Games That Should Get Sequels On the Wii U

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21 The Simpsons Game
22 Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time

Like Super Paper Mario, I want it to be a sequel to specifically this. I wanted to get it, but then the stupid internet, which apparently thinks saying "SPOILER ALERT! " is not liked anymore, ruined the entire story. And sense the story is the best part in RPGs, there's no real point in playing it anymore. It doesn't necesarily have to be on Wii you (any Nintendo console I have will work), but it needs to be Partners In Time, and maybe to make it better, they could add more Marios and Luigis.

WARNING: Don't ever go onto a site that gives the timeline of Mario games unless you've completely finished Partners in Time.

23 Super Mario Sunshine

Best Mario game apart from world and Galaxy 2

This game will look so cool as a sequel! - Harri666

24 Disney Universe

It will have marvel new Disney pixar and star wars

25 Sonic Colors

It does its sonic lost world

26 Pikmin
27 Warioware

There already is a warioware on the wii you but it kinda sucks.

28 Pac-Man
29 Kirby Mass Attack

What other video game allows you to perfectly clone the character? Also, I bet they could somehow make the sequel different and something only the Wii you can do. Maybe it could have a mode like New Super Mario Bros you where you can mess up the other player. Maybe you play your own platform levels on your screen as Dedede and when you collect enough fruit, you can turn one of the other player's Kirbies into a Dedede who attacks the rest of the Kirbies then jumps to your screen.

30 Donkey Konga
31 Contra

Without the games from this series, NES would not have been as interesting for many of us, including me. This is a game that NEEDS to be featured in the big platforms, and a movie too if possible. - jimmy12lee

32 WarioWare D.I.Y.
33 Duck Hunt

How has there not been a sequel already? It's not even on Virtual Console. I want Duck Hunt 2 because 1) It'd be awesome and 2) I'm wondering if they keep the dog, and if they do, can you still not shoot him.

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34 N+

I know this is a weird choice (but there are weirder ones on the list), but this game needs to be on the Wii U. It can be easily done since the game was originally on Xbox Live and the DS. - mrpeanutfree

35 Super Mario Strikers

The Mario Strikers series is one of the best Mario Sports series, and imagine it with improved online, HD graphics, Miiverse support, more characters, and controllers that won't glitch!

36 Chrono Trigger

I have quite a few gameplay ideas for a Chrono Trigger sequal using the Wii U gamepad, which could make battles way more interesting. I think the Wii U could make the perfect console to do this on... Not that this is ever happening! - Maplestrip

37 NFS Most Wanted
38 Xenoblade Chronicles X
39 Undertale
40 Tomodachi Life
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