Greatest Pitchers of All Time

Granted, the list is primarily comprised of pitchers who played after World War II even though there are many pitchers who put up staggering numbers prior to that period, but it is hardly a fair comparison to include the earliest pitchers who played in a far less competitive era when many of the best players weren't even allowed to join the league.

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41 Andy Pettitte
42 Don Drysdale

I grew up watching Drysdale and remember how he would finish almost every game he ever threw. I think he was 22-20 one season... May be off a win or loss but he finished. there is a great story of when Willy Mays faced Drysdale... Mays stepped into the box and started to dig in his back foot.. Without looking up he all of a sudden called time and filled in the hole and stepped back into the box... Drysdale threw right under his chin and put him on his butt.. Nobody dug in against Drysdale

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43 Mordecai Brown

It's sad to see names like Sabathia, Chapman, and Chamberlain in here but no THREE FINGER BROWN! He was insane, and his curveball was the greatest ever! Ty Cobb called it "The most devastating pitch I ever saw. "

44 Cole Hamels
45 Yu Darvish

Young with lots of games to come. Fastest ever to reach 500 strikeouts. Given time, will be the BEST.

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46 Roy Oswalt
47 Jerry Koosman

You have to be kidding

48 Danny Salazar
49 Masahiro Tanaka
50 Adam Wainwright

To the one below: you suck

Tim Lincecum? what! Wainwright had that deadly curve, Tim had a juicy fastball.

51 CC Sabathia
52 Cliff Lee
53 Steve Avery
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