Best Grand Theft Auto V Cars

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1 Truffade Adder

So damn cool to ride on, but the cost of this sports car is $1, 000, 000 which is very expensive.

It's hard between adder and zentorno I use the zentorno more but I own that I don't own a adder but when custom vehicles are off I always choose adder it's so smooth to ride - CurrieTheFriendsFan

2 Overflod Entity XF

Why is the Buggati on #1? It has horrible turning and can fit in a tiny space that an entity can fit in. Entity is the best. Acceleration is where it's at.

3 Grotti Cheetah
4 Pegassi Zentorno

Why is this beautiful machine no. 6

5 Pegassi Vacca
6 Vapid Bullet
7 Inverto Coquette
8 Pegassi Infernus
9 Coil Voltic
10 Grotti Carbonizzare

Only because I like the way the roof folds down

The Contenders
11 Pfister Comet
12 Grotti Turismo R
13 Obey 9F
14 Truffade Z-Type
15 Dinka Jester
16 Lampadati Felon
17 Benefactor Surano
18 Hijak Khamelion

Does not explode when it fall a cliff.

I buyed this car

19 Benefactor Feltzer
20 Imponte Phoenix
21 Vapid Sandking XL
22 Kuruma (Armored)
23 Karin Sultan
24 Obey 9F Cabrio
25 BF Dune Buggy
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