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1 AlbertsStuff

You know, he's a great guy. One thing I like about him is that he isn't as child-friendly as others, but that's what I like about him. DenisDaily is okay, and DanTDM is alright, but to me, they're too child-friendly. Albert is completely different. Now, some parents might say he's too, what's the word? Too mature for kids. But that has changed ever since he started Flamingo, a more child-friendly place. Now, to me, he is for pre-teens and teens, but others might differ. He is a wonderful YouTuber, the funniest I ever heard and watched. I hope he continues this wonderful gift, and I hope others will see him the way he should be seen!

2 DenisDaily

When I started watching DenisDaily, I saw that he was passionate about what he was doing and put a lot of effort into his videos. His Roblox videos helped me understand how fun games can be if you just be yourself. His merchandise is really cool looking. He tries to land that one basketball shot. He gained a lot of subscribers since 2016. Now, in 2021, he almost has 10 million subs, which is a crazy amount to get in just a few years. I could go on and on about how cool Denis is, but I don't want you all to be bored of reading this, so I am going to finish it here.

3 Flamingo

Albertsstuff and Flamingo are still both Albert. I know a lot of people miss Albertsstuff, but (underrated opinion) I like both of his channels as much. Plus, Albert is much happier with his Flamingo channel. His fan base might contain lots of 10-year-olds, but I still like him and have watched his videos for 2 years now, including Albertsstuff.

Yes! I was hoping to see Albert on here. Apart from watching cosplay TikTok, I watch Albert at least 10 times a day! He's so funny and actually cares about what his fans have to say and what content they want to see! Also, unlike some Roblox YouTubers, he creates a variety of gameplays. Sometimes trolling, sometimes horror, but he always makes me laugh no matter what he does. Love you, Albert!

4 ItsFunneh

ItsFunneh is my favorite YouTuber. She inspires me and always makes me laugh and feel happy. She is also child-friendly, with no swearing or bad stuff like that, so kids of all ages can watch her. I love her siblings; they're so funny! I think the funniest ones of them all are Funneh and Draco. You won't find a video without Draco saying something funny and making the other girls laugh. I just want to say that maybe you guys should give more attention to Rainbow... I know her puns are just cringe, but come on! Besides that, they are the best YouTubers you'll ever find! If the KREW is reading this comment, I just want to say I love you guys with all my heart. Keep it up! (please <3)

5 Epikrika

He is the best one ever. He just got better. I recommend the 2016-present videos. The old ones are just boring TTS machinimas that make fun of autism and cancer.

He makes valid points and is entertaining.

He makes funny videos too and good points.

6 Roblox

ROBLOX is amazing! If it weren't for them, some of your favorite YouTubers wouldn't be where they are now. Be grateful ROBLOX is a thing.

Roblox literally made this list possible. They are the creators of the whole platform and should be #1.

Could this list even be possible without them? Nope, so they have to be number 1!

7 QuackityHQ

I kind of like this guy, except he raids forums, and he still has his ToonTown name and icon from way after the game shutdown, and he moved to Roblox.

He was the funniest Roblox YouTuber, well, before he and his fans started spamming on forums. It's sad that he didn't get over the ban and just made another account.

8 ThinkNoodles

ThinkNoodles is so cool because it's very funny when I watch his horror game videos. He also screams a lot when he gets freaked out by horror monsters like in Death Park and so on. Just like DenisDaily, they are both cool Roblox players! Awesome!

ThinkNoodles is so good! I recently started watching his videos and am already enraptured by the way he does them. He always offers support to other members in Survivor and is an also undeniably AWESOME YouTuber. Noodle on, ThinkNoodles!

He is funny and plays many games that are cool and interesting. We especially like Ice Scream because we like the way he freaks out when he sees Rod.

9 DanTDM Daniel Robert Middleton (born 8 November 1991), better known online as DanTDM (formerly TheDiamondMinecart), is a British YouTuber and gamer known for his video game commentaries. His online video channels have covered many video games including Minecraft, Roblox and Pokémon.

He's number 1 on both Roblox and Minecraft. The Minecraft top tens list I saw was old because they said Sky was number 1, but now Dan has more subscribers than him, and Sky's channel is dead now (it only means his channel. He's not really dead in real life). Dan in Roblox deserves number 1 in this list, and in Minecraft too.

He was good when his username made sense (making Minecraft videos). Now, all his good videos are raided with kids and angry parents preferring the modern videos because "they're kid-friendly".

He is very entertaining, just not as entertaining as Denis, in my opinion. Also, he is very funny but once again, not as funny as Denis, in my opinion.

10 Sketch

This guy should easily be number 1. Forget everybody else. He is funnier than all these YouTubers combined. His editing skills are weirdly funny. I mean, a skeleton with glasses becoming transparent? Dude, that's just amazingly funny in a weird way. Not to mention, his reactions are the best. He uses real-life mannerisms or TV mannerisms in the games, which makes it even better. Heck, he's possibly the funniest YouTuber of all time.

