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Hi, I'm the guy who made the top 10 angry grandpa videos. If you want more videos of a mean dad destroying his son's stuff stuff, go to the YouTube channel McJuggerNuggets. He's this guy named Jesse Ridgeway, who has to deal with his cruel older brother Jeffrey and his psychotic father Jeff, Sr. as they destroy his stuff and make his life a living hell. Still, the videos can be very addictive and entertaining (much like the Angry Grandpa videos), so I made a top 10 list of Psycho Dad too!
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1 Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games

Psycho dad steals all of Jesse's video games, piles them all up on the lawn, and writes a message on Jesse's bedroom whiteboard "Get a job. Get a life. No more games! - Dad". Jesse finds this later and goes outisde to find his video games stacked across the lawn and his father on the lawnmower. After they argue for a bit, he starts the lawnmower and chases him, destroying and shredding the video games in the process, causing Jesse to have a, according to the captions subtitles, super saiyan transformation. This is the most popular video on all of McJuggerNuggets by the way.

2 Psycho Mom Divorces Husband
3 Psycho Brother Stomps Glasses

This is, without a doubt, the turning point of the Psycho Series. Corn betrays Jesse and allies with Jeffrey to prank him. Jesse wants no part of it, and restrains himself the whole time. After the prank, he tries to peacefully walk away, but what Jeffrey does is cruel; he physically prevents him from staying out of it, he slaps his glasses off his face, and stomps them. By then, Jesse's lost it, and of course, he fights Jeffrey (which you really can't blame him for). Corn comes into help Jesse, and Jeffrey almost strangles him to death, when Jesse saves Corn by knocking Jeffrey out with a beer bottle. The Psycho Update is also great, because Jesse and Jeffrey start to gain empathy for each other and the situations that they're in. This is the one that changes the dynamic of the series: It goes from silly and hilarious, to dark and depressing. This also paves the way for the events of Psycho Mom Divorces Husband. This turned it all around, and in my opinion, cemented it as the greatest YouTube series of all time.

4 Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox

The psychotic father takes Jesse's Xbox 360, sets it in the fireplace, then takes it from Jesse again after he takes it out, runs outside, and chucks it across the street, breaking it to pieces, just because Jesse played his Xbox on the T.V. in the living room, which he's not allowed to use (who isn't allowed to use the living room T.V.?! ). If you ask me, a little over the top...

This is the video that set mcjuggernuggets on the map. The first ever psycho video

5 Psycho Kid Smashes TV

Jesse finally snaps and smashes his dad's precious T.V. over wanting to play some stupid video games, and then gets kicked out of the house for a while.

6 Psycho Dad Chainsaws Xbox One

In this video, Jesse decides to pull a prank on his parents involving a chainsaw as revenge for the haloween bloodbath video (go lower on the list to find it, it's on here! ). However, when he does it, his dad tells him the blades are still on, therefore making it a very dangerous prank. His dad takes the chainsaw into his room, believing Jesse's video games caused this violence (even though it was really HIS violent actions towards Jesse's stuff that caused it), while Jeffrey, his brother who is filming, and Jesse's mother Theresa follow. Mr. Ridgeway asks where the video games are, and Jeffrey shows him Jesse's Xbox one (throughout the series, he is shown to be very cruel and mean to his brother, so this actually isn't a surprise), so Mr. Ridgeway takes the Xbox one, sets it on the table, and chainsaws it to death. Then, to top it off, he leaves, and then comes back with a sledgehammer, and chops the Xbox one in half while Jesse screams and cries. This video was so mean, so it SHOULD be no. 3

7 Psycho Dad Reacts To One Million Juggies

The storyline is just amazing. How we got kicked out for a month and struggled and suffered through so much! And from start to finis this video is just amazing. His brother is more the villain of the video. Probably my favorite video of u watch the whole survival series. If u were watching this when it first came out, you know why

8 Psycho Dad Axes Laptop

Jesse decides to get revenge on Jeffrey for destroying his camera (see Psycho Brother's Filming Freakout) by showing their dad the Xbox destruction video. Luckily for Jesse, Mr. Ridgeway is chopping wood while he watches the video, so when he sees that the video has 2 million views, he takes the axe and chops Jeffrey's laptop to pieces! Then, when he forces Jesse to show Jeffrey the laptop that HE destroyed, Jeffrey chases Jesse out of the house and down the road! It's so funny!

