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61 Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3

FIRST GAME TO BE 100/100 PASSED BY ME... Such a challenge isn't easy... - gbpn15

This game is underrated & also hilarious due to why many characters in this game have big, bulbous noses we could pick & put our dicks into.

62 Super Mario All-Stars / Super Mario World

This was a good game, but rescuing Princess Peach rather than Princess Daisy? There is much better stuff about this video game.

Will. You. Stop. Commenting. That. Daisy. Should've. Replaced. Peach. - DCfnaf

63 Mario Power Tennis

Lol this shouldn't even be in the 103th place. It is pure trash. - Arilio

This is leterly my favorite game

64 Mario Super Sluggers

This is a great game. It has every single good character in it except Dry Bowser and Rosalina. There are many alternate skins and there is a good story mode.

It is already on here at number 39.

You could play as a noki! We just needed Rosalina and Dry Bowser though. - DCfnaf

I just have fond memories of this one.

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65 Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong racing isn't really a mario game - Heyo_Simba

66 Mario Teaches Typing 2

I like the Mario head. Hey nice computer you got there! - spodermanfan1000


WHY IS THIS ON THE LIST!?!? all I can say is- why.

67 Super Mario Land

The 1980's First Game On the Gameboy. Princess Daisy Makes Her Very First Appearance In the
Entire Mario Games & World. And Everyone Loves It. The Best Of All On the Game
Boy! Handheld.

A classic game with phenomenal music!

Best game for the game boy

The screen is four shades of grey, but playing this game is enormous fun for me!

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68 Mario Clash

This game rocks! I don't see why Princess Peach was in this game instead of Princess Daisy.

Overrated? Don't you mean "underrated"?! This game is great, but why did Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land still be replaced by Princess Peach?! I guess it's due to hiatus. Mario Clash overall is great!

This game is extremely overrated.

Best Mario game ever! I ain't kidding, but it deserves to be in the top 10s nonetheless.

69 Donkey Kong

This is one of the most classic games ever! This game is so unforgettable & where Mario all started.

This game is old.

This game started it all with jumpman


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70 Super Mario Odyssey

The game isn't out yet and I already think I would give it 21/20.

Even if it was not out when I typed this, it is amazing.

It's just a feeling that it is going to be great

How is this anybodys favorite it hasn't even come out yet - Heyo_Simba

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71 Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

I agree, yet this game is a good old game.

Why wasn't Princess Daisy in Super Mario Bros. Deluxe? Princess Peach was so bossy & crabby in this game that she needs a pacifier in her mouth for a very long time.

72 Donkey Kong: King of Swing
73 Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

If Anyone Thinks This Is A Mario Game Must Be Really Stupid.

This isn't a Mario game... - noo7na7

This is Donkey Kong County, Not Super Mario!

How can we tell if this is a Mario game

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74 Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

How on earth is this Number 70?!? I think this is the best Mario game of all time, and it should be number one. Everything about it is adorable. It's like the Mario version of Monument Valley, also an awesome game. If this isn't number one on this list, then I don't know what should be!

It's just 3D world's bonus levels. - mattstat716

This game is so hard - Heyo_Simba


75 Mario Party 10

Oh my god people, enough with daisy. You're all like ravenous beasts. - mattstat716

Is this even a Mario party game I knew there was Mario party 9.

Are they suddenly cutting Princess Daisy or what? Because we know that Princess Peach will not do well at Mario Party 10 for sure.

This should exliest be in the top of thirty

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76 Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

The bosses are so much fun to fight and the crossover was just epic

Probably the 2nd best Mario and Luigi game, 5th best Mario game, and 12th best VIDEO GAME.

The concept and gameplay is so well done.

It the perfect rpg and a great crossover

77 Wario Land: Shake It!

Why is this so low, I absolutely love this game - Hater

78 New Super Mario Forever V 1 Comment
79 Super Mario Forever

This is version the best since 2004 why is it so low?

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80 Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix
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