Best Geico Commercials


The Top Ten

1 Dikembe Mutombo (Not In My House)
2 Piggy (Wee Wee Weeeeee)
3 Peter Frampton Peter Frampton
4 I Have a Flat Tire!!!
5 Witch In a Broom Factory
6 Don LaFontaine
7 Pig On a Plane
8 Hump Day!!!

More folks make money off of the t-shirts inspired by this ad, should be #1

9 Michael Winslow
10 Popular Middle School Girls

The Contenders

11 Bodybuilder
12 Falling Tree
13 Pinocchio Was a Bad Motivational Speaker

This is new, but the creativity here is great. The look on that poor guy's face when he learns he doesn't have potential is just priceless!

14 Words Can Hurt
15 Ickey Woods Dance
16 Push it Real Good
17 Operation Game

The look on the game face is hilarious

18 Europe Loves a Final Countdown
19 Some Owls Aren't That Wise
20 Singing Octopus V 1 Comment
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