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341 Larry the Lobster Larry the Lobster Larry the Lobster is a fictional character in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants.
342 Guzma - Pokemon Guzma - Pokemon Guzma is a fictional character introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. He is the leader of Team Skull. He specializes in Bug-type Pokémon.

"Wanna see what destruction looks like? Here it is in human form - it's your boy Guzma! " - ModernSpongeBobSucks

343 Pearl - Steven Universe Pearl - Steven Universe
344 Todd "Scoops" Ming
345 Reaper (Overwatch)
346 Ford Prefect

He has to be the most awesome character ever written. Seriously. - take

347 Rick Sanchez Rick Sanchez Rick Sanchez is a fictional character from the American animated television series Rick and Morty, aired on Adult Swim.

Is this guy ever gonna get his ass kicked? He always has a plan yet he's also drunk all the time - GGGofluckyourself

Can create and destroy universes - matenro

Never a dull moment in the show - matenro

348 Nick Wilde Nick Wilde
349 Scooby Doo Scooby Doo Scooby Doo is a famous fictional dog character from the show Scooby-Doo Where Are You? He is the protagonist of his series .
350 Jules Winnfield Jules Winnfield
351 Roy Mustang - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Roy Mustang - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Roy Mustang is a fictional character from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series and its adaptations created by Hiromu Arakawa.
352 Bellatrix Lestrange Bellatrix Lestrange A psychotic death eater who escaped from Azkaban, and is fiercely loyal to Voldemort. Murderer of many people such as Sirius Black, and also a sadist who drove the Longbottoms mad.
353 Mouth of Sauron
354 Waldo - Where's Waldo V 1 Comment
355 James Bond James Bond Royal Navy Commander James Bond is a fictional character created by British journalist and novelist Ian Fleming in 1953. He is the protagonist of the James Bond series of novels, films, comics and video games.

What? Bond should be in the top 10

So low?

How is Bond so low on this list?

Bond is the ultimate fantasy character: The man every man wants to be and every woman wants to be with - Szonana

356 Tigerstar Tigerstar Tigerstar is the biggest villain in the Warrior Cats, also the cat that Firestar wants to kill . He has two mates, Goldenflower and Sasha, and four kits, Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, and Hawkfrost . After he dies, he goes to the Dark Forest where he is killed again except this time by Firestar more. V 2 Comments
357 Mola Ram
358 Mary Lou Wentz
359 Eileen - The Regular Show
360 Nina Cortex - Crash of the Titans and Mind Over Mutant

Crash Of The Titans And Mind Over Mutant Only!

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