Super Mario 64


Super Mario 64 (N64) deserves a Godly rating of AAA (even higher than an A+), and Super Mario 64 DS deserves a Good rating of B.

Super Mario Galaxy deserves a Favorable rating of B+.

Super Mario World deserves a Superb rating of A.

Super Mario Bros. 3 deserves a Flawless/Masterpiece rating of A+.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 deserves a Great rating of A-.

Super Mario Sunshine deserves a Bearable rating of B-.

Mario Kart Wii deserves a Good rating of B.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door deserves a Favorable rating of B+.

Super Mario 3D World deserves a Great rating of A-.

Mario KArt: Double Dash deserves a Good rating of B.

I think most people vote for the Mario game that they grew up with. I grew up with this but if I put that aside this is still the best one and this is why. I recently played Super Mario world for the first ever time(I never got round to playing it) and to think that this game came after that is seriously impressive. The leap that Nintendo made with this game will never be done again. Sunshine and galaxy were clones of Mario 64 it is the original and best. People are going to hate me for this but I actually disliked galaxy. The hub world was really bad and the levels seemed small compared to 64 and sunshine.

Did I get a lot of thumbs down on my comment that has The Ultimate Daredevil (which is me, and it will be born on YouTube tomorrow as a way to celebrate the first ever day of the fourth half-century of Canada's existence as a country) because I gave Super Mario games released in the late 20th Century very high scores?! That's ridiculous! Also, I nowadays think that the Mario Kart games are good, but not phenomenal. Yes, I think there were some scores I had to fix. I could've rated the Mario RPGs that are older than Paper Mario: Sticker Star like Super Mario RPG and the Paper Mario games very positively (there are some Mario RPGs that I gave very strong scores no matter how much flack I got for doing so). I never get the appeal for the Mario Party games released in the 2010s. Also, why are people defending the educational Mario games?! They are the worst Mario games in existence, especially Mario's Early Years. I'm sure it's no Phoenix Games, but I see too little of a point in the ...more

Simply the best. I love the fact that this game allows you to explore levels at your own pace in order to complete it. To make it better, there is no hand holding. You start outside the castle, find stars, and claim the victory. Simple enough, yet there is so much more to beating it. Talking to characters and navigating every inch of every world is required. While the Galaxy games may have perfected the mechanics of Mario's 3D platforming, no game before or since Super Mario 64 has done such a good job of embodying the platforming experience as a whole. Best of all, if anyone wanted to know what a good game is, I could just start up Super Mario 64. After maybe ten minutes, it becomes evident that this game is just fun. Not too easy, but not too cruel; its accessibility, gameplay, soundtrack, and lack of hints are just a few reasons why this is the perfect video game for literally anybody. - surgeonsanic

This is a great game that was released by Nintendo. It gives a the player a challenge even after you beat the main villain. I would definitely recommend this as one of your very first games because it introduces you to some characters, bosses, and abilities.

Super Mario 64 DS sucks until you get used to the controls. Once I did, I loved it, but you still should never give the player quirky controls at the start of a game.

The original had better controls. The original was more memorable. The original was revolutionary.

The only thing I liked more in DS version than the original was that there was much more variety.

Super Mario 64 (for the N64): 10+ (Masterpiece).
Super Mario 64 DS: 6.1 (Okay).
Super Mario 64 (for the Virtual Console): 10+ (Masterpiece).
Super Mario 64 hacks: 10+ (Masterpiece).
Super Mario 64 HD: 9.8 (Amazing).

Super Mario Galaxy: 4.7 (Bad). Main flaw: THE PLOT!

Super Mario World (for the SNES in both the original and Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World): 8.9 (Great).
Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World: 6.6 (Okay).
Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World (for the Wii U Virtual Console): 6.9 (Okay).
Super Mario World (for the Wii Virtual Console): 7.8 (Good).
Super Mario World (for the Wii U Virtual Console): 8.2 (Great).
Super Mario World vanilla hacks (ex: Kaizo Mario World, Super Mario World: Intrigue): 5.6 (Mediocre).
Super Mario World chocolate hacks (ex: The Second Reality Project Reloaded, Mushroom Kingdom Meltdown series, Mario Gives Up series): 10+ (Masterpiece).

