is in St Louis. KC and St Louis don't always like each other either. See the problem here?

6 NFL fans need a break

I get the Super Bowl just happened but now we need a break. Focus on the incoming draft class instead of the games. Remember too much of something is always a bad thing. Too much football can cause people to be burned out on it. I think you're better off going after the NFL draft to give you more of a spotlight. Just give it a rest

7 The AAF left a sour aftertaste

Seeing the AAF collapse like it did doesn't make me feel great about the XFL. There seems to be more security in terms of finances but how well will a second football league coexist with the mighty NFL? If the AAF is any indication it's not going to work out for them.

8 No drama

Vince McMahon is going to be more hands off this this time. The league itself will be in the hands of Oliver Luck. The original XFL had a bit more of a WWE feel to it but now it's likely going to not be as chaotic That's fine but it's going to lose its brand if that makes sense.

9 Diluted talent

Let's be honest here the majority of college players are still going to join the NFL. Much like the AAF the XFL will be forced to feed off of the guys who couldn't make it work in the NFL as a last resort. Plus the CFL is already established as kind of a minor league NFL so it's very likely that the players who are on the XFL rosters aren't anything close to NFL caliber

The fewer bright stars that have a chance of redemption is the way I see it. Who will be the next Tommy Maddox or Rod Smart?

10 Lack of marketable stars

A big factor for the NFL's success is the marketable stars. Think of all the jerseys sold for guys like Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, Lamar Jackson, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and so on. The League can make a big fortune by advertising the big name players. Who is going to be the leader of the charge for the XFL? Tim Tebow? Johnny Manziel?

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11 Stadiums don't get filled up

A major lack of major football stars is the big reason for this.

12 It's connected to the WWE

This might seem harsh, but this is the main reason the XFL could fail again. It had been said that being connected to a pro wrestling company was the main reason the XFL failed the first time. The WWF/WWE is largely disliked by NFL fans. When the XFL first showed up, many NFL fans mocked it and laughed at it. There were even NFL fans that said that Vince should just stick to pro wrestling. It also doesn't help that the company that the XFL is connected to is less liked now than it was during the company's Attitude Era. The XFL failed when the WWF was at its most liked post young Hogan. It will be surprising if the XFL succeeds this time.

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