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The best that Game Grumps has to offer, their best moments, ranked 1 through 10. Everything from Jon to Danny, early 2012 to modern 2015.

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1 Arin's improv vs the Purple Plant Monster

Jennifer dumped me.

Jennifer dumped me.

This is like the "WHAT IS THIS?! " moment from the Sonic '06 playthrough, except cranked up to 11. Not to mention, you get to hear Arin dish out some top-notch improv skills, fueled and inspired by his undying rage for the boss battle. Probably his most outrageous and downright angry moment ever on Game Grumps and the ending is the cherry on top when Arin accidentally hits the end game option, nullifying all his progress. Danny laughing and dying in the background is also pretty hilarious, too.

A lot of great moments here, but this one I can watch over and over and still laugh.

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The be-all, end-all of legendary Game Grumps moments. Arin finally snaps after seeing the ridiculous nature of Sonic '06, delivering not only a legitimately dramatic, still-quotable-to-this-day scene, but one that was genuinely stomach-hurtingly hilarious. Sure, it quickly wore out, but at the time, this was one of Game Grumps funniest outputs ever. A legendary moment that will never be forgotten by lovelies everywhere.

My favorite Game Grumps moment - bobbythebrony

3 Arin's AVGN impersonation in Mickey Mousecapade

This moment came early in Danny's tenure with Game Grumps, and one that is constantly brung up by fans at conventions and panels, as it is probably one of the most funny things he has ever done. Arin and Danny, before playing Mickey Mousecapade, look up a playthrough to understand the game, where the video is narrated by an AVGN knockoff. Arin, feeling inspired by the narrator, does his own AVGN impression, cueing Danny's infectious laughter and a great Game Grumps moment that still stands today.

4 Going Uphill Fast and the subsequent laughing fit

This one never gets old. Jon and Arin both crack after the sight of Sonic speeding upwards on a hill, something even they deemed impossible, both furthering themselves into mad laughter listening to themselves giggle and chuckle at the absolutely idiotic situation that they were in. The laughter is absolutely infectious, and it stands as a personal favorite of my own.

I've rewatched this too many times, and every single time I laugh so much that I feel like I'm going to pass out! The best part is when Jon got Sonic stuck on the cliff and he couldn't get out. Definitely one of my favourite Game Grumps moments!

5 Arin snapping out after losing the Pachinko machine in Super Mario Sunshine
6 Danny and Arin spin LOSE A TURN 5 times in a row

This moment speaks for itself: the immense amount of luck (or weighted wheel) that went into this moment is immeasurable. Danny spun 4 times, and all 4 he lost a turn. Then somehow Arin spins and loses a turn as well; this is what breaks the Grumps and they lose it from laughter. This still stands as a great Game Grumps moment, as Danny and Arin cracking up is always fun, but this one is even funnier due to the circumstance at which they're laughing.

It's great

7 Arin and Danny slowly descending into madness as they try to catch a frog in the ocean

I've never laughed Harder

8 "Eat your oatmeal"

Barry, edit that out

9 "A Fine Day for Mayoring!" (AKA Danny's Big Break)

The first moment I personally thought everything would still be fine without Jon was from this moment: where Danny once again shows his great improv skills and makes all of us crack up with Mayor Luigi. This was one of the first moments where the fanbase started to show some love for Danny before Dennis the Menace and Wind Waker 19, which is one of the reasons why it is on this list. The other being, well, it's really funny.

10 The Dennis the Menace Rap

This moment was sparked by the one and only Danny Sexbang, and a moment that many look back on as the event that quelled the fan war between the two sides of the Grump fandom: those resistant to the change of the channel, and those willing to accept the new evolution of Game Grumps without Jon. This was just one example of Danny's great improv skills, and another of Arin's infectious laughter. An all-around great moment.


My name is Mr. Wilson
And I'm here to say
I'm gonna smack your ass
in a major way
What're you doing in my basement?
Get outta here... GET OUTTA HERE!

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11 Danny talks about struggling with OCD and depression

This one hits close to home. Where the Dennis the Menace Rap quelled the fan war, Wind Waker Episode 19 truly turned the tide of blind angry hate against Danny, to acceptance, and love from the fanbase. Danny talking about going through a phase of his life where he was just so depressed and without direction, and being able to come back to do something he loves, even going so far as to throw his medicine away in a lake for that extra symbolism, is just a testament to not only the impact Danny has had on the fanbase, but on Game Grumps as a whole. This moment was little on laughs, but big on heart, which is why it is still such a great Game Grumps moment.

12 Catharsis (Arin freaks out at the Sonic boss fight)

Late in the Sonic '06 playthrough, the Grumps were starting to lose steam from having just beat both Sonic and Shadow's campaigns and playing the game week in and week out, but came roaring back with this memorable moment of Arin's insanity. Arin, flipping over the genius of being able to play as Silver and fight Sonic, goes into a rage, subsequently scaring Jon and the audience. A wonderful moment.