Super Mario Bros. 3: 9.1 (Amazing).
Super ...more

Super Mario 64 (the original N64 version) gets a (more than) perfect 100+/100 score.

The original Super Mario Galaxy gets a 43/100 score.

Super Mario World (the original SNES version) gets an 89/100 score.

Super Mario Bros. 3 gets a 87/100 score.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 gets a 72/100 score.

Super Mario Sunshine gets a 37/100 score.

Mario Kart Wii gets a 32/100 score.
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door gets a 39/100 score.
Mario Kart: Double Dash gets a 27/100 score.
Super Mario 3D World gets a 56/100 score.
Super Mario Bros. (the original NES version) gets an 86/100 score.
The first Paper Mario gets 76/100 score.
Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the 7 Stars gets a 92/100 stars.
Super Smash Bros. Brawl gets a 97/100 stars.
New Super Mario Bros. Wii gets a 48/100 score
The original New Super Mario Bros. gets a 24/100 score.
New Super Mario Bros. you gets a 53/100 score.
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island gets a ...more

This game gets so much flack nowadays. This was the first game I've ever played and to this day it's my favorite ever. I just never get sick of it. The big, fun, and colorful levels, the castle was always so cool to navigate, the kickass Bowser stages, the very memorable soundtrack, that hilarious title screen, heck even the level names are clever! This game was also the first (actually known) time Mario spoke in an official game. Aside from the sometimes annoying camera, I don't know what is there to hate about Mario 64.

Here is my list of Top 10 Greatest Mario Games of all time.

Top 1: Super Mario 64.

Top 2: Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.

Top 3: Super Smash Bros.

Top 4: Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!

Top 5: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

Top 6: Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars.

Top 7: Mario Kart 64.

Top 8: Mario vs. Donkey Kong.

Top 9: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Top 10: Super Paper Mario.

Super Mario 64 is the best n64 game ever just behind ocarina but they just don't come out with games of this creativity any more

LMAO, I got this!... it's so awesome, it's the best selling Ds game of all time - SmoothCriminal

I remember playing this game on it's N64 version as kid, now this time Mario is not alone, teaming in his crew are the cool little dinosaur Yoshi, little big unexpecting her Luigi and the fat butt ugly Wario Mario is back to defeat Bowser, restor the Mushroom Kingdom and rescue Princess Peach. I own it on my D.S.

Both the original and the remake are good because you can travel around the many different worlds for stars unlike the other mario games where you gotta run through a level in 300 seconds

I'd played video games before this, but this game made my childhood. The music was fantastic, the graphics revolutionary for its (their? ) time, and the gameplay was simply perfect. Another masterstroke by Nintendo.

Super Mario 64 is the best video game of all time Yes I mean even better than The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. Everyone should play this game. - NintendoKart64

It's a really fun, and even more revolutionary title that gave birth to a whole new gaming genre. A type of game no one thought was possible. It has not aged as well as I want it to, but it is too good to even say that. Truly awesome beyond awesome.

Beat it, love it, there is nothing better than this game on n64.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island should be top 1.

This needs to be #1. It was so awesome at the time it came out, and it still is very awesome right now. Great music, good graphics (at the time), and overall awesome levels to play. - Blizzard

You can throw a baby penguin off a cliff! Whats better than that.

This is by far by favorite Mario game, it gives the player a lot of things in one fun and unique package. In this Mario game, you start off as Yoshi as you awaken to find out Mario, Luigi, and Wario are gone. This game has many interesting levels where you platform and kill enemies in 3D. - VintagePetRaptor

Man, wish I had it because I have seen people play it over and over and it makes me feel like I am a lonely guy. :/

Epic, inspired smg4 on YouTube to make bloopers

i love this game, favorite of all time - blindsk8ter