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1 Bubsy

Agreed, bubsy is one of the most underrated video game characters ever made.

Is it just me, or does Bubsy 3D look more like an alpha version of a game?

Bubsy is 1000x worse than anything Call of Duty has ever made,

Bubsy is not underrated, he's hated by everyone

2 Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a franchise that thinks it's innovative, but not counting emblem creation, there is nothing creative or memorable (most of the stuff they add in feel like shallow versions of mechanics found in better games) about Call of Duty and it feels outdated and shallow, even compared to golden eye 64. The campaign is mediocre at the very best, The levels consist of nothing more than walk around in lifeless shooting galleries fighting against generic Russian terrorists using generic assault rifle #2031, and the multiplayer has no real unique twists to keep it interesting compared to other shooters, it's ether camping in a corner or run around the map in circles getting shot at by campers and noobtubes. This game is like all those preschool T.V. shows, You might like as a "my 1st fps", but once you start playing superior fps's like an old school fps or even battlefield, You'll quickly lose interest in the game.

3 Animal Crossing

Each of its "games" shouldn't even be considered legitimate games. There is literally nothing fun about it! All it is is toddler crap!

WHAT? Animal Crossing isn't the best but it is great. Sure Amiibo Festival is bad I agree but the other games are fun and relaxing.

From some of the comments I've read, it's clearly obvious that these people haven't even tried the games

4 Pokemon

It only became a guilty pleasure, until some Nintendrones ruined it by talking crap about Microsoft and Sony and didn't stop doing so ever. And they kept mentioning this as a part of why Halo, Grand Theft Auto, and Call of Duty sucked!

Pokemon has always been bad because of having the same gameplay because other formulas never working out well. Also the characters are all bad except for Mewtwo.

Meanwhile on the list of the best series, pokemon is #3...
Make up your mind already!

5 Super Mario Bros.

No Zelda and Pokemon would be alive without Mario. Pokemon was created by a different person, and Zelda was created by the same person, but at the same time. It just took longer to develop Zelda.

Why is this on here? This is a classic and maybe some of the games are bad, but not all of them are. Most of them are really good if you actually give it a try and not play rated M games only.

Sorry, your princess is in another castle
Mario really needs some kind of cart to go round levels faster,
Knocking Down Goomba's and Koopa's freely.
In Fact, add a GPS to that car.

Umm... Without this series, the Legend Of Zelda, Pokemon and many other beloved franchises would be dead. This shouldn't be on the list.

6 Cheetamen

Just one of the series that made Action 52 so terrible.

The one that came for the 52 & it's crap sequel.

7 Five Nights at Freddy's

The first game was ok, but nobody wanted the barrage of new installments that we're constantly getting now. And it's only made worse by all the 10 year old fanbabies that are obsessed with it. A cash grab gone cringe.

It sucks the fandom ruined it you can't go any where on youtube without seeing something about it and even worse it has started to become CHILDREN'S TOYS

Just another Indie horror game that only gains popularity due to young children. It lacks creativity as it's just another "Sit-and-survive" game.

8 Crazy Frog Racer
9 Minecraft

It's not even a series (Story Mode not counting) but its too bad, so it must be on first place.

Minecraft is NOT a series, nor does it have sequels

Not even a series. You're welcome,


Really? Only 3%? This game franchise is so bad a game that came out 5 years ago (FIFA 11) is worth 2 AU dollars. Compare that to Half Life 2. Also you might as well get that game because it's basically the same thing as FIFA 16 but with worse graphics. Then I hear FIFA idiots saying that it made a new pacing system. WOW. Oh and that's it. Wouldn't mind a bit of improvement EA

I work in retail. Every time I work the gaming section and someone comes to me saying they want to buy this, or any sports game, I want to smack them.

I wonder if the corruption scandal will affect further development of this game series?

Uh, of you wanna play football, you could play it outside for free, not 40$ bucks.

