Top 10 Biggest Problems With Modern SpongeBob

This is a list composed of all the problems that are probably the reason for SpongeBob's drop in quality over the years.
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1 Cruelty

SpongeBob SquarePants is an amazingly awesome show and all, but it's downfall almost makes me bored of watching that show because of how stupid Nickelodeon just turned out to be. Seasons 1,2& 3 were awesome, had some memorable episodes, Season 4 was PRETTY okay if you count episodes like Selling Out, Whale Of A Birthday or Skill Crane and if you DON'T count episodes like All That Glitters, SquidBob TentaclePants or Good Neighbors (actually that episode was kind of funny but not really one of the best episodes). Season 5 was actually great in my opinion, but Seasons 6-10 were utter disasters. Of course we can all agree that episodes like A Pal For Gary, One Coarse Meal, Stuck In The Wringer, Are You Happy Now, House Fancy, The Splinter were all PRETTY bad episodes, right? Along with those episodes there is also Sponge-Cano (which is one reason why I hate Season 7 of SpongeBob), Squid-Vision, Squidward's School For Grownups, Professor Squidward was boring as hell, I Heart Dancing sucked... and then there are creepy episodes in Season 8 like Ghoul Fools, Face Freeze and then Season 9 were just full of crappy episodes like Extreme Spots, Squirrel Record, Gary's New Toy, It Came From Goo-Lagoon, Squid Baby, License To Milk Shake, Squid Defense, Eek! An Urchin, SpongeBob! You're Fired!, Kenny The Cat was a complete disaster, The Yeti Krab, Squid Plus One, Company Picnic, Don't Look Now and I guess that's all.

2 Torturing Squidward

Okay, first off, you guys are actually kind of right, I mean in some old episodes he deserved it but in most of the new ones he didn't. But at the same time, it's also vice-versa too. In the old episodes he got lots of torture, it was all pretty funny but I did kind of feel bad for him, like when he got burnt with alphabet soup, got a jellyfishing net stuck in his hand, got electrocuted about 3 times, and yeah. In the new episodes he can SOMETIMES act like a jerk, maybe he could justify it but he ends up getting tortured for it. But then a majority of the time he just does nothing but live his life in a normal way and people just take it out on him way too much.

3 Patrick Turned Into a Dick

It really goes to show just how far this once timeless show has fallen when Patrick: arguably the best character in the show has become the absolute worst ever. Especially in episodes like Pet Sitter Pat, The Card, Driven to Tears, Rule of Dumb and that toxic piece of crap Yours, Mine and Mine.

This should be Number Two on this list 'because of how much of a jerk he is. It really pisses me off how low that starfish sank. And so, I wish that Squidward killed him and never get punished for it.

It sucks. He was spongebob's best bud. Now in a lot of episodes (although not all, ex: Goodbye Krabby Patty (best episode in a very long time), he is a bully, or a prick. Especially in the diary episode.

4 Mr. Krabs is a Monster

There was one episode where Mr Krabs fired SpongeBob to save a NICKEL.
And Mr Krabs was forced to hire SpongeBob again later when the Krusty Krab was going downhill, and got rid of the 'Nickel' problem by installing a paid toilet in the Krusty Krab.
This really happened in 'SpongeBob, You're Fired.', and I'm baffled.
I knew that Mr Krabs was cheap, but THIS kind of cheap is just a new level of mentally insane.
Seriously, a NICKEL is worth 5 cents, you can't buy anything with it, and he still fired SpongeBob.
And if he got rid of the Nickel problem by installing a paid toilet, then why couldn't he have done that earlier?
If he installed a paid toilet earlier, then he wouldn't have to fire SpongeBob, and leave SpongeBob in misery.
I knew that Mr Krabs was cheap and crazy, but that episode took the cake.
It really, REALLY, showed how insanely greedy Mr Krabs is.

5 SpongeBob Acts Like a Spoiled Toddler

Like literally I can understand SpongeBob crying in the old episodes because he's been bullied by people just because he gets kisses from his Grandmother, Squidward didn't appreciate SpongeBob trying to make him feel happy with a Krabby Patty, he was about to get fired when he got stuck in Hooky, or in season 4 he cried when he lost Gary, etc. But then in the seasons afterwards, he just cries over stupid reasons:
breaking a spatula, tripping over his toe, ripping his favorite shirt (while several others just like it are hanging right behind it), honestly I cannot with the stupidity of Modern SpongeBob. It just ruined him. At least in the newer episodes it was getting pretty okay.

6 Almost Everyone is Unlikable

Everyone except Gary, Plankton, Squidward etc.

7 All the Filler

Theres just too much unrelated plot in modern spongebob, like a day without tears or party pooper. Whatever the main idea is, 5 seconds into the episode and already something completely unrelated goes on

Putting filler is a perfect sign that the New writers are running out of ideas so they use cheap scene that justs waste your time. they think it can make the show more interesting. guess what it doesn't.

