Top Ten Forgotten Disney Animated Movies

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61 Ratatouille V 1 Comment
62 Wall-E
63 Up
64 Brave
65 Monsters University V 1 Comment
66 The Good Dinosaur

How could this be forgotten if it just aired this year? And it was amazing

V 1 Comment
67 Peter Pan
68 Finding Dory
69 The Little Mermaid

What?! this is not forgotten its one of the best diseny movies! If this is forgotten then what will frozen be in like 4 years? people still are amazed by this movie and still watch it today,I hope Frozen is forgotten soon because people need to realize how much crap that movie is

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70 Make Mine Music
71 Frozen

The movie itself may not be forgotten, but the fact that anyone liked it or any reasons why anyone liked it sure are.

OK, I admit I do love Frozen (I give it a 9.75 out of 10), but seriously? This is not forgotten. At all. They've already announced the sequel, and it's even a franchise now! So yeah, while I do love it, and I most certainly HATE the obnoxious bashing it gets, it's not forgotten at all.

Frozen? FORGOTTEN? This movie is ridiculously overrated, it should not be on this list. - Minecraftcrazy530

HAHA! no. It definitely earned the number 1 spot in the most overrated films. - Gabriola

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72 Beauty & the Beast

This movie is too cool to be forgotten about!

73 Melody Time
74 Aladdin

What?! this needs to be removed this movie,toy story,mulan or every classic or renassaince movie is not forgotten

75 Toy Story
76 Toy Story 2
77 Monsters, Inc.
78 Finding Nemo V 1 Comment
79 Cars
80 Inside Out

How the heck is this "forgotten"? It's not even a year old!

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