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11 Danganronpa

If class trials take over an hour to complete and you can't save your progress during one, what's the point of buying the games. Still, the only saving grace is that it has good anime adaptations. But that's about it. Not the worst but save points during class trials are needed to make it salvageable.

12 Terraria

Are there any good arguments other than "it's a 2de Meincraf"? No, I assume. A Minecraft Fanboy cannot speak common sense. Come on, give me a decent argument. Maybe then, I'll reconsider my stance on the MC community. Of course, I don't like having a battle of wits with an unarmed person, so you better make your replies somewhat worth reading.

Terraria is not a minecraft ripoff, minecraft is not a terraria ripoff. Terraria came first but didn't become famous instantly, so I doubt minecraft was inspired by terraria.
'enough said.

Terraria shouldn't be on this list, it is very fun like with the swords and armor and stuff, but the only annoying thing is that you don't get creative ;(

Lol people be saying that terraria is a ripoff of mine craft when terraria was released May 16 2011 and Minecraft was November 18 2011

13 Skylanders

I got Spyro's Adventure for my birthday, an old fan of Skylanders who was my moms friends son donated Giants to us and some figures, I didn't really like Swap Force so I didn't get it, and I got Trap Team. After that I realized the games were kinda dumb, so I stuck with my old ones and didn't buy the new games. Now they're making a 7th game. Wow Activision. Wow.

Skylanders went too far with future games I mean... Trap team? SUPER CHARGERS?! I kinda miss the old games (the first skylander game one)

First one was awesome and Giants was alright but everything after that sucked

I can't believe I used to LIKE this, and the figurines are 7 pounds!

14 Flappy Bird

How was Flappy Bird ever so popular?

greatest game ever created

15 Bird Mania
16 Mario Party

This should be on number seven, not Super Mario Bros

I hope super mario party 2 gets cancelled

This needs to be higher

17 Persona

Other than being used to create good anime adaptations, Persona games are useless.

18 Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by SEGA, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.

I think we can all agree that in the 90s and early 2000s sonic was a masterpiece and sonic adventure 2 is the best sonic game. After the 2005 the sonic franchise went downhill with Sonic 06 the worst sonic game ever, now the sonic franchise is now mixed because there were 2 story book adventures featuring sonic, a time travel game with 2 sonics, a ridiculous team is the main antagonist in sonic lost world and now sonic boom knocked on drugs? Even though I'm a huge sonic fan (not the character) No offense but I only play sonic games when shadow is playable

How long is it till the way over obsessed Grand Theft Auto fans and Call of Duty fans leave other franchises alone? Just because one of the games (Shadow the Hedgehog) has guns it doesn't mean the whole series is bad. LEAVE SONIC ALONE YOU Grand Theft Auto Call of Duty WORSHIPPING FANBOYS I'm SICK OF YOU ALL.

Just let it die already. This is starting to become like keeping a person who has become a vegetable alive. If you love it, remember it as it was and just pull the plug. Be it's angel and set it free.

What is this doing here Sonic is one of the best video game franchises ever now I am not a sonic fanboy but I know this series is amazing

19 Lego Star Wars
20 Madden

When every release comes out EVERY YEAR, I just get literally mad.

It's the same thing every time.

21 The Sims
22 Startropics

I don't know what this is

23 NBA 2K
24 Mega Man

The only thing I hate about these games is that they're overly difficult at times.
If they removed the difficulty, I'd be fine with it!

Why is Megaman on here? He got in SSB4 because people liked the games so much!

Holy Hell Is This Game Hard!


25 Grand Theft Auto

Its not a bad game, and shut it about the "iT prOm0tEs cRiMiNal ACt", Its called entertainment purposes, and your not forced to commit crime, there's more to the game than that.

It promotes car theft, murder and many more illegal stuff..

You're a criminal is this, nothing good about that.

A video game promoting criminal activities what is good about that. if you we're a cop as player and had to arrest the criminals it would be not so bad, but you being a criminal is just plain bad.

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