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61 Mario Golf

Welcome back to 1999... Too bad Princess Daisy didn't replace Princess Peach. Back to when I discovered Peach's new voice in this game back in 1999 I went "Uh oh... I think Peach will have herelf a short fuse! " This game is as boring as any other Mario Golf game, but has the best graphics.

There's nothing wrong with Peach!

62 Mortal Kombat Trilogy

One of the greatest mk games, if not the greatest! It's even better than UMK3! Vote for it guys!

Come on people, MK Trilogy is one of the best 90s games! Give it more respect!

63 StarCraft 64

In response to Aleksei; yes it does, but it was very hard to track down though as few copies were ever made.

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64 Tomodachi Life

That's It! I'm done!

Why is this here kms - Qadzooks

Are you serious? Whoever thought this was an N64 game when in bold print on the side says Nintendo3DS.

I give up on life.

This Sould be in the TOP 1

65 Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
66 Resident Evil 2

At the time an amazing feat. Fitting all of the two discs content on to a massive cart. It was unheard of. Sacrifices were made, but it holds up not too bad.

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67 Tom and Jerry in Fists of Fury
68 Snowboard Kids
69 Body Harvest

Brought to you by the company that would later change it's name to Rockstar and release GTA3 several years later on the PS2. This game was far from perfect, but it still blows my mind now. The sense of scale was mind boggling at the time; having to face real life problems like how to pass a mountain,cross an ocean or enter a military base. Battling killer bugs was fun but having the choice to jump into a jet fighter and shooting them down from the sky, or steal a tank and blast them at a distance was an option that did not exist in gaming at the time. If you look beyond the bad fogging and muddy graphics, you'll discover a gem of a game and the spiritual predecessor to all Grand Theft Auto games.

70 Mission: Impossible
71 Clay Fighter 63 1/3
72 Pilotwings 64 V 1 Comment
73 Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

A great game especially something made by Akklaim. Definitely deserves on a higher spot - The8Bit

74 NFL Blitz 2001

I just love an easy, quick football game with pretty much no rules at all. -

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75 South Park

I always loved throwing those piss snowballs at turkeys. - mcjtls

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76 Sin & Punishment

A very cool game. Too bad not many people outside Japan know about this game!

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77 Space Invaders

One of my favorite n64 games

78 Cruis'n World

I absolutely love this game. can't believe its so low, it should be aat least in the top 15

79 Mace: The Dark Age
80 Tetrisphere

Really underrated game! It's fun as heck, you go around playing tetris around a 3D Globe, and it gets addicting after a while.

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