9 Psycho Dad Drowns Xbox

In this video, Jeffrey investigates why Jesse has been hanging out in the garage so much, and finds that he has set up a secret gaming hideout in there. Jeffrey then sets his camera on a shelf facing Jesse's chair and leaves to tell dad while Jesse returns to play some Halo. Mr. Ridgeway, now aware of what Jesse's been up to, then barges in and takes his Xbox 360. As Jesse chases after him, Jeffrey picks up the camera and follows them. Mr. Ridgeway then proceeds to drop the Xbox in the pool right in front of Jesse. Then, in a hilarious moment, Jesse jumps in after his Xbox even though it's almost guaranteed never to work again. Definitely worth the list!

10 Psycho Dad Crashes WoW LAN Party

Jeffrey crashes Jesse's online video game sleepover party with his friends Mark and Corn in the basement, causing him to yell at Jeffrey. Mr. Ridgeway then comes downstairs complaining about them being too loud, and he begins to argue with Jesse to the point where Mark and Corn question his sanity. Their statement is then proven true when, in retaliation, he flips the whole table over, crushing and spilling mountain dew all over Jesse, Corn, and Mark's laptops. A little over the top, but entertaining...

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11 Psycho Dad Pounds Nintendo DS

Mr. Ridgeway stomps on and drowns Jesse's Nintendo ds in the bathtub after he refuses to stop playing it while on vacation in London.

12 Psycho Kid Crushes PS4
13 Aunt Melissa Fights Psycho Dad
14 Psycho Kid Ruins Thanksgiving

Jesse flips the table and ruins thanksgiving dinner after Mr. Ridgeway keeps provoking him at the dinner table. Psycho dad needs to learn when to stop when running his mouth!

15 Psycho Dad Chucks Super Nintendo
16 Psycho Girlfriend Breaks IPad
17 Psycho Dad Wrecks Car
18 Psycho Family Halloween

Why is this so low? I love seeing Jesse as the Joker lighting the fireworks in the garage!

19 Angry Nerd Unboxes PS4!
20 Psycho Kid Flees Country
21 Psycho Dad Raids Stream
22 Psycho Dad Busts Down Door
23 Psycho Dad Rips Apart Trailer
24 Psycho Kid Kills Father

It had to happen. There was nothing else Jesse could've said or done to get his dad to listen than this. By the time this video aired, we had already established that Jesse had one choice: Get out of there. Jesse had nothing; he didn't have his video games to distract him from the lousy excuse of a home. He didn't have his car. He didn't have his friends or family. Psycho Dad destroyed tons of important things, but the worst thing he destroyed was his humanity. Earlier, we had Uncle Larry attempting to kill Psycho Dad with his truck, which he failed to do. This wasn't some petty story about a spoiled kid who wanted to live his life playing games. This was a story of how Jesse's dad physically and emotionally drove his son into insanity, to the point where he had nothing left. Jesse never planned to shoot his father, but even without the title to tell us what was going to happen, we knew Psycho Dad was going to die. He deserved to die. He took his son's spirit, and slowly destroyed in a two-year long mission to drain his son of all the energy, happiness, and motivation he ever had. Since we all knew this was fake by this point, I think a lot of us were pulling for it to go this way. The best scene isn't the shooting, though; it's the exchange between the two where Psycho Dad appears to be remorseful for his sadistic actions, but instead, he blames the video games for doing this to Jesse. The best line of the video is when Jesse responds," That's the last thing you say to me? That the games made me this way?! No, Dad! You! It was you! You made me this way! You made me this way! ", before ultimately pulling the trigger.

Despite the success of "Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games", this is the greatest piece of work that the Ridgways ever pulled off. It tied up all loose ends, it was everything we could ever want, but the raw power and intensity solidifies "Psycho Kid Kills Father" as the greatest Psycho Series episode of all.

25 Psycho Dad vs Uncle Larry
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