Sketch is hilarious and is kind of rude to others (he just wants to win)! But I find it funny when his comebacks are sometimes really bad because he wants to prove himself right, even though things don't always pop up that fast in his head.

The Contenders
11 Tofuu

I used to hate you, to be honest, because my brother was just a big fan of yours. I thought you were annoying because of my brother's issues. But you're so amazing! And you never once think, "Hmm, maybe I should keep the codes I found out to myself!" But instead, you share them with the whole subscribers and fans! Keep being you! -MimiLili_gurll (I need to become a YouTuber!)

I personally think Tofuu is better because he's better at making content on videos in Roblox. At least, that's my opinion. Thanks for looking at my post.

12 PhireFoxRBLX

Set a high standard for filmmaking and has inspired many Roblox YouTubers.

13 LegoBloxian

His videos are at the top of the non-gameplay Roblox videos!

14 GreenLegoCats123

He makes funny videos and trolls. I really love his videos since they give us information about the next thing or anything going to happen in ROBLOX. I'm very sad that they banned his main account named "CowCowManThingIt", but not the others. - Jim.

I love him. He makes spooky, useful, and great videos. Also, he plays Roblox, and I love Roblox. That's why I love him.

I love GreenLegoCats! His videos are hilarious, and I can't stop watching them. I wish Minigunner was in the top 10 though...

15 GamerGirl

Karina is amazing. She's funny, sweet, and child-friendly. I don't watch Karina play much now, but I remember falling asleep to her every night after a huge laughing fit!

Karina helped me smile, and I always smiled at her dumb jokes and stuff. She still makes great content too.

In one of her videos, though, I'm not popular anymore. Just because you did not win one time, you are still popular.

16 EthanGamerTV

My son loves it, and I let him watch only Ethan's videos because this kid never uses bad words. Good work, Ethan. I will always support you.

Way too awesome! If you are online, you are #1 for everything!

He is the best gamer there is. He should be #1.

17 Poke

He is the BEST Roblox-playing YouTuber to me. Poke has a FANTASTIC channel. I honestly think Poke doesn't clickbait. His content fits his personality. He is kind, funny, smart, and intelligent. I think he should be in the top 10.

Yes! He's an amazing YouTuber and also does more than just Roblox. I loved his video on Hello Neighbor in Roblox. It had me on the floor, dying of laughter!

I really love you, Poke! You made my day, and on behalf of all of us, we would like to thank you for everything. You've entertained us and still do! The part I love is when you try to prank DylanTheHyper, and it fails. You tried hard for that, and please, keep playing Bloxburg because that game will entertain us even more! Thank you so much! Love.

18 PrincePretty AKA Sylvan Sunday Crew
19 PrestonPlayz

Well, Preston is a really good gamer and vlogger. I visit Preston's YouTube channel whenever I can, to be honest. Preston comes from a happy family and sometimes plays with his wife on Roblox often. I just don't understand why PrestonPlayz isn't higher up on the list.

He is the best at Minecraft and Roblox. He's the master of parkour and loves trolling his brother, Josh! By Caleb Chan. Roblox username, superc3x5. Preston, I friended you! And I love Flee the Facility too!

Preston is, let's say, godlike because he lands jumps in Minecraft I don't even think are possible to land. I've been watching PrestonPlayz for more than 3 years. Keep going, Preston! We love you all!

20 KreekCraft

He is my favorite YouTuber. He makes really good content and is really funny.

Favorite YouTuber. Definitely has some of the absolute best content.

21 Jordan5616

Jordan5616 being funny and exciting in his commentaries brings enjoyment to the Roblox gameplay community. His mic and facecam quality could improve, but his gameplay quality is outstanding. But he also does not just do Roblox. He also plays Minecraft.

22 ObliviousHD

Oblivious makes the most interesting and sad stories! Most people know him from The Last Guest, but he also makes other intriguing stories like Guest 666 and so on. He is awesome, and I really want him to be 15th instead of 46th eventually! Thank you. I'm Glory. My Instagram is Gloryteaa, and my Roblox is AdorableSabrina_0. Oh, and my Minecraft is GloriiXoxo! Bye!

He's great! He made a movie called "The Last Guest" that reached more than 4 million views!

Whoever is hating on Oblivious needs to stop. His animations are great, as well as his storylines. You're just mad you don't have that talent.

23 XenoWolf

Absolute legend. This guy makes videos on the worst games on Roblox but makes them entertaining with the text-to-speech voice, hilarious jokes, and humor. What a don.

This dude is the best plus the two hosts are great and funny. Shekel and Bobbingson are the greatest text-to-speech hosts in the whole Roblox community. Plus, his videos are entertaining, funny, satirical, and also his opinions on bad Roblox games are good. Gotta say, he's the best British Roblox YouTuber! (I still think Shekel is the best..!)

24 Semp
25 AzzyLand

I watch Azzyland's videos as soon as they come out. I love them so much, especially when she does vlog videos with other YouTubers like Gloom and Brianna.

Really entertaining. I like it when she does riddles with Gloom.

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