Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door


Great story, great gameplay, great music, great partners, great bosses, great locations, this game has it all! Not everyone will have the same opinions but there are (fairly objectively) not too many flaws with this game, and nothing glaringly bad. This is the embodiment of what the Paper Mario series brings (or at least brought) to the table: a change from normal Mario games with an added RPG element and tons of originality (mostly in characters, locations, bosses, and story). I don't hate Sticker Star and probably not the upcoming Color Splash, but they are definitely disappointing, not just because of the game itself but more so because of how it is taking away more games like these. At the very least, give us both. It's too painful to miss out on more amazingness after waiting so long.

Aw man, this game is my favorite on Gamecube! The storyline is very original and unique compared to other games. There are plenty of funny moments, sad moments that are really touching, and the gameplay style for an RPG is just captivating. Not to mention all the unique partners and rocking' music! This game should be higher for sure!

Easily the best RPG that I have ever played. A game that makes you feel like you are watching a fantastic anime at the same time, The Thousand-Year Door succeeds on every level. Unique and interesting characters that you can learn to love as they develop, some of the best turn-based combat in any game out there, graphics that have aged incredibly well over time, and a complex story filled with comedy, drama, and action that just sucks you in every time you play the game. This is one of the very few examples of when a sequel is better than the original. If you ever get the chance, PLAY THIS GAME! You won't regret it.

This Game is my Favorite of all time. I still remember waking up each morning only to play this game I never was able to beat back then but replaying it recently I finally was I felt that this was a great accomplishment in my life. This game brought me much joy as a child so if you haven't yet played it Go Give Them Your Money and prepare for an adventure you shall not soon forget

I'll always remember the castle of Twilight Town were Mario's body is stolen. That story-line is simply the greatest I have ever seen before or after in my entire life. Mario's party are formed by such badass characters and the final battle is amongst the hardest ever. If you haven't played this game, GO AND PLAY IT, it is for your own good.

One of the best games I have played in my life. If you don't have a copy of this game, get one now! Out of all the games I have played on the Gamecube, Wii, and Xbox, this game matches them all. I remember playing it when it came out and I still play it today. When you play this game, you can't get off it, it is that good. The adventure and whole story of the game is just awesome. I give this game 10 out of 10.

Best Mario game ever, and it's not even close. With a vast world to explore and numerous secrets to find, this game immerses you with pure awesomeness. Exclusively for gamers though, I understand why ordinary players that don't like exploration and long-hour gameplay would prefer games like Mario Cart and Mario Galaxy. Those are also excellent games, just not enough feels for us core gamers.

One of the few Mario games with a good story plot to it, one of the best soundtracks for a Mario game with various areas to explore and secrets to find, unique characters and abilities, this game is by far one of the best Mario games in the series, if people don't choose this as their number one, then they must have never experienced it before.

I love this game SO MUCH! This is my second favourite Gamecube game aside from "The Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker. " I love the places in this game! I've been so amazed in this game since I was 8. Too bad this doesn't have a multiplayer mode. This is my favourite game made in 2004.

This should be number one. It was an amazing game that along with Super Smash Bros. Melee, which should also be high on this list, make up all of the time I spent playing my Gamecube.

OH MY GOODNESS. This is the most amazing game I have ever played. Better than mele, better than double dash. the storyline is so epic, and Bowser isn't even the main antagonist! There are Mario levels, small peach levels, and EVEN Bowser LEVELS MADE IN THE CLASSIC FORM! This is a very good game. I don't know why people would rate this lower than number 1! It's that good.

This game literally made my childhood completely. It is such an in depth story and a cool new take on Mario. I have now played the game over about 7 times and I think it's about time for an 8th! Definitely deserves a higher spot on here

I replayed this game like 3 times and after I finished the story I kept on playing for such a long time. The places are amazing, the story line is intriguing, and is my top favorite game for the GameCube alongside Wind Waker.

I would've voted for 64 or galaxy but this game needs more recognition I mean I played the first paper mario, great, after playing this one amazing I couldn't play the one for the wii or sticker star because this made those look bad

Bro this game is boss, very underrated and needs more attention I loved playing it during my child hood and right now too so this should be at least top 8

This game is top 8, & it is actually very overrated! This game is nonetheless good, but not as great as both the original Paper Mario on the N64 & Super Paper Mario. At least this game is better than Sticker Star! There is in between 100 to 110 games on this list and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door deserves to be in between top 60 & top 70. But I would give this game 3 stars out of 10.

This is quite possibly one of the greatest RPG's of ALL time. From the story, the characters, the gameplay, and the music, it deserves to be the #1 spot. The only reason it isn't is because its extremely underrated and not many people have played it.

This game should be number 5 because it had a lot of secrets and the chapters are way more interesting than Mario games today. It's perfect and it is the best RPG Mario game ever.

One of my favorite games of all time in my opinion, I played the game non-stop and it is well deserving to be in the top 10.

I wish I played it. I asked for it for Christmas but I never did get it. Everyone says it's a great Mario RPG but I wanted to see for myself. Is it THAT good? Is it worthy of being in the top 10?

I hate replaying any game but this is the only game I replayed more than three times because it was so fun and it had a cool storyline.

I would say this game is average. I prefer Super Paper Mario. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door belongs in between top 60 & top 70.

Best game ever. Everything about it is perfect

Worst game ever! I don't wanna have to spend my money on this useless game!

Peach was so terrible in this game. She decided to keep her popular high voice, which sucks dick.

It's my favorite Mario game. It has so many good things like the music the characters the story and the best gameplay of all paper Mario series.

How is this #9? This for me is easily the best paper Mario and I feel like this should be in the Top 5.