Every thing these guys said, I felt when playing the game.

13 Arin trying to convince a girl in a online game, he's an alien

It just doesn’t get any better

Ross : *Stands near the starry background* "See this pale blue dot. That's us, suspended on a sun beam."
Girl : "WOW"

Best steam train episode by far.

Steam Train - Amazing world

14 Flash Man and Crash Man
15 Zelda and Link in the Castle Courtyard (OoT Part 5)

Arin and Dan crack jokes after jokes with their first meeting with Zelda in OoT, with her dream about the crab to Zelda threatening slurmp to strangle him with her polygonal hands and ganondorf slurping his soup. There are too many great jokes in this scene to talk about and appreciate but it accurately describes their humor and quick whit to cracking jokes

Just do what the crab says

16 Amazing Frog?

What do you get when Arin and Danny have been awake into the wee hours of the morning recording Game Grumps, are ridiculously tired and are pumping themselves full of Monster and Skittles, and play a ridiculous OUYA game only Arin knows to cap off the recording session?

You get Amazing Frog? : probably all-around the best Game Grumps episode ever recorded in terms of consistent hilarity: which still holds up today, mind you. Whether it be Arin "getting mad air, yo", or Danny faceplanting and having no idea what he's playing, this episode is the first one I show to my friends who want to know what Game Grumps is.

The crown is mine, ribbit king...

17 Joke Yoda


18 You Freak!! Mario Maker

€You freak! You’re a FREAK! ”

19 I fired and I missed


And then I ran out of bullets, and then I got sad. I had a popsicle and passed in the snow.

This went on for several hours. - SPMZDE

I've rewatched this so many times and still can't stop laughing.

20 Jungle Fever Song - Super Mario World
21 Cillerenda - Adventures In The Magic Kingdom: Thrill And Thrall

Can you please direct me to the closet Cillerenda castle that you have?

22 HELENA!!!!

Arin desperately tries to convince Helena from the dead or alive series to be his partner but she refuses every time.

23 Nickelodeon Guts ending

Gonna put the crag in the middle of the party

24 Obama the Game Grumps Fan

I love Danny and Arnold

25 Clunky Deer Rolling (“Everything” - Part 1)

Just watch it. I promise you’ll love it.


Dan recounts the events of earlier in the day when Arin sent him a series of inexplicably strange texts involving many mentions of Spider Man and "the guy from the Facebook movie." Cue Arin and the audience absolutely losing it.

27 "The D Club"

This should be much higher on the list.

The best part of this was Danny’s “OH MY GOD! ” after confirming it with Suzy. Like, it was genuine shock. He thought Arin was just messing around! 😂

28 Gama Ovar (Platoon)

Best. Glitch. Ever.

29 Oh Hey, Big Zam
30 Wheel of Fortune with Jacob Anderson (Raleigh Ritchie)

Amazing times were had, including: "WHAT?! THERE'S NO ES!? "
"Cave and Bears"
"A Civil War Buff"
"He's from Croatia :)"

31 Danny "Throwing in the towel" in the third Guild Grumps episode

I could not stop laughing

33 Jon and Arin talk about their “eyeless” demographic

Why has nobody added this yet? I think it’s hilarious 😂

34 Jon's mother calling him in the Sonic(06) Let's Play
35 I'm blue

All of the Teenage Mutant Turtles are blue, except for 3 of them! And there are 4! # I'm blue, daba dee daba die! #

36 Milton's Milton Factory
37 Whap Goblin


38 Endless Ocean Dance
39 Danny singing "Looks Like You've Got A Baby Penis"
40 The argument in Nickelodeon Guts episode 1
41 "Aggro!!!"
42 Unavoidable Chin Move
43 IT'S NO USE - Sonic 06 Silver Boss Fight

Arin And John Are The Only People That Make This Character Ruining Meme Funny

44 Spore Dick Monsters

Arin, Dan and Ross play Spore and Ross just keep creating disgusting dick shaped creatures.

45 Rocket Ship Song

Those improv skills, there. I'd say they beat the improv skills in Battle Kid: Part 3.

46 Donkey Kong Country 2: Finale? - Jon rage quit
47 Donkey Kong Country 2: Jon Rage Quit
48 Oh, Koops...
49 Super Mario Maker 162: Arin being a literal pedophile + Chipmunk porn

This entire episode is just perfect - Pagepage21

50 The Penile Debate

From katamari damacy 14 where arun defends the d club. Hands down best grumps moment ever

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1. Arin's AVGN impersonation in Mickey Mousecapade
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1. Arin snapping out after losing the Pachinko machine in Super Mario Sunshine
2. "Eat your oatmeal"
3. Arin's improv vs the Purple Plant Monster


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