Top 10 Super Bowl Party Stereotypes

Well Here we are just over 48 hours away from the Big game Chiefs and Niners set to clash In Miami. As the US prepares to party for the big game and the Patriots not winning it for once here’s some stereotypes of people who you could find at a Super Bowl party. Remember If you can’t find this person it’s probably you. GO CHIEFS!!
The Top Ten
1 Passionate Fan

Ah yes, you know these people. They have their team's logo on every article of clothing they're wearing. Oftentimes, they have way too many accessories, making them look like they're at a Halloween costume party. Another thing to note is that these guys will also try to talk trash to any fans of the opposing team in the room.

2 Superstitious Fan

These guys will do anything - and I mean anything - to rally their team. They may wear articles of clothing inside out, stay in one room in one spot, or wear backward hats. You name it, they will do literally anything.

3 The Halftime Show Fanatic

They couldn't care less about the game itself. The only thing they care about is the halftime performance. They may put on their own version of the halftime show before disappearing when the game starts. In fact, if there wasn't a halftime show, they would have no reason to be here.

4 The Clueless Girl

Yeah, I'm talking about THAT girl. She likes to party with her boyfriend but doesn't have a clue what's happening. She says something along the lines of, "So if it's first and 10, what does that mean?" or "Why don't they throw it far every time?" Even when her boyfriend has explained it a thousand times.

5 Commercial Guy

This guy will analyze every aspect of every commercial and rate them from funniest to least funny. Sometimes, he is obsessively laughing even at objectively unfunny commercials. Like the halftime fanatic, he doesn't care about the actual game either.

6 The Person who Brings Nothing

Typically, if you get invited, it's nice to bring something. Now, sure, the host may not say to bring something, but it's still a nice gesture nonetheless. If you were told to bring something and don't, then that's just a bad move. Don't be this guy. Always bring something.

7 Party Foul Guy

Party Foul Guy might not mean to cause problems, but he is clumsy. He may do a couple of minor things that just get under your skin, such as sitting on the remote and messing up the TV, spilling food or drink, or stealing someone's spot. These are examples of minor things that just irritate you.

Classic party fouls are either spilling beer or vomiting.

8 The Gambler

You know the one who bets on the most ridiculous things to happen. He goes way overboard. Enough said.

9 Party Hopper

This guy doesn't stay in one place. No, he may stay until halftime, but then he's going somewhere else, never to be seen at the party again. Here's the thing: if you arrive late, good luck getting anything to eat.

10 The Late Party Crasher

Maybe they just got off work or something else came up, but either way, they arrived late and now have to search through the empty food dishes to find what's left over. They may or may not already be drunk, so beware of this person.

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