Spongebob is a crybaby, in seasons 1-3, he had a reason to cry but in older seasons, he's a crying brat, nick should'of let go instead of making these

8 Plot Recycling

Most of the new spongebob episodes are just reused ideas from older episodes, but worse. Modern spongebob is also trying WAY to hard to be funny, so desperate to the point they'll even reuse a plot from a previous episode.

I have read all the episode of SpongeBob names and came up with a good plot for an episode with that name and I never did the same plot.

One time Spongebob gets a high tech spatula when his breaks. Another time Spongebob broke his spatula and in an attempt to get the secret formula, Plankton gives him a high tech one. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought for a brief amount of time that they were the same episode. Heck, obviously the writers, too!

9 The Disgusting Animation

Nasty patty, the splinter, and so many other episodes are straight up distugusting. Not to mention the disgusting close ups

Seasons 9-present's animation isn't usually disgusting. The animation from Seasons 4-8 had lots of gross out. But if we talk about "Ink Lemonade", then eh...

The Splinter... That's all I need to say

10 SpongeBob and Patrick Act Like Toddlers

Spongebob mostly acted like a toddler (though not a spoiled one like in the newer episodes). Patrick rarely acted like a toddler in the older episodes (he did act babyish & again he didn't act like a spoiled one).

-the toy store episode: they run & follow signs to a toy store only to find it isn't open the second they find it. THEY START RIGHT THEN & THERE BAWLING LIKE BABIES because IT isn't OPEN RIGHT WHEN THEY FOUND IT! So glad that construction worker came in & yelled at them for it (something I'm sure we all wanted to do then).

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11 Sandy's Out of Nowhere Personality Change

Sandy's rocket was literally the only time in the older episodes where she showed an interest in science, then right out of nowhere she's suddenly obsessed with it. Now a lot of the newer episodes are just her dumb experiments. I wouldn't mind it so much if they were good experiments, but no, they're the dumbest experiments I've ever seen.

She became so connected with science that she became obsessed with it.Not only that, you can see in some episodes she uses her friends as her own lab rats. It's dissapointing to see waht she have become.

12 Overly Detailed Animation

I'd honestly say that the new animation is okay. Can be ridiculous at times, but it's not that bad at others.

13 Gross-Out Humor

I hate the splinter. It's disgusting. It makes me cringe watching it. It has other problems, but it's really, really gross.

14 Its Giant Ego

It pains me to think about this, despite the fact that it's gotten so horrible, it still acts like it's the king of cartoons

15 Suicide Joking

I may have dark humor. I think suicide jokes can be funny if it's not done out of nowhere. But my problem with this is Spongebob is a kids' show. And those jokes are just out of place.

This happened in two episodes. One Coarse Meal and Are You Happy Now.

Why did you make plankton suicidal Nickelodeon, why!

16 It's Not Funny

I used to watch spongebob but now I liked the old spongebob not new

17 Unnecessary Specials

The only reason these specials exist is so they can make commercials for it that tell you some big secret or something is gonna be revealed that'll change SpongeBob forever just to fool people into watching it, I mean just try and count all the times in the commercials, promised something that they never actually stay true to in the actual special, like how many times they've said "the Krabby patty formula will finally be revealed", Well guess what? Every single time they've said this they never actually do it, how many more times do the writers think they can pull this trick off, because people caught onto it and stopped falling for it ages ago

18 Lack of Adult Jokes

In my opinion no show for kids should have inappropriate jokes. And if you think MSB lacks Adult Jokes, you're wrong. Look at One Coarse Meal and Are You Happy Now.

Now we only got the suicide jokes from OCM and AYHN, the weiner jokes from Krusty Dogs, and SpongeBob blowing a balloon into the shape of a condom in "The Play's The Thing".

Did it ever have any adult jokes, its always been a silly kids show.

19 It No Longer Has Appeal to Adults

It's a kids show. Why does it have to appeal to adults unless you want to embrace your inner child.

20 It Lost Its Old Charm
21 SpongeBob Gets Tortured, Especially by Patrick

Yes, this is so true. Patrick should stop getting tortured.

22 No Continuation

I'll address the biggest continuity error of them all

SpongeBob standing outside the supermarket with a box of baby worms in Pet Or Pests,
Larry walks by
"hey Larry how it going? "
Larry: Do I know you?

Me: What? WHAT!?! You cannot be serious!

In Sportz, which was season 10, they expect us to believe that SpongeBob and Patrick have never played sports in their life and don't know what it is.

I did not add this but for example, in "A Life in a Day", Larry didn't know SpongeBob and patrick when they should know each other since "Ripped Pants"

23 Plays Same Annoying Songs, None of the Old Ones Appear

Skipping to School plays in basically every episode.

24 SpongeBob Turned Into a Creeper

The friendship between SpongeBob and squidward has became phsycotic.
and SpongeBob would literally make a scene to attract squidward.
he's basically like the overly attached girlfriend meme.

I don't blame squidward for wanting sponge bob to go away, it really feels like SpongeBob is in love with squid ward and it's really creepy

25 Plankton Seems More Like an Hero Now Rather Than Mr. Krabs
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