Top Ten Funniest Pokemon Episodes


The Top Ten

1 The Tower Of Terror

I feel sorry for the American version of this episode. It was banned three years after it's initial release in the USA because of 911. DAMN OSAMA BIN LADEN!

What Pokémon ghost type episode could be funnier?! - turtwig

2 Pokemon- I Choose You

First episode and supper funny! - turtwig

3 Pokémon Food Fight

Really funny episode. Ash getting chased by Snorlax while dressed as an apple was the hilarious highlight.

Didn't see it but hope so its good

Snor Snor. It's Snorlax! - turtwig

4 The Electrike Company
5 Pearls Are A Spoink's Best Friend

Dressing a Feebas as a Magikarp! Hilarious! - turtwig

6 Once In a Mawile
7 The Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion
8 Ash Catches a Caterpie

Exactly, especially once you've run into one a thousand times. - moonwolf

What's so exciting about a Caterpie? - turtwig

9 Pimeape Goes Bananas
10 Wherefore Art Thou, Pokemon?

This is my favorite episode. Ralph and Emily hate each other just because they catch the same Pokemon. Tony and Maria the Nidoran love each other and apparently, Emily is allergic to flowers. Ralph pukes on airplanes. - Goatworlds

The Contenders

11 Claydol Big and Tall
12 The Fortune Hunters

The plot twist got me. I felt so sorry for James every time he said he was a Moltres.

13 Holy Matrimony

Oh my god, this one was hysterical

14 Bound for Trouble

The Pikachu and Meowth episodes are absolutely ADORABLE! Episode:104

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