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1 42

Tribute to a great player, a very important one. Jackie Robinson "re-broke" the color barrier (don't believe me? Look it up.) and was a great player. Mo Rivera wore 42, and it took some guts to keep wearing it, so his number couldn't be retired. Rivera was a great player, and the last to ever wear no. 42.

Cause it might make me get lucky and hit awesome and be better then my cousin that plays baseball and he sometimes goes to Ripken state or world series.

I don't know why but this suddenly jumped out at me. Hands down the best. Like football. Honestly, who cares about soccer.

2 24

So many great players to wear 24. One of the hardest debates to have in baseball is who was the greatest 24? Griffey, Mays, Henderson? Many more greats who weren't as good.

Mays, Henderson, Mays, Barry Bonds with the Pirates, Mays, Griffey Jr., did I mention Willie Mays?

I think 13 is better because Marino wore that number and he was awesome.

3 2

Catchers in kokoyakyuu (High School Baseball in Japan) wear this number. And I'm a catcher. So put two and two together.

Charlie Gehringer for the Tigers is one of the greatest hitting second basemen of all time. Derek Jeter as well.

I totally agree with this choice, Derek Jeter wore it and wae Mr. Right field.

4 34

Papi, Felix, and BRYCE HARPER (Google him I you don't know him... Hit a 570 ft HR as a freshman, which wasn't a fluke, can throw 96, throw runner out from his knees as catcher (his primary position) and the fastest bat speed ever.

Bryce Harper, Felix Hernandez, Nolan Ryan, David Ortiz, Paul Abbot, Jake Arrieta (with Orioles), AJ Burnett, Kirby Puckett, the list goes on and on. This is a great number for any position.

This number is awesome cause it belonged to magor league player Nolan Ryan, papi, Felix. And it also belonged to single A player for the myrtle beach pelicans which is Jonathan Martinez

5 3

This has been my number ever since I started to play sports and also I know that this number represents the best baseball player to ever play.

My number for baseball this year hopefully gives me good me good luck this year. Babe ruth was the best player in mlb history!

Ruth wore that number because back in those days, your number was your spot in the batting order.

6 11

This is the best number because my awesome son proudly wears this number!

I have worn many numbers but for some reason 11 was just my favorite.

Jimmy Rollins is the all time Phillies hit leader.

7 22

I play with this number. Plus you have mcuttchen with it kershaw with it and even cano with it.

Jimmy Key, Blue Jays, the reason I wear the number.

HEY! What about cano he's better.

8 23

23 Is a great number, my two favorites numbers are In it! There both from the Bronx bombers! Derek jester and babe Ruth

Mattingly wore 23. His career was cut short by an injury, but he was good at his peak.

This number is the best because its under-rated nobody wears it, but I'm going to be the first to represent it in the majors

9 7

Craig Biggio, Kenny Lofton, Joe Mauer, Matt Holliday, all were greats who wore #7, but the greatest was Mark Belanger who was the greatest fielding shortstop by defensive metrics of all time!

My grandson just started playing at 6yrs old second base and he wanted number 7. So far so good on luck he got the last 3 outs in his last game.

It is the luckiest number!

10 27

We got stanton the should be nl MVP if he didn't break his face, altuve small but good leading the nl in batting average with.341, and trout the AL MVP. Most numbers don't even have one good player. There are also players like kemp, Berkman, Kevin brown, Carlton Fisk, catfish hunter, and many more. Vote for #27 it's the greatest.
By the way it also looks like an awesome number.

A lot of great baseball players. As an angels fan I have had the pleasure to watch two future hall of famers wear this number. Vlad and Trout (most likely will be at this pace)

Mike Trout wears 27. Trout is the closest thing to Willie Mays since Willie Mays.

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11 25

I recently wore this number. Gave me good luck just like #8 did.

The best number for first basemen and my number.

Willie mays, satchel Paige, mark McGwire, and of course, Ken Griffey sr

12 99

Manny Ramirez?
Made some mistakes but owned up to them like a man and turned a better path. Plus is also batting coach for the cubs.
Cubs world series winners 2016!

That's my number in baseball but you got to put 16. My all time favorite number

It's unique. Not everyone can pull off wearing 99.

13 51

And randy johnson

How 51 is so unpopular the only good player who wore the number is Ichiro when he was a mariner

14 44

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned Adam Dunn. He was my favorite reds player

The great Reggie Jackson wore that number proudly for the New York Yankees.
Its Joeysworld

Hank Aaron was the best player to wear 44. Willie McCovey also wore 44.

15 4

Look at the players who wear this number it's a great hybrid number worn by all position more notable players are catcher yadier Molina, Brandon Phillips, and the royals outfielder with the cannon Alex Gordon and also Astros young star George springer!

I love Alex Gordon! Gehrig wore #4 because back in the ancient days, your number was your spot in the batting order.

Yadier, Lou Gehrig, Brandon, Alex Gordon, and George Springer. This number needs no introduction

16 33

My number. I take after Trent Richardson though.

That's always been my number too.

My number... I also like 22, go Cutch!

17 21

Clemente! The best all around person. An awesome player on the field, and a better person off the field. An example to be followed. Retire #21.

Stan Ross the boss

It is just so cool

18 32

Oops, my mistake, Bo is 16, and this was the 16th ranked number when I posted that.

Magic Johnson that's why!

Steve Carlton's number (one of the best left handed pitchers of all time)

19 19

Pete rose was number 14.

20 9

Ted Williams. (drops mic)

21 13

Manny Machado, at least with the Orioles
Max Muncy with the Dodgers in 2018 (probably not given to Manny then)
Billy Wagner

It's my number

22 15

Because it's my basketball number!

15 is a great number. Tim Hudson, dustin pedroia, old Carlos Beltran

23 8

Gary 'The Kid' Carter... awesome catcher and after leaving the Expos for the Mets, leads the team to a World Series victory. Called a great game, a true general of the field.

Though I've never had 8 as a Jersey, it's my favorite number.

One of the best athletes of all time, Bo Jackson on the White Sox #8

24 69

No MLB player has ever worn #69...

25 14

It's a great number. My daughters jersey in all her sports and she's awesome. The coaches kid is #1. Totally tacky.

Pete Rose...hit King, enough said

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